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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 21/June/2021
Plenary session 1: Official opening of Healthy Buildings 2021 - Europe
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Peter G. Schild
Co-chair: Guangyu Cao
  • Welcome messages by Nikolai Astrup (Norwegian Minister of Local Government), Corinne Mandin (President of ISIAQ), and Peter G. Schild (President of Healthy Buildings 2021 - Europe).
  • Keynote lecture: Dr. Yuguo Li, From SARS to post COVID-20 and beyond — What we have learnt on safeguarding indoor environments

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From SARS to post COVID-20 and beyond — What we have learnt on safeguarding indoor environments

Yuguo Li

Coffee 1: Coffee break
Location: Mingling lounge
Session 10: Airborne transmission of infectious diseases
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Amar Aganovic
Co-chair: Lada Hensen Centnerová
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10:30am - 10:42am

Transport of Contaminated Agents in Hospital Wards - Exposure Control with a Personalized Healthcare Ventilation System: Numerical Study

Shih-Ying Chen, Parastoo Sadeghian, Shia-Hui Peng, Sasan Sadrizadeh

10:42am - 10:54am

Experimental investigation of the spread of airborne CFU in an research-OR under different air flow regimes using tracer particles

Lukas Schumann, Anne Hartmann, Valeria Hofer, Martin Kriegel

10:54am - 10:59am

COVID-19 dent guard and movable room for dentists' practice with design solution for air cleaning in natural ventilation.

Prudsamon Kammasorn

10:59am - 11:11am

Ventilation strategies to minimise the airborne virus transmission in indoor environments


11:11am - 11:23am

A Practical and Efficient Testing Method for Indoor Airborne Pathogens

Dominick Heskett, Touzong Xiong, Brian Annis, Tim Gordon, Braden Stump, Mark Stolzenburg, Marina Nieto-Caballero, Mark Hernandez, Patricia Keady

11:23am - 11:35am

Characterization and Dispersion of Human Expiratory Droplets – a Review

Roy Jean Issa

11:35am - 11:40am

The potential of bio-based insulation products to support indoor air quality and reduce aerosol transmissions of contagious respiratory viruses such as SARS CoV-2 in the construction industry.

Svebor Heruc, Marijn Vuijk, Myron Koster

Session 12: Numerical simulation
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Moon Keun Kim
Co-chair: Sasan Sadrizadeh
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10:30am - 10:42am

Can we measure buildings' affordance?

Ardeshir Mahdavi, Helene Teufl

10:42am - 10:47am

CFD simulation of non-isothermal ventilation flow in a generic enclosure: Impact of inlet velocity boundary conditions

Luyang Kang, Twan van Hooff

10:47am - 10:59am

Numerical simulation and field survey research of indoor thermal comfort for healthy building: A case study of Lingnan residential building

Bin Li, Weihong Guo, Xiao Liu, Yuqing Zhang, Peter J. Russell

10:59am - 11:11am

Numerical Simulation of Double Skin Facade used to produce Energy in Buildings

Eusebio Conceição, João Gomes, Mª Manuela Lúcio, Hazim Awbi

11:11am - 11:16am

Numerical study of the influence of balconies on indoor environment in winter: A case study of college dormitories in Jinan, China

Farun An, Jiying Liu, Wanpeng Lu

11:16am - 11:28am

INCHEM-Py: A new open source model for investigating indoor air chemistry

David Shaw, Nicola Carslaw

11:28am - 11:40am

Identification of most important factors (Building factors: artificial lights and window materials; External factors: cloud factors, season, latitude) affecting indoor photolysis rates


11:40am - 11:45am

Development of an underground space using to produced cold energy in summer conditions in the building thermal conditions performance

Eusebio Conceição, João Gomes, Mª Manuela Lúcio, Hazim Awbi

Session 5: Indoor particles, aerosols and VOCs
Location: Zoom room #3
Chair: Maria Justo Alonso
Co-chair: Martin Thalfeldt
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10:30am - 10:35am

Indoor Aerosols - Calculation of Zonal Particle Concentration and Particle Deposition in the Human Respiratory Tract

Jan Drzymalla, Sebastian Theißen, Jannick Höper, Andreas Henne

10:35am - 10:40am

Effects of suspended particles, chemicals, and airborne microorganisms in indoor air on building-related symptoms: a longitudinal study in air-conditioned office buildings

Kenichi Azuma, Naoki Kagi, U Yanagi, Hoon Kim, Noriko Kaihara, Motoya Hayashi, Haruki Osawa

10:40am - 10:52am

Human personal cloud associated with particles and gases in an office study: Preliminary results

