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A11: GI_Forum Opening
Dienstag, 02.07.2019:
17:30 - 19:00

Chair der Sitzung: Thomas Jekel
Ort: A - Audimax
GI_Forum Opening with Keynote by Jochen Albrecht “Redefining 'What is Special About Spatial?' - Spatiality in the Age of Data Science” (Vortragssprache Englisch)

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Redefining 'What is Special About Spatial?' - Spatiality in the Age of Data Science

Jochen Albrecht

City University of New York, USA

The older generation of GI_Foum attendees will be well familiar with two tenets of GIScience. The first one immortalized by Luc Anselin in a small NCGIA report, in which he espoused the notion that Spatial is Special, using arguments that highlight the special nature of spatial data in statistics. The second is a widely held belief, not attributable to a particular author but strongly argued for by the author of these lines that geography cannot be approximated by geometry; i.e., that in GIScience, we should not separate geometries from attributes and that they form as much a logical unit as do the two or three components of a coordinate.

These two tenets were not always accepted by all the disciplines that contributed to the emergence of the field that we now know as GIScience. The surveying communities in Europe especially struggled with this synthetic perspective as, for many years, it was just too hard to capture the complexities of geographic phenomena and there was an aversion against the perceived softness of geography compared to the hard science that surveying engineering purported to be.[...]

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