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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 23/June/2021
Plenary session 5: Indoor chemistry
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Corinne Mandin
Co-chair: Peter G. Schild

Keynote lecture: Nicola Carslaw, A grand day in? A guided tour through indoor air chemistry.

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A grand day in? A guided tour through indoor air chemistry.

Nicola Carslaw

Coffee 5: Coffee break
Location: Mingling lounge
Session 15: Indoor exposure and health
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: "John" Zhang Lin
Co-chair: Henrik N. Knudsen
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10:30am - 10:42am

Measurements of indoor air quality in schools

Maria Justo Alonso, Rikke Bramming Jørgensen, Hans Martin Mathisen

10:42am - 10:54am

Inflammatory effects of exposure to different stone types used in Norwegian asphalt

Therese Bergh Nitter, Bjørn Hilt, Kristin v Hirsch Svendsen, Morten Buhagen, Hans Jørgen Dahlman, Johan Øvrevik, Magne Arnold Refsnes, Rikke Bramming Jørgensen

10:54am - 10:59am

FireDAVG – Fire related Damages with Attention to Vulnerable Groups. Guidance for vulnerable groups on handling of fire, soot, and smoke related damages in indoor environment.

Kent Hart, Kai Gustavsen

10:59am - 11:11am

Trihalomethanes in indoor swimming pools: estimating exposure and assessing carcinogenic risk among non-competitive attendees

Carla Costa, Diana Sequeira, Filipa Esteves, João Paulo Teixeira, Joana Madureira

11:11am - 11:16am

Oxidative stress in individuals with Building Related Intolerance after exposure to acrolein

Anna-Sara Claeson

11:16am - 11:21am

Particle exposure of cooks in commercial kitchens

Marije te Kulve, Atze Boerstra

11:21am - 11:26am

Downscaling from material flow analysis to indoor CFD for health risk assessment associated with DEHP exposure

Ryota Muta, Sung-Jun Yoo, Hyuntae Kim, Toru Matsumoto, Kazuhide Ito

11:26am - 11:38am

Thermal Comfort and Occupant Adaptive Behaviours in Naturally Ventilated Hospital Wards in a Hot-humid Post-epidemic Context

Stavroula Koutroumpi

11:38am - 11:43am

A method to visualize and quantify "aerosols" of outwards leakage around the perimeter of barrier masks.

Marco Ortiz, Philomena Bluyssen

11:43am - 11:48am

Analysis of workers’ tendency to answer questionnaires of positive and negative questions, along with understanding the relationship between comfort and self-efficacy

Kouki Ogino, Hiromichi Nishida, Tatsuo Nobe

11:48am - 11:53am

Improving the indoor thermal environment with ceiling radiant terminals

Hui Zhu, Mingle Hu, Linsheng Huang, Zehua Liu, Hanqing Wang

11:53am - 11:58am

The effect of thermal conditions during working hours on thermal perception at home – methodological considerations

Hannah Pallubinsky, Janine Bardey, Rania Christoforou, Marcel Schweiker

Session 1: Indoor chemical pollutants
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy
Co-chair: Jun Gao
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10:30am - 10:35am

Impact of indoor temperature on the possible release of adsorbed Volatile Organic Compounds from sorptive materials

Raphael Brun, Margot Genest, Marion Chenal, Arnaud Soisson, Marie Verriele, Frederic Thevenet

10:35am - 10:47am

Characterization of the surface chemistry of Activated Carbons: a tool for sorptive indoor material formulation

Raphael Brun, Mangesh Ramesh Avhad, Helena Kaper, Marion Chenal, Arnaud Soisson, Marie Verriele, Frederic Thevenet

10:47am - 10:52am

Diffusions of essential oils in a 40m³ experimental room: from emission rates to impact on indoor air quality


10:52am - 11:04am

VOCs emissions from the human during sleep under different ozone and air change rate levels

Huiqi Shao, Xiaojun Fan, Jiemin Liu, Pawel Wargocki

11:04am - 11:16am

Modeling physico-chemical processes impacting particles formation and fate indoors

Corentin Berger, Nadège Blond, Alice Micolier, Maxence Mendez, Didier Hauglustaine, Jean-Luc Ponche

11:21am - 11:33am

Effect of ageing conditions on decorative and renovation products containing biocides: Assessment of its impact on indoor air quality

