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Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 29/Jun/2017
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Location: Complesso San Geminiano
SES 8.1: Permeating lean thinking into value networks: an Asian perspective
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Chair: Koichi Murata

320. On Stability of Supply Performance by Work-In-Progress Management: A Case Analysis of Photovoltaics-based Electricity Supply System with Storage Batteries

Tetsuya Sato, Koichi Murata, Hiroshi Katayama

327. Legend and Future Horizon of Lean Concept and Technology

Hiroshi Katayama

364. Measuring Efficiency and Creativity of NPD quoted by QFD

Koichi Murata

SES 8.2: Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Giovanni Berselli

38. Designing a robotic welding cell for bus body frame using a sustainable way

André Filipe Castro, Manuel F. S. Silva, Francisco J. G. Silva

198. Opportunities for robotic automation in wood product industries: The supplier and system integrators´ perspective

Steffen Andreas Landscheidt, Mirka Kans, Mats Winroth

264. New Motion Control approach for synchronized handling of complex parts

Julio Garrido Campos, David Santos Esterán, Juan Sáez López, José Ignacio Armesto Quiroga

SES 8.3: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Dusan Sormaz

105. Simulation based Validation of Effects through ICT enabled Real-Time-Capability in Production Planning: an Example from Engineer-to-Order Plant Building Industry

Patrick Dallasega, Rafael A. Rojas C., Erwin Rauch, Dominik T. Matt

333. Trustworthiness Requirements for Manufacturing Cyber-Physical Systems

Radu Babiceanu, Remzi Seker

254. Virtual commissioning of camera-based quality assurance systems for mixed model assembly lines

Nils Piero, Michael Schmitt

SES 8.4: Risk Management
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Chike F Oduoza

307. Framework for Risk Management Software System for SMEs in the Engineering Construction Sector

Chike F Oduoza, Nengi Odimabo, Alexios Tamparopoulos

304. Aspects of Risk Management Implementation for Industry 4.0

Jiri Tupa, Jan Simota, Frantisek Steiner

5. Operational Hedging and Coordination in Prefabrication Construction Industry

Yue Zhai, George Huang

SES 8.5: Manufacturing Process and Technology
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Dong-Won Kim

196. Assessment of Commonly Used Tool Life Models in Metal Cutting

Daniel Johansson, Sören Hägglund, Volodymyr Bushlya, Jan-Eric Ståhl

8. Too sharp for its own good – Tool edge deformation mechanisms in the initial stages of metal cutting

Sampsa Vili Antero Laakso, Tao Zhao, Mathias Agmell, Andrewk Hrechuk, Jan-Eric Ståhl

153. Machinability of Cobalt-based and Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum Alloys - A Review

Hainol Akbar Zaman, Safian Sharif, Dong-Won Kim, Mohd Hasbullah Idris, Mohd Azlan Suhaimi, Z. Tumurkhuyag

SES 8.6: Digital Product and Process Development
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Francesco Ferrise

191. A Stereo-Panoramic Telepresence System for Construction Machine

Paolo Tripicchio, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Paolo Gasparello, Shingo Eguchi, Junya Kusuno, Masaki Yamada, Alfredo Argiolas, Marta Niccolini, Matteo Ragaglia, Carlo Alberto Avizzano

113. Semi-automatic Design for Disassembly strategy planning: an Augmented Reality approach

Francesco Osti, Alessandro Ceruti, Alfredo Liverani, Gianni Caligiana

221. VR-based Product Personalisation Process for Smart Products

Yuan Lin, Shiqiang Yu, Pai Zheng, Liming Qiu, Yuanbin Wang, Xun Xu

KEY 5: Keynote Speech 5 (Kok-Meng LEE)
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Physical Field-based Machine Perception for Intelligent Manufacturing
Coffee break
Location: Gallery at first floor
SES 9.1: Robots in AVM
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Chair: Rezia Molfino

278. The SwarmItFix pilot

Keerthi Sagar, Luis De Leonardo, Rezia Molfino, Teresa Zielinska, Cezary Zielinski, Dimiter Zlatanov, Matteo Zoppi

106. AURA: An example of collaborative robot for Automotive and General Industry applications

Francesco Parodi, Gian Paolo Gerio

163. The Robo-Partner EC Project: CRF activities and Automotive Scenarios

Giulio Vivo, Alessandro Zanella, Onder Tokcalar, George Michalos

170. Criteria definition for the identification of HRC use cases in automotive manufacturing

Alessandro Zanella, Alessandro Cisi, Marco Costantino, Massimo Di Pardo, Giorgio Pasquettaz, Giulio Vivo

