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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 12/Oct/2016
Registrations, Morning Coffee & Traditional Snacks
Location: Foyer of Gedung Merdeka
Merak Dance
Location: Foyer of Gedung Merdeka
Indonesia Raya song by PSM Unpad
Location: Main Hall of Gedung Merdeka
Opening Ceremony: Welcome by the President of Globelics Judith Sutz and the President of the Conference Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad
Location: Main Hall of Gedung Merdeka
Keynote Speech by the President of Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo (TBC)
Location: Main Hall of Gedung Merdeka
National songs by PSM Unpad
Location: Main Hall of Gedung Merdeka
Keynote Speech by Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram
Location: Main Hall of Gedung Merdeka
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Walk back to Homann Hotel, Lunch
Location: Garden Restaurant, Homann Hotel
The opening of Sponsor Exhibitions
Location: Main Foyer of Homann Hotel & Foyer of Palace Room
PS-1.01: Trade, foreign direct investments, value chains and innovation network 1
Location: Savoy Room-1 (Homann)
Chair: Sanghita Mondal, P.G.D.A.V College, University of Delhi
Discussant: Keun Lee, seoul national university

National Innovation Systems, Global Value Chains And Economic Development

Jan Fagerberg, Bengt Åke Lundvall, Martin Shrolec

Innovation Consolidation Nexus: Evidence from India’s Manufacturing Sector

Beena Saraswathy

‘Tilting Towards South’: What Determines the Changing Pattern of Global Value Chains?

Swati Mehta

PS-1.02: Innovation management and entrepreneurship 1
Location: Savoy Room-2 (Homann)
Chair: Alexis Habiyaremye, Human Sciences Research Council
Discussant: Jun Jin, Zhejiang University

Exploring The Complementarity Between Managerial And Innovative Capabilities And Its Significance In A Dynamic Market Economy: A Survey Of Micro And Small Businesses In Ghana

Ahmed Agyapong, Henry Kofi Mensah, Akwasi Antwi Baffour-Awuah

How to make employee creativity thriving? The role of recovery experience during off-job time

Yiying QU, Hao Ren, Wei Zhang

Understanding the Nexus between Innovation Modes and Innovation Outputs: Evidence from a developing country

Oluseye Oladayo Jegede, Matthew Olugbega Ilori, Martins Olusola Olorunfemi, Billy Adegbola Oluwale, Blessing Funke Ajao

PS-1.03: Indigenous knowledge, informal sector, innovation and development 1
Location: Savoy Room-3 (Homann)
Chair: Manuel Gonzalo, UNGS / UFRJ
Discussant: Catherine Kilelu, ACTS

The Role of Informal Waste Recycling on Livelihood and Health Outcome: A Case for Technological Innovation

Kehinde Oluwaseun Omotoso, Steve Koch

Role Of The State And The Institutionalisation Of Alternative Medicinal System

Deepa V K, Abha Arya

Competition for Rents and Structural Change in Commodity Chains: A Limited Access Order Approach

Vajk Miklos Lukacs de Pereny Martens, Ronald Ramlogan

PS-1.04: Innovation in the health sector: challenges and opportunities for inclusiveness and sustainability 1
Location: Savoy Room-4 (Homann)
Chair: Ana Lucia Tatsch, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) / Brazil
Discussant: Rebecca Hanlin, Africalics Secretariat

Economic and social orientations in the policies and programs to promote Science, Technology and Innovation in health in Brazil during the period 2000 – 2014

Cecilia Tomassini

Willingness to pay for detached Mallow Leaves (Corchorous Olitorius) amongst vegetable consumers in Kwara State, Nigeria

Toyin Benedict Ajibade, Kemi Funmi Omotesho, Jubril Olayinka Animashaun, Deborah Oluyemisi Opaleke, Ezekiel Taiwo Ajibade

Agrarian Affairs Reform for the Inclusivity and the Sustainibility of Food Security in the Underdeveloped Area

Nia Kurniati Widiawan

PS-1.05: Science, technology, innovation policy and politics 1
Location: Emperor Room (Homann)
Chair: Swapan Kumar Patra, Tshwane University of Technology
Discussant: Rasigan Maharajh, Tshwane University of Technology

Policy Indexes Analysis on Innovation Policy Instruments of Chinese Strategic-Emerging-Industry: A New Approach for Policy Text Analysis

