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Date: Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017
SES 1.4: ICT-enabled technologies in Smart Factories
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Paolo Pedrazzoli

244. Structure approach to the design of automation systems through the IEC-61499 standard

Mauro Mazzolini, Franco Cavadini, Giuseppe Montalbano, Andrea Forni

272. Development a modular factory with modular software components

Jay Jumyung Um, Klaus Fischer, Torsten Spieldenner, Dennis Kolberg

273. A microservice-based middleware for the digital factory

Michele Ciavotta, Marino Alge, Silvia Menato, Diego Rovere, Paolo Pedrazzoli

275. A review of the roles of Digital Twin in CPS-based production systems

Elisa Negri, Luca Fumagalli, Marco Macchi

377. Manufacturing System Upgrade with Wireless and Distributed Automation

Laura Grohn, Samuli Metsälä, Magnus Nyholm, Lauri Saikko, Eero Väänänen, Kashif Gulzar, Valeriy Vyatkin

SES 2.4: Lean and Agile Manufacturing
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: F. Frank Chen

27. Efficiency assessment of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Ignacio Eguia Salinas, Gabriel Villa, Sebastián Lozano

91. Capability matchmaking procedure to support rapid configuration and re-configuration of production systems

Eeva Maria Järvenpää, Niko Siltala, Otto Hylli, Minna Lanz

326. The development of simulation model for self-reconfigurable manufacturing system considering sustainability factors

Sang il Lee, Kwangyeol Ryu, Moonsoo Shin

357. Towards practical guidelines for conversion from a fixed to a reconfigurable manufacturing automation system

Alan Coppini, Michael Saliba

SES 3.4: Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Teresa Pereira

237. A TCO model for supporting the investment analysis of industrial plants

Marco Mandolini, Eugenia Marilungo, Michele Germani

243. Applications’ Integration and Operation Platform to Support Smart Manufacturing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Chanmo Jun, Ju Yeon Lee, Joo-Sung Yoon, Bo Hyun Kim

80. Organizational Performance and Indicators: Trends and Opportunities

Fernanda Antunes Silva, Milton Borsato

Date: Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017
SES 4.4: Quality engineering and management
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Paul-Eric Dossou

259. Application of SPC and quality tools for process improvement

Sérgio Dinis Sousa, Nuno Rodrigues, Eusébio Nunes

108. Computer Aided Inspection procedures to support Smart Manufacturing of injection molded components

Michele Bici, Giovanni B. Broggiato, Francesca Campana, Alessandro Dughiero

131. Design for Inspection - Evaluating the Inspectability of Aerospace Components in the Early Stages of Design

Roland Stolt, Fredrik Elgh, Petter Andersson

SES 5.4: Digital Product and Process Development
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Marco Mandolini

193. Multi-criteria classification for spare parts management: a case study

Isabel Lopes, Catarina Teixeira, Manuel Figueiredo

342. Analysis of the requirements of an early life-cycle cost estimation tool: an industrial survey

Andrea Savoretti, Marco Mandolini, Roberto Raffaeli, Michele Germani

53. A Hybrid Transport Concept for the Material Supply of a Modular Manufacturing Environment

Michael Scholz, Jörg Franke, Mario Serno, Peter Schuderer

369. Extension of STEP-NC data structure to represent manufacturing process structure in CAPP system

Janusz Pobozniak, Sergiusz Sobieski

266. Weldability Knowledge Visualization of Resistance Spot Welded Assembly Design

Md Tarique Hasan Khan, Fahim Ahmed, Kyoung-Yun Kim

SES 6.4: Engineering Collaboration for Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Roberto Raffaeli

121. High frequency and radicality of product innovation and high flexibility and agility of system of manufacturing: Towards the Smart Factories

Martins Oliveira

291. The application of reference ontologies for semantic interoperability in an integrated product development process in smart factories

Anderson Luis Szejka, Osiris Canciglieri Junior

360. Design and Analysis of Tungsten Carbide Sludge Removal Machine for Maintenance Department in Cutting Tool Manufacturer

Syahmi Shahar, Noor Azlina Mohd Salleh

353. A Novel Concept Of Production And Assembly Processes Integration

Bruno Miguel Moreira, Ronny Miguel Gouveia, Francisco Silva, Raul Campilho

SES 7.4: Data Analytics in Manufacturing and Services
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Mika Lohtander

86. Advanced use of data as an enabler for adaptive production control using mathematical optimization – an application of Industry 4.0 principles

Johan Vallhagen, Torgny Almgren, Karin Thörnblad

378. How to support storage process in dismantling facility with IT solutions? – case study

Izabela Kudelska, Monika Kosacka, Karolina Werner- Lewandowska

358. BigBench workload executed by using Apache Flink

Sonia Bergamaschi, Luca Gagliardelli, Giovanni Simonini, Song Zhu

32. Smart Data Hub: Retrofit solution to acquire process-inherent knowledge

Dennis Cüneyt Bakir, Tobias Feickert, Robin Bakir

Date: Thursday, 29/Jun/2017
SES 8.4: Risk Management
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Chike F Oduoza

307. Framework for Risk Management Software System for SMEs in the Engineering Construction Sector

Chike F Oduoza, Nengi Odimabo, Alexios Tamparopoulos

304. Aspects of Risk Management Implementation for Industry 4.0

Jiri Tupa, Jan Simota, Frantisek Steiner

5. Operational Hedging and Coordination in Prefabrication Construction Industry

Yue Zhai, George Huang

SES 9.4: Sustainable Manufacturing
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Yi-Chi Wang

373. Simulating a Semiconductor Packaging Facility: Sustainable Strategies and Short-time Evidences

Yi-Chi Wang, Tin-Chih Chen, Li-Chih Wang

277. Optimization of energy efficiency of a production site: a tool for a fast data acquisition

Ivan Meo, Alessandra Papetti, Fabio Gregori, Michele Germani

4. Smart Life Cycle Monitoring for Sustainable Maintenance and Production – an example for Selective Laser Melting machine

Eckart Uhlmann, Rodrigo Pastl Pontes, Abdelhakim Laghmouchi, Claudio Geisert, Eckhard Hohwieler

370. The effect of forklift driver behavior on energy consumption and productivity

Abdulhameed Al-Shaebi, Nourma Khader, Husam Dauod, Joseph Weiss, Sang Won Yoon

122. Energy Usage Analysis of Carbide End Mills on AISI 1045 Steel

Oscar Velásquez Arriaza, Besmir Cuka, Jong-Young Lee, Dong-Won Kim

SES 10.4: Engineering Collaboration for Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Josip Stjepandic

250. Purchasing Management: The Optimisation of Product Variance

Christian Josef Uhl, Farhad Nabhani, Florian Kauf, Alireza Shokri, David Hughes

143. Advances in 3D Measurement Data Management for Industry 4.0

Christian Emmer, Kai-Henry Glaesner, Alain Pfouga, Josip Stjepandic

144. Agile Digitale Transformation of Enterprise Architecture Models in Engineering Collaboration

Sergej Bondar, John C. Hsu, Alain Pfouga, Josip Stjepandic

216. The role of business relationships in new product development. The case of Antrox-Nel Design

Maura Mengoni, Andrea Perna, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Luca Giraldi

217. Opportunities Assessment of Product Development Process in Industry 4.0

Kassio Santos, Eduardo Loures, Flavio Piechnicki, Osiris Canciglieri

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