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Date: Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017
SES 1.5: Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Michele Gadaleta

95. How to Deploy a Wire with a Robotic Platform: Learning from Human Visual Demonstrations

Francesca Stival, Stefano Michieletto, Enrico Pagello

226. Autonomous Manufacturing of Composite Parts by a Multi-Robot System

Alfons Schuster, Michael Kupke, Lars Larsen

44. Offline CAD-based robot programming and welding parametrization of a flexible and adaptive robotic cell using enriched CAD/CAM system for shipbuilding

Lucía Alonso Ferreira, Yago Luis Lapido Figueira, Isidro Roberto Fernández Iglesias, Manuel Álvarez Souto

296. Semantic modelling of hybrid controllers for robotic cells

Mathias Haage, Jacek Malec, Anders Nilsson, Maj Stenmark, Elin Anna Topp

36. A New Model of Modular Automation Programming in Changeable Manufacturing Systems

Tarek Al-Geddawy

SES 2.5: Digital Product and Process Development
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Francisco J. G. Silva

299. Design procedure to develop dashboards aimed at improving the performance of productive equipment and processes

Sandrina Vilarinho, Isabel Lopes, Sérgio Sousa

366. A generic decision support tool to planning and assignment problems: Industrial application & Industry 4.0

Nathalie Klement, Cristovao Silva, Olivier Gibaru

288. Engineering Change Management Data analysis from the perspective of Information Quality

Lauri Tapio Jokinen, Ville Vainio, Antti Pulkkinen

267. Proposal for the representation of mechanical and motion control schematics, MMCS

Julio Garrido Campos, David Santos Esterán

SES 3.5: Reliability and Predictive Maintenance
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Michele Calì

3. Decentralized Data Analytics for Maintenance in Industry 4.0

Eckart Uhlmann, Abdelhakim Laghmouchi, Claudio Geisert, Eckhard Hohwieler

100. Mining shop-floor data for preventive maintenance management: integrating probabilistic and predictive models

Edson Ruschel, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos, Eduardo de Freitas Rocha Loures

236. Data mining and machine learning for condition-based maintenance

Riccardo Accorsi, Riccardo Manzini, Pietro Pascarella, Marco Patella, Simone Sassi

Date: Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017
SES 4.5: Zero Defect Manufacturing
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Yi-Chi Wang

312. Dust in lacquer, evidence of deviation of process in production lines for spray painting

Tiago Ascenção, Teresa Pereira, Francisco Silva

348. Towards robust early stage data and knowledge-based inference engine to support zero-defect strategies in manufacturing environments

Thanasis Vafeiadis, Dimosthenis Ioannidis, Constantinos Ziazios, Ifigeneia Metaxa, Dimitrios Tzovaras

356. An exploratory study on the automated sorting of commingled recyclable domestic waste

Dilan Bonello, Michael Saliba, Kenneth Camilleri

SES 5.5: Sustainable Manufacturing
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Munir Ahmad

21. Key Performance Indicators for Sustainable production Evaluation in Oil and gas sector

Redha Mahoumd Elhuni, Munir Ahmad

164. Use of Design Structure Matrix for Analysis of Critical Barriers in Implementing Eco-design Initiatives in Pulp and Paper Industry

Shqipe Buzuku, Andrzej Kraslawski

58. Using Indicators to Measure Sustainable Resource Management at a Company level – polish case study in recycling sector

Monika Kosacka, Karolina Werner-Lewandowska

215. Measuring Business Sustainability Maturity-Levels and Best Practices

Itzel Donaji Meza-Ruiz, Luis Rocha-Lona, Maria Del Rocio Soto-Flores, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Gabriella Citlali López-Torres, Vikas Kumar

325. Understanding the Relationship between Stakeholder Pressure and Sustainability Performance in Manufacturing Firms in Pakistan

Usama Awan, Andrzej Kraslawski, Janne Huiskonen

SES 6.5: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Luca Pazzi

75. An embedded database technology perspective in cyber-physical production systems

Andrea Bonci, Massimiliano Pirani, Sauro Longhi

1. Context related information provision in Industry 4.0 environments

Hendrik Unger, Frank Börner, Egon Müller

355. From the Internet of Things to Cyber-Physical Systems: the Holonic Perspective

Luca Pazzi, Marcello Pellicciari

SES 7.5: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Americo Lopes Azevedo

319. Development of IOT-based Reconfigurable Manufacturing System to solve Reconfiguration Planning Problem

Kezia Amanda Kurniadi, Kwangyeol Ryu

17. Benchmarking of tools for User eXperience analysis in Industry 4.0

Margherita Peruzzini, Fabio Grandi, Marcello Pellicciari

306. An application of Industry 4.0 to the production of packaging films

Pierpaolo Caricato, Antonio Grieco

203. An Industry 4.0 case study in fashion manufacturing

Antonio Grieco, Pierpaolo Caricato, Doriana Gianfreda, Matteo Pesce, Valeria Rigon, Luca Tregnaghi, Adriano Voglino

Date: Thursday, 29/Jun/2017
SES 8.5: Manufacturing Process and Technology
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Dong-Won Kim

196. Assessment of Commonly Used Tool Life Models in Metal Cutting

Daniel Johansson, Sören Hägglund, Volodymyr Bushlya, Jan-Eric Ståhl

8. Too sharp for its own good – Tool edge deformation mechanisms in the initial stages of metal cutting

Sampsa Vili Antero Laakso, Tao Zhao, Mathias Agmell, Andrewk Hrechuk, Jan-Eric Ståhl

153. Machinability of Cobalt-based and Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum Alloys - A Review

Hainol Akbar Zaman, Safian Sharif, Dong-Won Kim, Mohd Hasbullah Idris, Mohd Azlan Suhaimi, Z. Tumurkhuyag

SES 9.5: Additive Manufacturing
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Massimo Martorelli

308. Design for Automation: The Rapid Fixture Approach

Ruben Förstmann, Johannes Wagner, Kai Kreisköther, Achim Kampker, Dennis Busch

140. Print-in-Place of Interconnected Deformable and Rigid Parts of Articulated Systems

Francesco Rosa, Monica Bordegoni, Andrea Dentelli, Alessandro Sanzone, Andrea Sotgiu

245. Impact of Merging Components by Additive Manufacturing in Spare Parts Management

Milad Ashour Pour, Simone Zanoni

133. The Role of Additive Manufacturing in the Era of Industry 4.0

Mecid Ugur Dilberoglu, Bahar Gharehpapagh, Ulas Yaman, Melik Dolen

70. A New Method for Generating Image Projections in DLP-type 3D Printer Systems

Ulas Yaman, Melik Dolen, Mecid Ugur Dilberoglu, Bahar Gharehpapagh

SES 10.5: Training, Education and Innovation
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Barbara Motyl

174. Training advanced skills for sustainable manufacturing: A digital serious game

Stefano Perini, Rossella Luglietti, Maria Margoudi, Manuel Oliveira, Marco Taisch

142. How will change the future engineers' skills in the Industry 4.0 framework? A questionnaire survey

Barbara Motyl, Gabriele Baronio, Stefano Uberti, Domenico Speranza, Stefano Filippi

166. On the evolution of regional efficiency potentials

Benjamin Kuch, Engelbert Westkämper

136. Competence Center for the Digital Transformation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Egon Müller, Hendrik Hopf

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