Wei Yao

Productive Rents and Technological Upgrading: Promotion of High Tech Production in Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia

Rajah Rasiah

Evolution of Iran’s S&T policies: A circular flow in a pluralistic policy context

Ebrahim Souzanchi Kashani, Siavash Hosseini

PS-1.06: Science, technology, innovation policy and politics 2
Location: Caesar Room (Homann)
Chair: Kavitha Pottammal, Centre for Development Studies
Discussant: Arlindo Villaschi, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo

Revisiting the Discourse on Islam, Science and Innovation: A National Innovation System Perspective

Bi Bi Ishrat Hassan

Passivity, Utilitarianism and Techno-Determinism in Science and Technology Policy

Paulo Savaget Nascimento

Counterbalancing Hegemony of Mainstream Journalism Through Citizen Journalism

Feri Ferdinan Alamsyah

PS-1.07: Intellectual property rights, innovation and development 1
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
Chair: George Owusu Essegbey, Science and Technology Policy Research Institute

Dynamic Patent Licensing Strategies from the Perspective of Latecomer Firm

Yangao Xiao, Lu Lu, Jing Rao, Ya Zou

Innovations in South Sahara Africa: determinants and effects on economic growth

Jacques Simon Song, / Tchouto

Foreign Firms, Product Patent and Pharmaceuticals in India after TRIPS

Dinesh Abrol, Sivakami Dhulap, Nidhi Singh

PS-1.08: National and regional innovation system 1
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)
Discussant: Mika Kautonen, University of Tampere

Capacity building and strategic market insertion in Local Innovation and Production Systems in Brazil

Marcelo Matos, Maria Gabriela Podcameni, Marina Szapiro, José Eduardo Cassiolato, Israel Sanches Marcellino

Regional inequality in China viewed from the lens of innovation system perspective

K J Joseph, Liyan Zhang, Kiran Kumar Kakarlapudi

Territorial Systems of Innovation Emerging in Non – Metropolitan Central America: Case of the Huetar Norte Region in Costa Rica

Andrew Roberts Cummings

PS-1.09: Technological infrastructure and technological capabilities1
Location: Palace Room (Homann)
Chair: Abdi Yuya Ahmad, Adama Science and Technology University
Discussant: Trina Fizzanty, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

A Comparative Study of the Technological Capabilities of Major Shipbreaking Nations

Stuti Haldar

Entrepreneurial Upgrading? - Exploring the Interplay between Global Finance, Knowledge Flows, and Technology-Driven Venture Creation in Kenya

Eunkyung Park, Daniel S. Hain, Roman Jurowetzki

Acceptance of Disruptive Technology with Network Effect: An Empirical Study in Indonesia and Germany

Eko Agus Prasetio, Uwe Cantner

PS-1.10: Sectoral innovation system, industrial policy and development 1
Location: Consulat Room (Homann)
Chair: Heric Thomas, Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Organization (STIPRO)
Discussant: Mammo Muchie, Tshwane University of Technology

Improving agricultural productivity growth for inclusive development in Sub Sahara Africa: how can agro-processing and export of raw agricultural materials be effectively used?

Olaide Rufai Akande, Hephzibah Onyeje Obekpa, Charles Adesina

Productive Complex of Defence and Security in Brazil: dimension, sectorial and technological impacts

Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto, Paulo Cesar Morceiro, Milene Simone Tessarin

Natural Resources Economies, Design and Engineering capacity building and Global Commodity Value Chain in Africa: evidence from the oil and gas sector in Algeria.

Abdelkader Djeflat

Coffee Break
Location: Foyer of Asia Afrika Room, Homann Hotel
SpS-1.1: STI Policies and Economic Development. The East Asian Experience
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
The session is organized by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and IDRC the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

STI Policies and Economic Development. The East Asian Experience

Erman Aminullah

SpS-1.2: Agricultural Innovation Systems
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)

the Use of Cooperatives and Global Value Chain in Building Network of Actors in Agricultural Innovation System: Reflections from Tanzania

Heric Thomas

Stagnation in Agricultural Technology Adoption: Failing to Reap the Diffusion Benefits

Alexis Habiyaremye

Rethinking Agricultural Innovation in the Evolving Technological Dispensation: Reflections from Kenya