Nouha Zine Filali, Tamara Braish, Nadine Locoge, Yves Andres

11:33am - 11:38am

Indoor Environment and Energy Consumption of an Elementary School in a Subtropical Region

Jun-ichiro Tsutsumi, Ryo Nakamatsu, Masaru Matsuda, Makoto Sato, Naoko Odagiri, Shin-ichi Tanabe

Session 11: Indoor environment and symptoms
Location: Zoom room #3
Chair: Knut Ragnvald Skulberg
Co-chair: Henna Maula
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Can we trust what humans report? – Myths and realities

Jan Vilis Haanes

Characteristics of non-specific building-related symptoms

Steven Nordin

Understanding “Symptoms Associated with Environmental Factors” (SAEF) in buildings; e.g. “sick building syndrome”, “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” and “multiple chemical sensitivity”

Jan Vilis Haanes

Possible mechanisms underlying non-specific building-related symptoms

Steven Nordin

Technical Specification of Human Nose: Bi-directional, cyclically operating combi-device for air-conditioning, heat and moisture recovery, filtration and odor detection but limited capacity

Walter Hugentobler

A field study of indoor air quality and overheating in newly built primary classrooms in low-carbon UK schools

Sara Mohamed, Lucelia Rodrigues, John Calautit, Siddig Omer

Performance, psychological and physiological effects of office noise

Henna Maula, Jenni Radun, Valtteri Hongisto

Seminar 331: Ventilation and IAQ criteria in EN 16798-1 revision
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Jarek Kurnitski
Co-chair: Pawel Wargocki
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Ventilation and IAQ criteria in EN 16798-1 revision

Jarek Kurnitski, Bjarne W. Olesen, Pawel Wargocki

Seminar 217: Utrafine particles (UFP): could we filtrate them with HVAC filters and purifiers?
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Anders Hedström
Co-chair: Lidia Morawska
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Ultrafine particles (UFP): Can we filter them with conventional HVAC filters or ‘air purifiers’? A white-paper for decision-makers

Anders Hedström, Lidia Morawska

Lunch 3a: ISIAQ chapters luncheon
Location: Zoom room #6
Chair: Lada Hensen Centnerová
Co-chair: Mervi Ahola
Everyone is cordially invited to the ISIAQ Chapers luncheon
  • (i) Information to all who are curious about starting new ISIAQ chapter in their country.
  • (ii) Networking between existing chapter organizers
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Lunch 3b: Lunch break with opportunity to mingle
Location: Mingling lounge
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Session 3: IEQ and health in schools and kindergartens
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Cristiana Croitoru
Co-chair: Hazim B. Awbi
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1:00pm - 1:12pm

Reviewing the impact of indoor air quality management and asthma education on asthmatic children's health outcomes – A pilot study

Alejandro Moreno-Rangel, Taehyun Roh, Tong Wang, Juha Baek, Lucy Conner, Genny Carrillo

1:12pm - 1:24pm

VOC contributions from building materials, furniture, and user equipment in low-emitting and modular classrooms

Aileen Yang, Sverre B. Holøs, Claudia Hak, Matthias Vogt, Norbert Schmidbauer, Øystein Fjellheim

1:24pm - 1:36pm

The influence of indoor air quality in classrooms on the short-term academic performance of students in higher education: a field study during a regular academic course

Henk W. Brink, Marcel G.L.C. Loomans, Mark P. Mobach, Helianthe S.M. Kort

1:36pm - 1:41pm

Analysis of natural ventilation of a large educational building using parallel opening windows

Twan van Hooff, Marlies Verbruggen, Bert Blocken

1:41pm - 1:46pm

Ventilation strategies of school classrooms against cross-infection of COVID-19: A review

Er Ding, Dadi Zhang, Philomena M. Bluyssen

1:46pm - 1:58pm

Ventilation rate in classrooms of elementary schools and its association with respiratory infections

Yuexia Sun, Feihu Yang, Xinyue Huo, Chaoqi Zhang

1:58pm - 2:10pm

"Schools on hold" – how simple measures can help improving the indoor environment in schools

John Clauss, Solvår Wågø, Lars Gullbrekken

2:10pm - 2:15pm

Analysis of the effect of indoor environment on pupils’ health in one Norwegian school during COVID-19 pandemic

