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Date: Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017
SES 1.6: Manufacturing Process and Technology
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: George-Christopher Vosniakos

49. Minimizing the springback effect in dual-phase steel parts by Finite Elements Method

Tiago Resende Gomes, Francisco J. G. Silva, Raul D. S. G. Campilho

52. Selection of Force Creation Method for Press Forming Machinery

Jarno Tolvanen, Ville Leminen, Panu Tanninen, Juha Varis, Sami Matthews

15. A cross wedge rolling process for forming 70 mm diameter balls from heads of scrap railway rails

Zbigniew Pater, Janusz Tomczak, Tomasz Bulzak

290. Hybrid Cooling and Lubricating Technology for CNC Milling of Inconel 718 Nickel Alloy

Alborz Shokrani, Vimal Dhokia, Stephen T Newman

SES 2.6: Reliability and Predictive Maintenance
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Munir Ahmad

297. Preventive maintenance decisions through maintenance optimization models: a case study

Sandrina Vilarinho, Isabel Lopes, José A. Oliveira

258. Research on Reliability Modeling of CNC System Based on Association Rule Mining

Guangpeng Liu, Chong Peng

213. Effect of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch of solder joint materials in photovoltaic (PV) modules operating in elevated temperature climate on the joint’s damage

Osarumen Ogbomo, Emeka H. Amalu, N.N Ekere, P. O. Olagbegi

110. A conceptual framework of knowledge conciliation to decision making support in RCM deployment

Flávio Piechnicki, Eduardo De Freitas Rocha Loures, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos

SES 3.6: Quality engineering and management
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Paul-Eric Dossou

204. Cost effective quality assessment in industrial parts manufacturing via optical acquisition

Francesco Malapelle, Diego Dall'Alba, Denis Dalla Fontana, Ivano Dall’alba, Paolo Fiorini, Riccardo Muradore

309. Solving quality problems in tire production preparation process: a practical approach

Bruno Miguel Amorim Barbosa, Maria Teresa Pereira, Francisco G. Silva, Raul Campilho

149. Reliable and flexible Quality Management Systems in the automotive industry: monitor the context and change effectively

Luis Miguel Fonseca, Jose Pedro Domingues

Date: Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017
SES 4.6: Manufacturing Process and Technology
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Ronny Miguel Gouveia

175. Throughput Rate Improvement in Multiproduct Assembly Line Using Lean and Simulation Modeling and Analysis

Mahmoud Nagi, F. Frank Chen, Hung-da Wan

71. The architecture of system for CNC machine tool programming

Jan Duda, Janusz Pobozniak

276. Manufacturing parameters optimization in a textile dyeing process

I-Hsuan Hong, Zixin Shen, Sheng-Chieh Chen, Argon Chen, Kun-Cheng Tsai, Yu-Tong Li

SES 5.6: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Dusan Sormaz

79. Modelling supply chain performance

Paul-Eric Dossou, Meriem Nachidi

159. Location Independent Manufacturing – Software solution for supply chain

Merja Peltokoski, Jarno Volotinen, Mika Lohtander

310. An integrated logistics concept for a modular assembly system

Wolfgang Kern, Hannes Lämmermann, Thomas Bauernhansl

365. Modeling a Leagility Index for Supply Chain Sustenance

Arnab Banerjee, Farnaz Ganjeizadeh

37. The Impact of Supply Chain Integration on Performance: Evidence from the UK Food Sector

Vikas Kumar, Esinaulo Nwakama Chibuzo, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Archana Kumari, Luis Roch-Lona, Gabriela Citlalli Lopez-Torres

SES 6.6: Product and Process Design
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Serena Graziosi

380. Influence of manufacturing constraints on the topology optimization of a high performance automotive dashboard.

Sara Mantovani, Ignazio Lo Presti, Luca Cavazzoni, Andrea Baldini

381. A Practical Method for Determining the Pseudo-Rigid-Body Parameters of Spatial Compliant Mechanisms via CAE Tools

Pietro Bilancia, Giovanni Berselli, Luca Bruzzone, Pietro Fanghella

93. Self-aware Smart Products: Systematic Literature Review, Conceptual Design and Prototype Implementation

Marcelo Feliciano Filho, Yongxin Liao, Eduardo Rocha Loures, Osiris Canciglieri Junior

