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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 22/June/2021
Plenary session 3: Thermal Comfort
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Arsen Melikov
Co-chair: Aileen Yang
  • Keynote lecture: Richard de Dear, A paradigm-shift in accurate individualized & digitized thermal comfort prediction

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A paradigm-shift in accurate individualized & digitized thermal comfort prediction

Richard de Dear

Coffee 3: Coffee break
Location: Mingling lounge
Session 18: Ventilation for IAQ
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Mads Mysen
Co-chair: Thomas Olofsson
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10:30am - 10:42am

Is the air change efficiency sufficient to assess the removal of airborne contamination in mixing ventilation?

Gerrid Brockmann, Anne Hartmann, Martin Kriegel

10:42am - 10:54am

Demand-controlled ventilation in schools: Influence of base ventilation rates on subjective symptoms, perceived indoor environment and young adults' learning performance

Sverre B. Holøs, Aileen X. Yang, Kari Thunshelle, Mads Mysen

10:54am - 10:59am

Can human CO2 emission rates staying awake be used staying asleep?

Xiaojun Fan, Mitsuharu Sakamoto, Huiqi Shao, Kazuki Kuga, Li Lan, Kazuhide Ito, Pawel Wargocki

10:59am - 11:11am

Local ventilation for general patient rooms

Zichan Xie, Mariya Petrova Bivolarova, Arsen Krikor Melikov

11:11am - 11:23am

Proposing a new tracer gas for future field applications of passive tracer gas tests for air change rate measurement

Sarah Lima Paralovo, Marianne Stranger, Borislav Lazarov, Maarten Spruyt, Jelle Laverge

11:23am - 11:28am

Measurement of current air exchange in homes. Method description and practical experience.

Johan Mattsson, Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen

Session 8: Thermal comfort
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Quan Jin
Co-chair: Jakub Kolarik
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10:30am - 10:42am

Provision of thermal comfort via user-centric radiant cooling elements: An experimental investigation

Helene Teufl, Matthias Schuß, Ardeshir Mahdavi

10:42am - 10:54am

Verification of Thermal Comfort of Combined Convection-Radiation Air Conditioning System using Building Structure

Akihiro Kawamura, Tomohiro Chiba, Mitsuhiro Takahashi, Shun-ichi Nakamoto, Hisashi Hasebe, Takashi Akimoto

10:54am - 11:06am

Evaluation of Personalized Thermal Conditioning Chair in Net Zero Energy Building Office

Shintaro HANAZONO, Yuki KUBOTA, Tastuo NOBE

11:06am - 11:18am

Electroencephalography associated with thermal discomfort induced by temperature upward ramping

Jieun Han, Chungyoon Chun

11:18am - 11:30am

Thermal comfort and skin temperature of adolescents compared to young adults

Jeongseo Lee, Chungyoon Chun

11:30am - 11:42am

Association between physiological signal from wearable device and alertness of office workers

Yoonhee Lee, Chungyoon Chun

11:42am - 11:54am

Thermal Insulation of Clothing: Assessment of Cleanroom Clothing Ensembles

Katerina Roskotova, Daniel Adamovsky

Session 4: Thermal environment in homes
Location: Zoom room #3
Chair: Moon Keun Kim
Co-chair: Azin Velashjerdi Farahani
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Assessing the indoor air quality of natural-ventilated bedrooms in renovated Norwegian houses using detailed field measurements

Vegard Heide, Laurent Georges, Silje Skyttern

Bacterial and fungal aerosols in dwellings with domestic animals: preliminary results

Józef Stefan Pastuszka, Agnieszka Wlazło

The risk of overheating and energy demand of new and old Finnish apartment buildings in the cooling season

Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Juha Jokisalo, Natalia Korhonen, Risto Kosonen

Evaluating the Influence of Ventilation Strategies on Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality in Residential Dwellings

James A McGrath, Reihaneh Aghamolaei, James O'Donnell, Miriam A Byrne

Subjective assessments of bedroom environment in the heating season in Denmark

Chenxi Liao, Xiaojun Fan, Mariya Petrova Bivolarova, Chandra Sekhar, Mizuho Akimoto, Jelle Laverge, Pawel Wargocki

The relation between indoor air quality in a bedroom and sleep quality of ageing adults