Ann Njoki Kingiri

On the Brazilian AIS: Embrapa´s Research Programme Beyond Agribusiness

Arlindo Villaschi

From Commodity Problematique to Innovation Problematique: The Dilemma of Plantation Agriculture in India

K J Joseph

Preparation for Welcome Reception
Welcome Reception
Location: Grand Ballroom of Savoy Homann

Welcoming Speech by Head of Local Organizing Committee: Dr. An An Chandrawulan
Welcoming Speech by Governor of West Java Province: Ahmad Heryawan
Sundanese Traditional Dance and Interactive Angklung
Date: Thursday, 13/Oct/2016
PS-2.01: Trade, foreign direct investments, value chains and innovation network 2
Location: Savoy Room-1 (Homann)
Chair: Martin Kang'ethe Gachukia, Riara University
Discussant: Beena Saraswathy, Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID)

Removal of Trade Restrictions and its Implication for Nigerian Households

Mohammed Isa Shuaibu

Extensive and Intensive Margins of India’s Manufactured Exports: Comparison with China

Lakshmi Aerath, Veeramani C, Prachi Gupta

South-south trade in capital goods: The market driven diffusion of appropriate technology

Raphie Kaplinsky, Rebecca Hanlin

PS-2.02: Innovation management and entrepreneurship 2
Location: Savoy Room-2 (Homann)
Chair: Marcelo Matos, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Discussant: Oluseye Oladayo Jegede, Obafemi Awolowo University

Challenges of Private Sector Involvement in Pro-Poor Innovtion

Shuan SadreGhazi

Role of Innovation in Poverty Alleviation;Evidences from SAARC Reign

Abdul Subhan Qazi, Shafiq ur Rehman Qazi, Abhullah Hafeez

A gender-based analysis of firm-level innovation: evidence from Ghanaian firm-level data

Mammo Muchie, Xiaolan Fu, Abiodun Egbetokun

PS-2.03: Indigenous knowledge, informal sector, innovation and development 2
Location: Savoy Room-3 (Homann)
Chair: Deepa V K, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Discussant: Judith Sutz, Universidad de la República

Informal Sector Innovations in the Annals of the History: Exploring its Contributions and the Politics of Undervaluation

Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh

What can ethnography contribute to innovation studies in the global South?

Marcela Suárez Estrada

Adjusting Qualitative Research Methods for Innovation Studies

Nadja Nordling, Rhiannon Pugh

PS-2.05: Science, technology, innovation policy and politics 3
Location: Emperor Room (Homann)
Chair: Christabell P J, University of Kerala
Discussant: Bo Uno Goeransson, Lund University

Pattern of Governance on Public Research And Development Institutions In Managing Research Fund: Case of Indonesia

Anugerah Yuka Asmara, Dedy Saputra

Evolution of innovation studies: a North-South global perspective.

Rhiannon Elisabeth Pugh, Tulio Chiarini

From Clusters to Open Innovation Platform Approach in Innovation Policy in Global North and South - Policy design at the age of open and digitalized platform economy

Mika Raunio, Nadja Nordling, Jukka Saarinen

PS-2.06: Science, technology, innovation and the sustainable development goals 1
Location: Caesar Room (Homann)
Chair: Smita Srinivas, Indian Institute for Human Settlements
Discussant: Margrethe Holm Andersen, Aalborg University, Globelics Secretariat

Innovations for reaching the sustainable development goals –will they come from the North or South?

Rainer Walz

A Prospective Approach To LICS-based development

Rodrigo Arocena

The Role of Technological Trajectories in Catching-up-based Development: An Application to Energy Efficiency Technologies

Sheng Zhong, Bart Verspagen

PS-2.07: Intellectual property rights, innovation and development 2
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
Chair: Yangao Xiao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Discussant: Jørgen Lindgaard Pedersen, Technical University of Denmark

The Protection of Cultural Resources in Lombok Island

Rika Ratna Permata, Miranda Risang Ayu, Laina Rafianti Hanny

Can Utility Models Promote ‘Grassroots’ Innovations? Exploring The Possibilities Of An Alternative Patent System For Fostering Informal Sector Innovations In India

Gautam Sharma

PS-2.08: National and regional innovation system 2
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)
Chair: Marisa dos Reis A. Botelho, Federal University of Uberlândia, MG, Brazil
Discussant: Abdelkader Djeflat, University of Lille1