Shen Yang, Dusan Licina

10:52am - 11:04am

Experimental & Modelling Studies for the Determination of Pollutant Emissions from Cooking and Cleaning

Ellen Harding-Smith, Catherine O'Leary, Marvin Shaw, Matthew Thompson, Nicola Carslaw, Terry Dillon, Archit Mehra, Gavin Phillips, Benjamin Jones

11:04am - 11:09am

Characterization of PM2.5 and its Indoor-Outdoor Ratio in an Office Building Connected to a Chemical Production Plant in Gebeng Industrial Zone, Pahang Malaysia

Norhidayah Abdull, Zarifah Shaari, Nurud Suria Suhaimi, Maryam Zahaba

11:09am - 11:21am

Phytoremediation of Airborne Particulate Matter in Indoor Environments

Mukesh Budaniya, Aakash Chand Rai

11:21am - 11:26am

How Does Indoor Air Chemistry Affect Outdoor Air Pollution?

Freja Østerstrøm, Toby Carter, Nicola Carslaw

11:26am - 11:31am

Green Plant Walls as an Indoor Air Quality Enhancer in a Recently Built Office Building

Aneka Klavina, Buka Berzina, Marta Fjodorova, Zanna Martinsone

11:31am - 11:36am

Characterising multi-sensor platforms performance to investigate indoor air quality events, and quantify personal exposure

David Umba Kalala, Nathalie Redon, Marie Verriele, Sabine Crunaire, Nadine Locoge

Workshop 273: Ventilation rates in homes
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Yuexia Sun
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Ventilation rates in homes

Yuexia Sun

Seminar 332: Smart Windows
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Yuwei Du
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Smart Windows

Yuwei Du

Lunch 1: Lunch break with opportunity to mingle
Location: Mingling lounge
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Session 13: IAQ in dwellings
Location: Zoom room #1
Co-chair: Risto Kosonen
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1:00pm - 1:12pm

Healthy Home – Taking health into the design and use of (Dutch) dwellings

Janneke Maria Adriana de Kort, Luca Irma Maria van Ekeren

1:12pm - 1:17pm

Architectural Design Modification Study for Improvement of Indoor Air Quality for Alleviation of Aeroallergen Sensitization in the Standard Naturally-Ventilated Urban Dwelling

Elke Simone Flores Tiotuico

1:17pm - 1:29pm

How to transform European housing into healthy and sustainable living spaces using a Belgian case study? – the RenovActive principles tackle climate and renovation challenges

Petrus te Braak, Joeri Minnen, Moritz Fedkenheuer, Bernd Wegener, Friedl Decock, Filip Descamps, Sabine Pauquay, Lone Feifer, Lara Anne Hale, Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, Jens Christoffersen

1:29pm - 1:41pm

Perceived indoor environment in social housing with different ventilation principles

Henrik N. Knudsen, Gabriel Bekö, Tine Steen Larsen

1:41pm - 1:53pm

Chemical characterization of ultrafine particles released from 3D printers

Chi-Long Tang, Olaf Wilke, Stefan Seeger, Sabine Kalus, Kerstin Erdmann

1:53pm - 2:05pm

Research on Thermal Comfort of Activity Space under Viaduct in Mountain City — Take Chongqing Egongyan Bridge as an example

Canhua Cheng, Zhenjing Yang

2:05pm - 2:17pm

Research on industry-spatial relationship of existing industrial zones in Beijiao, Shunde based on comparison of data Point of Interest

Xie Hanxiao, Mao Yalong

2:17pm - 2:22pm

Study of the thermal environment construction technology of the traditional residential of the Bai nationality

Yufeng Li, Zhenjing Yang

Session 14: IAQ measurement
Location: Zoom room #2
Chair: Hans Martin Mathisen
Co-chair: Britt ann Kåstad Høiskar
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1:00pm - 1:12pm

Reducing infection risk and optimization of airing concepts for indoor air quality by accurate aerosol & CO2 measurements

Ann-Kathrin Gossmann, Stefan Hogekamp, Frederik Weis, Maximilian Weiss

1:12pm - 1:17pm

Measurement and simulations of the influence of green wall systems on indoor air quality

Janine Bardey, Marcel Schweiker, Dirk Müller, Marc Baranski

1:17pm - 1:22pm

Intrinsic dimension estimation as a tool to sensor selection for an indoor air quality multisensory system

Luiz Miranda, Caroline Duc, Nathalie Redon, Marie Verriele, Bernadette Dorizzi, Jérôme Boudy, Jugurta Montalvão

1:22pm - 1:27pm

A method for determining the time-dependent indoor CO2 concentration to evaluate air hygiene