Kiki van der Veen, Marcel Loomans, Paul Vink, Helianthe Kort

The resulting CO2 levels and the heating/cooling consumption of apartments with balanced ventilation versus window ventilation

Bart Cremers

Symposium 320: Towards Zero Infections in Health Institutions
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Clemens Bulitta
Co-chair: Peter Höjerback
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Symposium: Towards Zero Infections in Healthcare Facilities

Peter Ljubetic, Mari Regner, Clemens Bulitta, Peter Höjerback

Seminar 313: REHVA Design Guidebook: Occupant-targeted ventilation
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Arsen Melikov
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REHVA Guidebook on occupant-targeted ventilation

Arsen Melikov, Angui Li, Xianting Li, Risto Kosonen, Zhang Lin, Guangyu Cao, Bin Yang

Lunch 2: Lunch break with opportunity to mingle
Location: Mingling lounge
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Session 2: HVAC system solutions
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Alireza Afshari
Co-chair: Johan Mattsson
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1:00pm - 1:05pm

Operation status and improvements of integrated hybrid VRF system

Yusuke Tosaka, Shota Hagi, Tokimi Kawase, Tatsuo Nobe

1:05pm - 1:17pm

Evaluation of a novel 3-pipe solution for hydronic heat distribution in passive-house standard apartment buildings

Jonathan Lundblad, Nora Ingrid Andreassen, Johanna Olsen, Arnab Chaudhuri

1:17pm - 1:29pm

Prediction of Electricity Consumption of a HVAC System in a Multi-Complex Building Using Back-Propagation and Radial Basis Function Neural Networks

Benhao Liu, Moon Keun Kim, Nan Zhang, Sanghyuk Lee, Jiying Liu

1:29pm - 1:41pm

Investigation of work-practices, skills and everyday challenges of building operators with respect to indoor climate and energy

Jakub Kolarik, Helle Lohmann Rasmussen, Jacob Steen Harbo

1:41pm - 1:53pm

Mucociliary clearance is humidity dependent–contrary to common belief: HVAC systems overstress human noses during the heating season-the consequences

Walter Hugentobler

1:53pm - 2:05pm

Development and Application of a Ventilation System based on Vertical Descendent Confluent Jets

Eusebio Conceição, João Gomes, Mª Inês Conceição, Mª Manuela Lúcio, Hazim Awbi

2:05pm - 2:10pm

Better building operation, maintenance and well-being in apartments with smart indoor climate meters

Lars Gunnarsen, Rune Korsholm Andersen, Göran Wilke

2:10pm - 2:15pm

Assessment of three experimental methods for determining the emission parameters of VOCs from a solid material

Florent CARON, Marie VERRIELE, Romain GUICHARD, Laurence ROBERT, Frédéric THEVENET

2:15pm - 2:20pm

An overview of transparent and translucent 3D-printed façade prototypes and technologies

Marzieh Ghasemieshkaftaki, Marco Ortiz, Philomena M. Bluyssen

Session 16: Indoor epidemiology
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Pertti Pasanen
Co-chair: Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen
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1:00pm - 1:05pm

Pandemic and Office Design: A review of health effects of different office concepts.

Ane Gjerland, Stephan Soos, Tor Erik Danielsen, Barbro Grude Eikseth, Hanne Tosterud, Liv Hiis Bergh, Morten Hatling, Stein Knardahl

1:05pm - 1:10pm

How well are health institutions prepared for pandemics, in terms of ventilation and protective equipment?

Ann-Helen Olsen

1:10pm - 1:22pm

Impacts of the indoor environment in our homes and schools on child health: A novel analysis using the EU-SILC Database

Daniel Gehrt, Marco Hafner, Sune Tobias Grollov, Jens Christoffersen

1:22pm - 1:27pm

Indoor Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Practical Mitigation Approaches - a U.S. National Academy of Sciences Workshop

David A. Butler

1:27pm - 1:39pm

Robust and reliable deep renovation by advanced prefabricated façade elements. Air-tightness performance and assessment of a demo case

Sverre Holøs, Kari Thunshelle

1:39pm - 1:51pm

Longitudinal characterization of the human personal cloud effect associated with gaseous and particle pollutants in Switzerland