Inclusiveness Features of the Brazilian National System of Innovation

Arlindo Villaschi, Ednilson Felipe

THE NEED FOR REFORMING THE LAW MEDIA BROADCAST TELEVISION IN INDONESIA (Political Communication Perspectives, Case Study In North Sumatra)

Evie Ariadne Shinta Dewi Runtama, Ramon Kaban, Suwandi Sumartias

“Inclusiveness” and “financial sustainability” of public financial institutions for STI in Brazilian NSI

João Marcos Hausmann Tavares

PS-2.09: Technological infrastructure and technological capabilities 2
Location: Palace Room (Homann)
Chair: Swati Mehta, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab
Discussant: Rajah Rasiah, UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA

Exploiting Investments in Infrastructure as an Innovative Policy Instrument for Building Technological Capability: Nigeria in Perspective

Gordon Monday Bubou

Dynamics of Technological Capability Development in Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project

Ameha Mulugeta Gewe, Daniel Kitaw Azene

The impact of “Technological Heterogeneity” and “Time” in determining FDI spillovers on Export Performance of Indian Manufacturing Firms

Sanghita Mondal

PS-2.10: Sectoral innovation system, industrial policy and development 2
Location: Consulat Room I (Homann)
Discussant: Michael Gastrow, Human Sciences Research Council

Development Aid and the Evolution of Renewable Energy Technology Innovation Systems in Low-income Countries

Aschalew Demeke Tigabu

Obstacles to Environmental Innovation: An Assessment of SMEs in the Peripheral Regions of Lagos

Sanni Morufu Muhammed

Government Policies, Technological Changes and Industrial Energy Efficiency: A Case of Pulp and Paper Industry in India

Sandeep Kumar Kujur

PS-2.11: Agricultural innovation systems 1
Location: Consulat Room II (Homann)
Chair: Hadi Nilforoushan, Shahid Beheshti University
Discussant: Evans Mupela, HSRC

Interactive Learning, Innovation and Its Outcomes: An Analysis of the Research Institute-Grower Interaction in R&D and Extension in North Indian Tea

KJ Joseph, Namrata Thapa

Application of Agricultural Innovation Systems through Farmer’s Cooperatives: A Remedy for Smallholder Farmers? Reflections from Tanzania

Heric Thomas

Extension Service and Agricultural Innovation System: Exploring the Inclusivity of Extension Approaches in Reaching Out Kenyan Rural Farmers

Ann Njoki Kingiri

Coffee Break
Location: Foyer of Homann Hotel
PS-3.01: Trade, foreign direct investments, value chains and innovation network 3
Location: Savoy Room-1 (Homann)
Chair: Mohammed Isa Shuaibu, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Kaduna Nigeria
Discussant: Eunkyung Park, Aalborg University

Characteristics of Indian Firm's Investing Abroad: A Firm Level Analysis

Kavitha Pottammal

Understanding Innovation trajectory of Technology driven Foreign Direct Investments by Emerging Multinational Enterprises: the Indian ICT experience

Rajesh Ram Mishra

Possibilities of Mexican SMEs insertion in the aerospace value chain, the Baja California case

Juana Hernández Chavarria, Jorge Carrillo Viveros

PS-3.02: Innovation management and entrepreneurship 3
Location: Savoy Room-2 (Homann)
Chair: Paulo Savaget Nascimento, Fundação Dom Cabral; University of Cambridge
Discussant: Monika Petraite, Kaunas university of technology, Lithuania

Promoters of Institutional Change

Shirley Patricia Cabero Tapia

The Supply of High Quality Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries: Evidence from Nigeria

Adedayo Olufunso Olofinyehun, Caleb Muyiwa Adelowo, Abiodun Egbetokun

The long view of societal implications of innovative nanotechnology development: the National Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative at 10 years

Sahar Kousari, Sepehr Ghazinoory

PS-3.03: Indigenous knowledge, informal sector, innovation and development 3
Location: Savoy Room-3 (Homann)
Chair: Vajk Miklos Lukacs de Pereny Martens, ESAN University
Discussant: Susan Cozzens, Georgia Institute of Technology

Knowledge and Innovation in Informal Economy: A Case of Vinegar Making in Western Uttar Pradesh

Birendra Singh

Innovation And Inclusive Development On The Edge: Universities Interacting With Marginalised African Communities In Ecologically Fragile Locations

Michael Gastrow, Glenda Kruss, Maitseo Bolaane, Timothy Esemu

From Shifting To Terrace Cultivation: The Idea Of Sustainability In India’s North-Eastern Region.

