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Date: Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017
SES 1.3: Additive Manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Dong-Won Kim

156. Transient thermo-mechanical modelling of stress evolution and re-melt volume fraction in electron beam additive manufacturing process

Rani Kasinathan Adhitan, Nagarajan Raghavan

127. Filament Temperature Dynamics in Fused Deposition Modelling and Outlook for Control

David Pollard, Carwyn Ward, Guido Herrmann, Julie Etches

372. A design strategy based on topology optimization techniques for an additive manufactured high performance engine piston

Saverio Giulio Barbieri, Matteo Giacopini, Valerio Mangeruga, Sara Mantovani

10. Optimisation of Additive Manufactured Sand Printed Mould Material for Aluminium Castings

Philip Hackney, Richard Wooldridge

385. Cost modelling and sensitivity analysis of wire and arc additive manufacturing

Chloe Rose Cunningham, Sondre Wikshåland, Fangda Xu, Alborz Shokrani, Vimal Dhokia, Stephen Newman

SES 2.3: Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Cristovao Silva

50. Applying Looks-Like Analysis and Bass Diffusion Model Techniques to Forecast a Neurostimulator Device with No Historical Data

Farnaz Ganjeizadeh, Howard Lei, Preetpal Goraya, Erik Olivar

9. Assessment of air cargo airlines: An interpretive structural modeling approach

Aman Gupta, Robert Walton

7. Improving Road Transport Operations using Lean Thinking

Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Juan Sebastian Beltran Forero, Vikas Kumar, Bernardo Villarreal, Miguel Gaston Cedillo-Campos, Luis Rocha-Lona

SES 3.3: Product and Process Design
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Sara Mantovani

30. A Critical Review of Design for Reliability - A bibliometric analysis and identification of research opportunities

Lucas Pagani, Milton Borsato

313. Transforming ETO Businesses with Enhanced PLM Capabilities

Antti Juhani Pulkkinen, Simo-Pekka Leino, Jorma Papinniemi

387. Digital Continuity in Manufacturing

Adriano Garella

Date: Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017
SES 4.3: Collaborative Robotics in Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Pedro Neto

89. Collaborative Robots in E-Waste Management

Esther Álvarez de los Mozos, Arantxa Renteria

78. An AR-based Worker Support System for Human-Robot Collaboration

Hongyi Liu, Lihui Wang

181. Human behavior and hand gesture classification for smart human-robot interaction

Nuno Marques Mendes, João Ferrer, João Vitorino, Mohammad Safeea, Pedro Neto

SES 5.3: Collaborative Robotics in Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Pedro Neto

87. Safeguarding and supporting future manufacturing processes by a projection- and camera-based technology

Christian Vogel, Christoph Walter, Norbert Elkmann

88. Safeguarding collaborative mobile manipulators - Evaluation of the VALERI workspace monitoring system

José Saenz, Christian Vogel, Felix Penzlin, Norbert Elkmann

160. A Skill-based Robot Co-Worker for Industrial Maintenance Tasks

Paul Jakob Koch, Marike Koch van Amstel, Partycja Dębska, Moritz Alexander Thormann, Adrian Johannes Tetzlaff, Simon Bøgh, Dimitrios Chrysostomou

182. Minimum distance calculation for safe human robot interaction

Mohammad Safeea, Nuno Mendes, Pedro Neto

209. Interactive simulation of human-robot collaboration using a force feedback device

Uwe Dombrowski, Tobias Stefanak, Jerome Perret

SES 6.3: Manufacturing Process and Technology
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Francisco J. G. Silva

76. On the feasibility of determining the Heat Transfer Coefficient in casting simulations by Genetic Algorithms

Anastasia Vasileiou, George-Christopher Vosniakos, Dimitrios Pantelis

98. Optimization of high pressure die casting process regarding small parts in zamak alloys

Helder Alexandre Pinto, Francisco J. G. Silva

115. Analytical cost estimation model in High Pressure Die Casting

Claudio Favi, Michele Germani, Marco Mandolini

171. Hot forging operations of brass chips for material reclamation after machining operations

Jakob Johansson, Lisa Ivarsson, Jan-Eric Ståhl, Volodymyr Bushlya, Fredrik Schultheiss

SES 7.3: Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Michele Gadaleta

375. PRM Based Motion Planning for Sequencing of Remote Laser Processing Tasks

Sigurd Lazic VIllumsen, Morten Kristiansen

220. Automatic Path Planning of Industrial Robots Comparing Sampling-Based and Computational Intelligence Methods

Lars Larsen, Jonghwa Kim, Michael Kupke, Alfons Schuster

260. Theoretical and Kinematic Solution of High Reconfigurable Grasping for Industrial Manufacturing

Carlo Canali, Nahian Rahman, Fei Chen, Mariapaola D’imperio, Darwin Caldwell, Ferdinando Cannella

386. A Simulation Tool for Computing Energy Optimal Motion Parameters of Industrial Robots

Michele Gadaleta, Giovanni Berselli, Marcello Pellicciari, Mario Sposato

Date: Thursday, 29/Jun/2017
SES 8.3: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Dusan Sormaz

105. Simulation based Validation of Effects through ICT enabled Real-Time-Capability in Production Planning: an Example from Engineer-to-Order Plant Building Industry

Patrick Dallasega, Rafael A. Rojas C., Erwin Rauch, Dominik T. Matt

333. Trustworthiness Requirements for Manufacturing Cyber-Physical Systems

Radu Babiceanu, Remzi Seker

254. Virtual commissioning of camera-based quality assurance systems for mixed model assembly lines

Nils Piero, Michael Schmitt

SES 9.3: Human-centred manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Margherita Peruzzini

19. The benefits of human-centred design in industrial practices: re-design of workstations in pipe industry

Margherita Peruzzini, Stefano Carassai, Marcello Pellicciari

72. Investigation into the applicability of a passive upper-limb exoskeleton in automotive industry

Stefania Spada, Lidia Ghibaudo, Silvia Gilotta, Laura Gastaldi, Maria Pia Cavatorta

77. On immersive Virtual Environments for assessing human-driven assembly of large mechanical parts

George-Christopher Vosniakos, Julie Deville, Elias Matsas

102. The comparison study of different operator support tools for assembly task in the era of global production

Liang Gong, Dan Li, Sandra Mattsson, Magnus Åkerman, Åsa Fasth Berglund

218. A multipath methodology to link ergonomics, safety and efficiency in factories

Maura Mengoni, Marco Matteucci, Damiano Raponi

SES 10.3: Lean and Agile Manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: F. Frank Chen

302. Application of Lean Production Principles and Tools for Quality Improvement of Productive Processes in a Carton Company

Cristina Roriz, Eusébio Nunes, Sergio Sousa

40. Lean manufacturing applied to metallic wire rope assembly lines for automotive industry

Maria Conceição Rosa, Francisco J. G. Silva, Luís Pinto Ferreira

2. Lean Production Training for the Manufacturing Industry: Experiences from Karlstad Lean Factory

Leo J. De Vin, Lasse Jacobsson, Janerik Odhe, Anders Wickberg

173. Interdependencies of Industrie 4.0 & Lean Production Systems – a use cases analysis

Uwe Dombrowski, Thomas Richter, Philipp Krenkel

57. Lean information and communication tool to connect shop and top floor in small and medium-sized enterprises

Rainer Müller, Matthias Vette, Leenhard Hörauf, Christoph Speicher, Dirk Burkhard

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