Anita Ulvestad, Guangyu Cao, Kai Gustavsen, Matthias Vogt, Tore Rismyhr, Zhirong Yang

Session 17: Odour and emissions
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Therese Bergh Nitter
Co-chair: Corinne Mandin
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Achieving a healthy indoor air by using an emissions barrier

Lennart Larsson, Johan Mattsson, Timo Lehtimaa

Odour problems in buildings - the result of 682 cases

Johan Mattsson, Tage Rolén

The effect of Relative Humidity on the Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from Building Materials

Tamara Braish, Laurence Depelchin, Ana Maria Tobon-Monroy, Yves Andres, Cécile Caudron, Nadine Locoge

Further Development of Odour Testing of Building Products – Sample Presentation and Evaluation of Perceived Intensity

Simone Brandt, Frank Brozowski, Wolfgang Horn, Wolfgang Plehn, Birgit Müller

Discerning relative humidity trends in vernacular and conventional building typologies for occupant health

Suchi Priyadarshani, Monto Mani, Daniel Maskell

Evaluation of the physiological effect on human subjects of different odorant environments

Gwénaëlle Haese, Mélanie Nicolas, Ségolène Lalande, Stéphane Delaby

Monitoring Mold growth and VOC-emissions from Wood Wool insulation under unfavorable hygrothermal conditions

Tamara Braish, Laurence Depelchin, Vincent Gaudion, Yves Andres, Thierry Langlet, Anh Dung Tran Le, Cécile Caudron, Liselotte Tinel, Nadine Locoge

Influence of wooden Flooring on Indoor Air Quality

Swaraj Paul

Indoor air 2-ethylhexanol levels in an office building after floor repair – a follow-up study

Olavi Vaittinen

Session 7: Moisture in buildings
Location: Zoom room #3
Chair: Yuexia Sun
Co-chair: Peng Liu
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Moisture-dependent insects (Silverfish species and Psocid species [Psocoptera]) in modern buildings - A sign of hidden moisture and mould damage

Johan Mattsson, Petter Lilleengen, Eivind Thomassen, Anne Karin Toreskaas

The indoor mycobiome in Norwegian daycares revealed by DNA high throughput sequencing

Eva Lena Estensmo, Luis Morgado, Pedro Maria Martin-Sanchez, Sundy Maurice, Ingeborg Bjorvand Engh, Johan Mattsson, Inger Skrede, Håvard Kauserud

Fungal growth on newly cast concrete floors and moisture membranes

Sofie Kristensen Kristensen, Anne Pia Koch, Ulf Thrane

Implementation of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to identify moulds from the indoor environment as an added value to the classical microscopic identification tool

Natacha Motteu, Berdieke Goemaere, Sandrine Bladt, Ann Packeu

Xerophilic fungi in museum repositories challenge our perception of healthy buildings and the preservation of cultural heritage

Camilla Jul Bastholm, Anne Mette Madsen, Jens Christian Frisvad, Jane Richter

Seasonal Distribution of Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Penicillium Genera Isolated from Estonian straw-bale and reed-bale dwellings

Jane Raamets, Aime Ruus, Mari Ivask, Lembit Nei, Karin Muoni

Seminar 340: New understandings of “unclear” building related complaints and experiences
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Jan Vilis Haanes
Co-chair: Steven Nordin
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New understandings of “unclear” building related complaints and experiences

Jan V. Haanes, Steven Nordin

Workshop 338: Value of sensors for end users - indoor air quality; based on experiences from innovation projects
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Mathias Vogt
Co-chair: Alena Bartonova
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Innovative sampling methods - the value of using low cost sensors for measuring indoor air quality

Matthias Vogt

Coffee 6: Coffee break
Location: Mingling lounge
Plenary session 6: Closing ceremony, and lecture on indoor microboiome
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Sverre B. Holøs
Co-chair: Guangyu Cao
  • Keynote lecture: Martin Täubel, Towards health-promoting indoor microbiota – with robotic crawling infants, microbiota transplants, or a walk in the park.
  • Closing ceremony: Guangyu Cao (Summary of conference highlights), Programme Commitee (Prize ceremony).

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Towards health-promoting indoor microbiota – with robotic crawling infants, microbiota transplants, or a walk in the park

Martin Täubel

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