Abhinandan Saikia

PS-3.04: Innovation in the health sector: challenges and opportunities for inclusiveness and sustainability 2
Location: Savoy Room-4 (Homann)
Chair: Marcela Suárez Estrada, Freie Universität Berlin
Discussant: Dinesh Abrol, Institute for Studies in Industrial Development

Innovation and Public Procurement in the Health Sector in Brazil: a preliminary analysis of the Partnership for Productive Development (PDPs) program

Marco Antonio Vargas, Jorge Britto, Marina Szapiro

The Tale of Three Technologies : Examining Inequality in Health Research in India

Rajesh Kalarivayil, Pranav N. Desai

Building Capacity For Innovation Through R&D Consortia In Health Projects: From Network Interaction To Systemic Transformation

Ria Hardiyati, Trina Fizzanty, Erman Aminullah

PS-3.05: Science, technology, innovation policy and politics 4
Location: Emperor Room (Homann)
Chair: João Marcos Hausmann Tavares, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/RedeSist
Discussant: Aschalew Demeke Tigabu, AfricaLics

Participatory democratic governance critical for inclusive innovation: Introducing the PPACID model

Papia Sengupta Talukdar

Are Neo-Schumpetarians Value Neutral?

Theo Papaioannou, Smita Srinivas

Knowledge Sourcing Strategies and Innovation Barriers across Manufacturing Firms in High- and Middle-Income Countries

Arif Hartono

PS-3.06: Science, technology, innovation and the sustainable development goals 2
Location: Caesar Room (Homann)
Chair: Lourenço Galvão Diniz Faria, Technical University of Denmark
Discussant: Maj Munch Andersen, Technical University of Denmark

Which one Matters More for Firms in Developing Countries? Examining the Multi-level Impact of Investment Climate, Innovation Systems, and International Integration

Mahyar Adibi, Keun Lee

Living Labs as an Approach to Inclusive Innovation: A Diagnostic Study of the Siyakhula Project in South Africa

Alexis Habiyaremye, Evans Mupela, Irma Booyens

Revisiting Freeman From A Developmental Perspective

Judith Sutz, Rodrigo Arocena

PS-3.07: University relationships with industry and society 1
Location: Sultan Room (Homann)
Chair: Carlos Gonzalo Acevedo Peña, Universidad Mayor de San Simón
Discussant: Mika Raunio, University of Tampere

Obstacles to Innovation in Brazil: Lack of Qualified Personnel to Implement Innovation and to Establish University–Firm Interactions

Marcia Siqueira Rapini, Tulio Chiarini, Pablo Felipe Bittencourt

R&D Funding Policy and University-Industry Research Collaboration in Brazil: The Case of Petrobras

Giovanna Gielfi, André Furtado, Robert Tijssen

Factors Influencing Academic Entrepreneurship in Nigerian Universities

Caleb Muyiwa Adelowo

PS-3.08: National and regional innovation system 3
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)
Chair: Maria Gabriela Podcameni, Redesist, UFRJ,
Discussant: Andrew Roberts Cummings, Universidad José Simeón Cañas

Process Approach to Engineered Innovation Networks Failure

Hadi Nilforoushan, Cristina Chaminade, Mohammad Reza Arasti

Too much, too young? Skolkovo initiative to modernize the economy of the Russian Federation

Mika Kautonen

Could Strengthening Advanced Manufacturing be an Option for Development?

Gabriela Dutrénit

PS-3.09: Trade, foreign direct investments, value chains and innovation network 4
Location: Palace Room (Homann)
Chair: Ebrahim Souzanchi Kashani, Sharif University of Technology
Discussant: Rasmus Lema, Aalborg University, Globelics Secretariat

The Impact of Social Capital on Firm’s Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Armenia.

Tatevik Poghosyan

Identifying New Ideal Types of Reverse Innovation of Enterprises from Developing Countries: Cases of Chinese Enterprises

Jun Jin, Min Guo, Maureen McKelvey, Zhengyi Zhang

The Development of the National Innovation System Research: Towards an Interdisciplinary Framework?

