Conference Agenda

D36: Workshop: Präsentationen: Earth Datacubes: Concepts, Standards, Services
Wednesday, 08/July/2020:
2:00pm - 2:45pm

Session Chair: Peter Baumann
Location: D - Sessions


Earth Datacubes: Concepts, Standards, Services

Peter Baumann

Jacobs University, Germany

Datacubes are emerging in Earth science as an enabling paradigm for offering massive spatio-temporal Earth data in an analysis- (and visualization-) ready way by combining individual files into single, homo­genized objects, there­by easing access, extraction, analysis, and fusion.

In OGC and ISO standardization, coverages provide the unifying concept for spatio-temporal datacubes, with the streamlined service model of Web Coverage Service (WCS) including Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS), OGC's geo datacube analytics language. A large, continuously growing number of open-source and proprietary tools support the coverage standards.

In this tutorial, which is suitable for newcomers and remote sensing experts alike, we present the concept of datacube coverages and their contribution to analysis-ready data. Most live demos participants can recap on their Internet-connected laptop.

About the presenter

Peter Baumann is Professor of Computer Science at Jacobs University, Germany, and founder and CEO of research spin-off rasdaman GmbH. He has pioneered actionable datacubes, documented by patents and 160+ publications. Baumann is editor of the OGC and ISO coverage standards implemented by major open-source and proprietary raster server tools. OGC has honored his contribution to Big Data standardization with the prestigious Kenneth Gardels Award for "significant and enduring advances" in technical standards.