María Viviana González Serrano, Dusan Licina

Session 6: Ventilation and IEQ in healthcare facilities
Location: Zoom room #3
Chair: Martin Kriegel
Co-chair: Amar Aganovic
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1:00pm - 1:12pm

Thermal comfort in hospital isolation room – A laboratory study

Henna Maula, Petri Kalliomäki, Hannu Koskela

1:12pm - 1:17pm

Experimental investigation of the local air exchange behind an obstacle in laminar flow

Julia Lange, Valeria Hofer, Martin Kriegel

1:17pm - 1:29pm

Experimental study on the thermal plume from a surgeon in an operating room with mixing ventilation during COVID-19 pandemic

Frida Josefine Heggebø, Yang Bi, Trond Thorgeir Harsem, Hans Martin Mathisen, Guangyu Cao

1:29pm - 1:41pm

Experimental study on the surgical microenvironment in an operating room with mixing ventilation under positive and negative pressure

Yang Bi, Frida Josefine Heggebø, Trond Thorgeir Harsem, Hans Martin Mathisen, Amar Aganovic, Guangyu Cao

1:41pm - 1:53pm

Performance assessment and clinical validation of Operating Room ventilation systems

Sebastian Buhl, Regina Guttenberger, Clemens Bulitta

1:53pm - 2:05pm

Visualizing bacteria-carrying particles in the operating room: exposing invisible risks

Parastoo Sadeghian, Christophe Duwig, Mario Romero, Sasan Sadrizadeh

2:05pm - 2:17pm

Thermal comfort level of patients and surgical staff in operating rooms at a Nordic hospital

Helena Kuivjõgi, Guangyu Cao

Seminar 114: Use of Infection Risk Calculators to Manage Building Occupancy Post-COVID
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Brad Prezant
Co-chair: Lidia Morawska
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Use of Infection Risk Calculators to Manage Building Occupancy Post-COVID

Brad Prezant, Lidia Morawska, Giorgio Buonanno

Seminar 241: Legionella prevention in buildings - Are we effecting meaningful change or just checking all the boxes?
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Michael B. Waak
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Legionella prevention in buildings - Are we effecting meaningful change or just checking all the boxes?

Michael B. Waak, Karolina Stråby

Coffee 4: Coffee break
Location: Mingling lounge
Plenary session 4: CO2 and humans
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Guangyu Cao
Co-chair: Moon Keun Kim
  • Keynote lecture: Pawel Wargocki, CO2 exposure — The truth about the infamous 1000 ppmv threshold, and other COol facts

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CO2 exposure — The truth about the infamous 1000 ppmv threshold.

Pawel Wargocki

Seminar 225: Inspection and commissioning of ventilation systems, including VAV-systems
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Lars Ekberg
Co-chair: Peter G. Schild
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Inspection and commissioning of ventilation systems, including VAV-systems

Lars Ekberg, Peter Schild, Risto Kosonen

Workshop 143: Synergic Effects of the Exposure to Air Pollutants Indoors
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Józef Stefan Pastuszka
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Synergic Effects of the Exposure to Air Pollutants Indoors

Józef Stefan Pastuszka

Workshop 193: Multi-domain approaches to indoor environmental perception – current status and ways forward
Location: Zoom room #6
Chair: Marcel Schweiker
Co-chair: Ardeshir Mahdavi
Co-chair: Christiane Berger
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Multi-domain approaches to indoor environmental perception – current status and ways forward

Marcel Schweiker, Ardeshir Mahdavi, Christiane Berger, Julia Day

Workshop 109: Smart, safe and sustainable healthcare
Location: Zoom room #7
Chair: Yiliu Liu
Co-chair: Sverre B. Holøs
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Workshop of smart, safe and sustainable healthcare

Yiliu Liu, Sverre B. Holøs, Guangyu Cao, Gabriel Kiss

Seminar 292: Determinants and sources of indoor bacteria and consequences for respiratory health
Location: Zoom room #8
Chair: Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen
Co-chair: Maryia Khomich
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Determinants and sources of indoor bacteria, and consequences for respiratory health

Randi Jacobsen Bertelsen, Vivi Schlünssen, Hesham Amin, Inge Wouters, Malin Alsved, Lidia Casas, Maryia Khomich

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