Marija Rakas, Daniel Hain

PS-3.10: Sectoral innovation system, industrial policy and development 3
Location: Consulat Room I (Homann)
Chair: Olaide Rufai Akande, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria
Discussant: Sanni Morufu Muhammed, National Centre for Technology Management

Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in Malaysia: towards conceptual view of national development banks

Olga Mikheeva

Direct and Indirect Sectorial Research & Development in Brazil

Paulo Cesar Morceiro, Milene Simone Tessarin, Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto

The wage effects of training in Rural China

Wei Bian, Yishu Wang, Chunhui Ye

PS-3.11: Agricultural innovation systems 2
Location: Consulat Room II (Homann)
Chair: Namrata Thapa, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala
Discussant: K J Joseph, Centre for Development Studies

Agro-processing for inclusive development: the case of Wolkberg Fruit Processing factory in Tzaneen, Limpopo province of South Africa

Evans Mupela, Alexis Habirayemye, Stewart Ngandu

Innovation systems for livestock development in India: Within and beyond sectoral systems.

Debanjana Dey

The Restructuring of Grain Production in Rural China

Chunhui Ye, Wei Bian, Haigui Wang, Ziwei Ye

Lunch and Globelics Alumni meeting
Location: Garden Restaurant and Sidewalk Café of Homann Hotel
Globelics Alumni seated in Cafe Sidewalk
Freeman Lecture by Dr. Helena Lastres
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
Coffee Break
SpS-2.1: STI research and policies for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
Chair: Margrethe Holm Andersen, Aalborg University, Globelics Secretariat

Progress and Challenges Related to the Integration of Industrial Development Milestones in the Sustainable Development Goals

Xiaolan FU

African Priorities and Partnerships on STI as Part of the 2030 Development Agenda

Bitrina Diyamett

Globelics Perspectives on STI Research and Policies for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Jose E. Cassiolato

What Role for Domestic and International Research Funders?

David O'Brien

SpS-2.2: Creative Cities
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)
Chair: Miranda Risang Ayu, Universitas Padjadjaran
Break to allow for preparation of Welcome Dinner
6:00pm Buses leaving from Homann to Pendopo Kota Bandung (Major of Bandung Hall)
Location: Outside Homann Hotel
Conference Dinner: Conference Dinner, PhD Best Paper Award, Cultural Events Speech from Major of Bandung City: Ridwan Kamil
Location: Pendopo Kota Bandung (Major of Bandung Hall)
Speech from Major of Bandung City, Special Dinner, Best Paper Award, Cultural Events: Nusantara Dance and Music Performance: Piring Dance, Rantak Minang Dance, Rampai Aceh Dance Faculty of Law Unpad, Legong Dance.
10:00pm Buses leaving for Homann and Preanger Hotel
Location: Pendopo Kota Bandung (Major of Bandung Hall)
Date: Friday, 14/Oct/2016
Morning Yoga by Yoga Leaf
Location: Swimming pool area of Homann Hotel
SpS-3.1: Universities, Commodification, Globalization and Knowledge Production
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
Chair: Judith Sutz, Universidad de la República

On the Building of Social Responsiveness in African Universities

Glenda Kruss

The Results of an International Project on Universities and Social Innovations

Bo Uno Goeransson

How the National Systems of Innovation Approach Integrates the Present Challenges to Universities

Bengt-Åke Lundvall

SpS-3.2: Revisiting Bandung 1955
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)

Revisiting Bandung 1955

Mammo Muchie

Revisiting Bandung 1955

Xiaolan FU

Revisiting Bandung 1955

Rasigan Maharajh

Revisiting Bandung 1955

Miranda Risang Ayu

Coffee Break
Location: Foyer of Homann Hotel
Book Presentations
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)

Books to be presented:

1) Lee, Keun: Economic catch-up and technological leapfrogging, Elgar press, Aug 2016

2) Erbes, A. and D. Suárez (comp.) Repensando el desarrollo Latinoamericano: una discusión desde los sistemas de innovación, Ediciones UNGS, Provincia de Buenos Aires

3) Lundvall, Bengt-Åke: The Learning Economy and the Economics of Hope, Anthem Press. Forthcoming, Nov. 2016

4) Hanlin, Rebecca and Andersen, Margrethe Holm: Globelics Thematic Review: Health Systems Strengthening: rethinking the role of Innovation, Aalborg University Press, October 2016