Anica Jasmin Mayer, Christian Menges, Roland Göttig

1:27pm - 1:32pm

Interaction between controlled natural lighting and IEQ; Integrated double skin facades approach applied on an office building

Hadil H. S Alsafadi, Touraj Ashrafian

1:32pm - 1:44pm

Big Data in IAQ research, an example of the application in IEA EBC Annex 86

Jelle Laverge, Marc Delghust, Klaas De Jonge, Loes Lokere, Mathias Vandenberghe, Timon Gryson, Ivan Pollet, Steven Delrue

1:44pm - 1:56pm

Optimal sensor positioning for monitoring indoor air quality in a simulated office environment

Seoyeon Yun, Dusan Licina

1:56pm - 2:08pm

A new simplified daylight evaluation tool, description and validation against the standard method of EN 17037

Bertrand Deroisy, Nicolas Dupin, Sabine Pauquay, Jens Christoffersen

Session 9: Work environment
Location: Zoom room #3
Chair: Jarek Kurnitski
Co-chair: Marcel Loomans
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1:00pm - 1:12pm

An empirical study of occupants' evaluation of short-term combined thermal, visual, and acoustic indoor-environmental exposure

Christiane Berger, Ardeshir Mahdavi

1:12pm - 1:24pm

The influence of employees’ workspace satisfaction on mental health while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Lisanne Bergefurt, Minou Weijs-Perrée, Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Theo Arentze

1:24pm - 1:29pm

Interaction effects of acoustics at and between human and environmental levels: A review on the acoustics in the indoor environment

Amneh Hamida, Dadi Zhang, Philomena M. Bluyssen

1:29pm - 1:41pm

The challenge of finding definitions for well-being and health within the built environment

Marcel Schweiker, Rania Christoforou, Janine Bardey, Hannah Pallubinsky

1:41pm - 1:53pm

Impact of the indoor environmental quality on employee well-being in a LEED-certified office building

Katarína Harčárová, Silvia Vilčeková, Eva Krídlová Burdová

1:53pm - 1:58pm

Relationships between mental health and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in the home workplace

Bouke Boegheim, Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Dujuan Yang, Marcel Loomans

1:58pm - 2:10pm

Comparing tangible and graphical interface of occupant voting system: Preliminary results of experimental field study in an office

Donya Sheikh Khan, Mian Breum, Jakub Kolarik

2:10pm - 2:15pm

Numerical Investigation of Human CO2 Emission in a Personalized Work Environment

Kazuki Kuga, Mitsuharu Sakamoto, Pawel Wargocki, Kazuhide Ito

2:15pm - 2:27pm

Properties of Hydrogel-Wood Composite as a New Thermochromic Glazing Material

Sai LIU, Hau Him LEE, Yuwei DU, Chi Yan TSO

Workshop 286: Analysis of deposited and airborne dust as part of detailed indoor climate audits
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Johan Mattsson
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Analysis of deposited and airborne dust as part of detailed indoor climate audits

Johan Mattsson, Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen

Seminar 334: Could portable air cleaning substitute ventilation?
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Alireza Afshari
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Can portable air-cleaners substitute ventilation?

Alireza Afshari, Bjarne W. Olesen

Coffee 2: Coffee break
Location: Mingling lounge
Plenary session 2: COVID and ventilation
Location: Zoom room #1
Chair: Moon Keun Kim
Co-chair: Sverre B. Holøs
  • Keynote lecture: Jelena Srebric, How can we mitigate future respiratory virus diseases? - Findings from five studies on COVID-19 transmission

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How can we mitigate future respiratory virus diseases? - Findings from five studies on COVID-19 transmission

Jelena Srebric

Seminar 330: REHVA-ISIAQ Workshop on COVID-19 transmission
Location: Zoom room #4
Chair: Atze Boerstra
Co-chair: Jarek Kurnitski
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REHVA-ISIAQ guidance on measures to prevent airborne transmission

Atze Boerstra, Jarek Kurnitski

Workshop 208: IEQ guidelines worldwide - Open database for research and practice
Location: Zoom room #5
Chair: Quan Jin
Co-chair: Linda Hägerhed
Co-chair: Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy
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IEQ guidelines worldwide - Open database for research and practice

Quan Jin, Linda Hägerhed, Ian Cull, Kiyoung Lee, Lars Gunnarsen, Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy

Workshop 168: Advanced mini-course on tracer gas analysis methods for ventilation studies
Location: Zoom room #7
Chair: Peter G. Schild
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Mini course: Tracer gas analysis advanced methods

Peter Schild


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