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A13: AGIT Opening
Mittwoch, 03.07.2019:
10:30 - 12:00

Chair der Sitzung: Josef Strobl
Ort: A - Audimax
AGIT Opening mit Keynote von Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA "Feeling the Pulse of Our Planet from Space – The ESA EO Programme" (Vortragssprache Englisch)

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Feeling the Pulse of our Planet from Space - the ESA EO Programme

Josef Aschbacher

ESA - European Space Agency, Italien

Earth Observation is currently undergoing a major transformation driven by elements like data analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Big Data. The presentation will give an overview of ESA’s Earth Observation programme with its major ‘pillars’, its evolution with respect to the trends above and its relevance to Geographic Information Science.

ESA’s Earth observation missions are mainly grouped into three main categories: the operational Sentinel satellites in the context of the European Copernicus Programme, the scientific Earth Explorers and the meteorological missions, which ESA is jointly developing with EUMETSAT. Developments, applications and scientific results for the different mission types will be addressed, along with overall trends and strategies.

The Earth Explorers, who form the science and research element of ESA's Living Planet Programme, focus on the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere and Earth's interior. The Earth Explorers also aim at learning more about the interactions between these components and the impact that human activity is having on natural Earth processes.[...]

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