5) Mammo Muchie, Amare Desta, Mestnot Mengesha (eds) , Science, Technology, Innovation:for Sustainable Future in the Global South, Africa World Press, Trenton, New Jeresey, USA, 2016
IndReRes: Presentation of Indonesian Research Results
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)
Chair: Keri Lestari Dandan
Poster Presentations
Location: Foyer Stage of Savoy Homann

Challenges in Sanitation and Child Health in India: Need of Sustainable and Socially Responsible Innovation

Manjari Manisha

Determinants of Participation and Choice of Institutions in Higher Education in India: A Directive for Institutional Innovation

Jannet Farida Jacob

Research and Innovation in South African Universities

Swapan Kumar Patra, Mammo Muchie

Effect of Social Groups on Maize Farmers’ Profitability and Adoption of Innovation in Kwara State, Nigeria

Kemi Funmilayo Omotesho, Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde, Micheal Oluwaseun Jesudun

Is Higher Education becoming desirable to Business Enterprises for R&D purpose? Trends and Lessons from OECD Countries

Shatakshi Garg, Nitish Kashyap

Health Innovation System in Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil: an analysis from the interactions carried out by the research groups, the university hospitals and the manufacturing industry

Marisa dos Reis A. Botelho, Ana Lúcia Tatsch, Janaína Ruffoni

Innovative Activities Of Small Firms In Four Clusters Of A Developing Country

Joseph Akpobo Otejere, Joe Amadi-Echendu

Is there a scientific community in Nepal? Challenges of Negotiating Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for building Innovation System

Sohan Prasad Sha, Venni V Krishna

Emerging stem cell innovation system in India: A case study of cardiovascular repair

Arpana Pandey

Co-evolution of Technological Capabilities and Regulation in Indonesian Herbal Medicine

Lutfah Ariana

Closed for Business: The value of openness in developing countries

Annelies van Uden, Joris Knoben, Patrick Vermeulen

Industrial Occupational Safety and Health Innovation for Sustainable Development

Kassu Jilcha Sileyew, Daniel Kitaw Azene

Dynamics of Knowledge Flows Among Firms in Local Production Systems: geographical proximity, vertical relations and learning by interaction

Janaina Ruffoni, Wilson Suzigan, Ana Lúcia Tatsch

Bridging Innovation Systems and Value Chain Approaches for Inclusive Smallholder Development: Reflection on Multi-stakeholder Processes in Dairy Development in Tanzania

Catherine Kilelu

Demand Driven Approach in the Agriculture Innovation System: A Case of Natural Rubber

A Sajitha

Expenses of Innovation and Performance Companies in Cameroon: A Strategic Perspective

Laurence Nkakene Molou

Location: Garden Restaurant, Homann Hotel
PS-4.01: Trade, foreign direct investments, value chains and innovation network 5
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
Chair: Xiaolan FU, University of Oxford
Discussant: Juana Hernández Chavarria, UAM-X

Challenges to collective efficiency and technological upgrading in the surgical instruments manufacturing cluster in Pakistan

Shagufta Haneef

Global Innovation Networks and Clusters in Indian Biopharmaceutical Sector: A Case Study of Bangalore Helix, Karnataka.

Nimita Pandey, Pranav N Desai

Defining an Ecosystem for Open Innovation from the Focal Actor Perspective: Behavioral Approach

Monika Petraite, Vytaute Dlugoborskyte

PS-4.02: Innovation management and entrepreneurship 4
Location: Palace Room (Homann)
Chair: Abdul Subhan Qazi, Bahria University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Discussant: Mammo Muchie, Tshwane University of Technology

Knowledge-based startups acquisitions: co-evolution of the US antitrust debate, Google´s Waze acquisition and innovation and competition policy implications for the MERCOSUR

Manuel Gonzalo, Marcos Puccioni de Oliveira Lyra, Camila Pires-Alves

Business Relationship, Technological Capability & Innovation: Lessons Learned from Garment Firms in Indonesia

Dian Prihadyanti, Budi Triyono

The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial, Strategic and Network Based Factors in the Formation of R&D Intensive Entrepreneurial Born Global Firms