176. Designing for Metal Additive Manufacturing: a case study in the professional sports equipment field

Serena Graziosi, Francesco Rosa, Riccardo Casati, Pietro Solarino, Maurizio Vedani, Monica Bordegoni

SES 7.6: Product and Process Design
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Luca Di Angelo

39. Redesigning barrier mechanism for railway applications

Gonçalo Marques, Fra Silva

315. Comparison of commonly used sail cloths through photogrammetric acquisitions, experimental tests and numerical aerodynamic simulations

Michele Calì, Salvatore Massimo Oliveri, Antonio Gloria, Massimo Martorelli, Domenico Speranza

48. Optimising a specific tool for electrical terminals crimping process

Tiago A. M. Castro, Francisco J. G. Silva, Raul D. S. G. Campilho

65. Investigation on the industrial design approach for CNC machine tools and its implementation and application perspectives

Xihui Yang, Kai Cheng

Date: Thursday, 29/Jun/2017
SES 8.6: Digital Product and Process Development
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Francesco Ferrise

191. A Stereo-Panoramic Telepresence System for Construction Machine

Paolo Tripicchio, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Paolo Gasparello, Shingo Eguchi, Junya Kusuno, Masaki Yamada, Alfredo Argiolas, Marta Niccolini, Matteo Ragaglia, Carlo Alberto Avizzano

113. Semi-automatic Design for Disassembly strategy planning: an Augmented Reality approach

Francesco Osti, Alessandro Ceruti, Alfredo Liverani, Gianni Caligiana

221. VR-based Product Personalisation Process for Smart Products

Yuan Lin, Shiqiang Yu, Pai Zheng, Liming Qiu, Yuanbin Wang, Xun Xu

SES 9.6: 3D reverse engineering
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Lapo Governi

234. Optical touch probe for the inspection of mechanical components

Sandro Barone, Paolo Neri, Alessandro Paoli, Armando Viviano Razionale

235. Digital Image Correlation based on projected pattern for high frequency vibration measurements

Sandro Barone, Paolo Neri, Alessandro Paoli, Armando Viviano Razionale

262. Fast and low cost acquisition and reconstruction system for human hand-wrist-arm anatomy

Monica Carfagni, Rocco Furferi, Lapo Governi, Michaela Servi, Francesca Uccheddu, Yary Volpe, Kathleen Mcgreevy

321. Enhancing porcelain whiteware quality assessment by means of Reverse Engineering-based procedures

Rocco Furferi, Luca Ganugi, Stefano Giurgola, Lapo Governi, Luca Puggelli, Yary Volpe


Luca Di Angelo, Paolo Di Stefano, Caterina Pane

SES 10.6: AR Applications in Industry 4.0
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Antonello Uva

177. From paper manual to AR manual: do we still need text?

Michele Gattullo, Antonio E. Uva, Michele Fiorentino, Giulia Wally Scurati, Francesco Ferrise

147. Human-machine collaboration in virtual reality for adaptive production engineering

Andrea de Giorgio, Mario Romero, Mauro Onori, Lihui Wang

165. Review of socio-technical considerations to ensure successful implementation of Industry 4.0

Robert Stephen Davies, Tim Coole, Alistair Smith

172. Supporting remote maintenance in industry 4.0 through augmented reality

Riccardo Masoni, Francesco Ferrise, Monica Bordegoni, Michele Gattullo, Antonio Emmanuele Uva, Michele Fiorentino, Ernesto Carrabba, Michele Di Donato

367. The Challenge of Introducing AR in Industry - Results of a Participative Process Involving Maintenance Engineers

Fabian Quint, Frieder Loch, Patrick Bertram

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