Vytaute Dlugoborskyte, Monika Petraite

PS-4.03: Technological infrastructure and technological capabilities 3
Location: Embassy Room (Homann)
Chair: Ameha Mulugeta Gewe, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT), Addis Ababa University (AAU)
Discussant: Daniel Stefan Hain, Aalborg University

Indian Ayurvedic Medicine Industry At A Crossroads: Exploring Technological Capabilities In The Post-WTO Policy Regime

Abha Arya, Saradindu Bhaduri

Assessment of Environmental Implications of Rapid Population Growth on Land Use Dynemics in Eleme Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria

Moses Obenade, Henry U. Okeke, Francis I. Okpiliya

Persistence of Innovation and Knowledge Flows in Africa: An Empirical Investigation

Francesco Lamperti, Roberto Mavilia, Marco Giometti

PS-4.04: Gender, innovation and development 1
Location: Sultan Room (Homann)
Chair: Marina Szapiro, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Discussant: Ann Njoki Kingiri, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS)

Transformation of gender roles through innovative interventions: Micro-enterprise development and new flexible roles of women in rural Nepal

Sabrina Regmi

Sustainable Livelihoods of Female Farmers: A Study on Agricultural Innovation System in Kerala, India

Christabell P J

Economic Analysis of On-Farm Trial of Drought Tolerant Maize in Kwara State Nigeria: A Gender Approach

Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde, Tahirou Abdoulaye, Olaide Babarinde, Adeola Oloyede

PS-4.05: Science, technology, innovation policy and politics 5
Location: Emperor Room (Homann)
Chair: Helena Lastres, RedeSist, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Discussant: Rodrigo Arocena, University of the Republic, Uruguay

Re-forming Human Capabilities utilising Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy: The Case of South Africa.

Rasigan Maharajh, Enver Motala

Impact of Innovation Policies on Small, Medium and Large Brazilian Companies

Ana Paula Macedo Avellar, Marisa dos Reis Azevedo Botelho

Technological Innovation Systems and the Wider Context: A framework for developing countries

Hans-Erik Edsand

PS-4.06: Science, technology, innovation and the sustainable development goals 3
Location: Caesar Room (Homann)
Chair: Joe Amadi-Echendu, University of Pretoria
Discussant: Rainer Walz, Fraunhofer ISI

The Devil Is In The Details: A Critical Discussion On The Definition Of Eco-Innovation

Lourenço Galvão Diniz Faria

The Sustainable Development Goals - Pathways to Eco-innovation and the Global Green Economy?

Maj Munch Andersen

Inclusive Upgrading through Participation in Global Value Chain: The Case of Frech Fruit and Vegetable Industry in Kenya

Eunkyung Park, Martin Kang'ethe Gachukia

PS-4.07: University relationships with industry and society 2
Location: Lembang Room (Preanger)
Chair: Caleb Muyiwa Adelowo, National Centre for Technology Management, Obafemi Awolowo University
Discussant: Glenda Kruss, Human Sciences Research Council

Universities, Inclusive Development and Social Innovation: Experiences from Sweden

Bo Goeransson

Public University and Clusters as public arenas in Bolivia.

Carlos Gonzalo Acevedo Peña

Collaborating to Innovate: the case of the Nigerian Mining Industry

Oluseye Oladayo Jegede, Matthew Olugbenga Ilori, Martins Olusola Olorunfemi, Billy Adegbola Oluwale, Blessing Funke Ajao

PS-4.08: Sectoral innovation system, industrial policy and development 4
Location: Maribaya Room (Preanger)
Chair: Olga Mikheeva, Tallinn University of Technology
Discussant: Gabriela Dutrénit, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

Imitation to Innovation: Late Movers’ Catch-up Strategy and Technological Leadership Change

Keun Lee, Sungyoung Chang, Jaeyong Song, Hyunseob Kim

Firm heterogeneity, growth performance and exit in the Ethiopian manufacturing sector: the role of Productivity and capital intensity

Abdi Yuya Ahmad

Mapping the Dynamic Co-evolution of Technological Convergence and Transitions in the Technological Life Cycle: Evidence from the Herbal Medicine Sector

Hon-Ngen Fung, Chan-Yuan Wong

Preparation for Closing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony and Closing Speech
Location: Asia Afrika Room (Homann)
6:00pm Buses leaving for Soekarno Hatta Jakarta Airport and Husein Sastranegara Bandung Airport
Location: Outside Homann Hotel

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