138. Robotic AM system for plastic materials: tuning and on-line adjustment of process parameters

Paolo Magnoni, Lara Rebaioli, Irene Fassi, Nicola Pedrocchi, Lorenzo Molinari Tosatti

SES 9.2: Collaborative Robotics in Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Pedro Neto

128. Towards shared autonomy for robotic tasks in manufacturing

Andreas Pichler, Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, Markus Ikeda, Michael Hofmann, Matthias Plasch, Christian Wögerer, Gerald Fritz

256. On Autonomous Robotic Cooperation Capabilities Within Factory and Logistic Scenarios

Giuseppe Casalino, Enrico Simetti, Francesco Wanderlingh, Kourosh Darvish, Barbara Bruno, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni

190. Integration of a Skill-based Collaborative Mobile Robot in a Smart Cyber-Physical Environment

Rasmus Andersen, Emil Blixt Hansen, David Cerny, Steffen Madsen, Biranavan Pulendralingam, Simon Bøgh, Dimitrios Chrysostomou

210. 3D metrology using a collaborative robot with a laser triangulation sensor

Gil Boyé De Sousa, Adel Olabi, Jorge Palos, Olivier Gibaru

92. Pose estimation and object tracking using 2D images

Fernando Casado García, Yago Luis Lapido, Diego P. Losada, Alejandro Santana-Alonso

SES 9.3: Human-centred manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Margherita Peruzzini

19. The benefits of human-centred design in industrial practices: re-design of workstations in pipe industry

Margherita Peruzzini, Stefano Carassai, Marcello Pellicciari

72. Investigation into the applicability of a passive upper-limb exoskeleton in automotive industry

Stefania Spada, Lidia Ghibaudo, Silvia Gilotta, Laura Gastaldi, Maria Pia Cavatorta

77. On immersive Virtual Environments for assessing human-driven assembly of large mechanical parts

George-Christopher Vosniakos, Julie Deville, Elias Matsas

102. The comparison study of different operator support tools for assembly task in the era of global production

Liang Gong, Dan Li, Sandra Mattsson, Magnus Åkerman, Åsa Fasth Berglund

218. A multipath methodology to link ergonomics, safety and efficiency in factories

Maura Mengoni, Marco Matteucci, Damiano Raponi

SES 9.4: Sustainable Manufacturing
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Yi-Chi Wang

373. Simulating a Semiconductor Packaging Facility: Sustainable Strategies and Short-time Evidences

Yi-Chi Wang, Tin-Chih Chen, Li-Chih Wang

277. Optimization of energy efficiency of a production site: a tool for a fast data acquisition

Ivan Meo, Alessandra Papetti, Fabio Gregori, Michele Germani

4. Smart Life Cycle Monitoring for Sustainable Maintenance and Production – an example for Selective Laser Melting machine

Eckart Uhlmann, Rodrigo Pastl Pontes, Abdelhakim Laghmouchi, Claudio Geisert, Eckhard Hohwieler

370. The effect of forklift driver behavior on energy consumption and productivity

Abdulhameed Al-Shaebi, Nourma Khader, Husam Dauod, Joseph Weiss, Sang Won Yoon

122. Energy Usage Analysis of Carbide End Mills on AISI 1045 Steel

Oscar Velásquez Arriaza, Besmir Cuka, Jong-Young Lee, Dong-Won Kim

SES 9.5: Additive Manufacturing
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Massimo Martorelli

308. Design for Automation: The Rapid Fixture Approach

Ruben Förstmann, Johannes Wagner, Kai Kreisköther, Achim Kampker, Dennis Busch

140. Print-in-Place of Interconnected Deformable and Rigid Parts of Articulated Systems

Francesco Rosa, Monica Bordegoni, Andrea Dentelli, Alessandro Sanzone, Andrea Sotgiu

245. Impact of Merging Components by Additive Manufacturing in Spare Parts Management

Milad Ashour Pour, Simone Zanoni

133. The Role of Additive Manufacturing in the Era of Industry 4.0

Mecid Ugur Dilberoglu, Bahar Gharehpapagh, Ulas Yaman, Melik Dolen

70. A New Method for Generating Image Projections in DLP-type 3D Printer Systems

Ulas Yaman, Melik Dolen, Mecid Ugur Dilberoglu, Bahar Gharehpapagh

SES 9.6: 3D reverse engineering
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Lapo Governi

234. Optical touch probe for the inspection of mechanical components

Sandro Barone, Paolo Neri, Alessandro Paoli, Armando Viviano Razionale

235. Digital Image Correlation based on projected pattern for high frequency vibration measurements

Sandro Barone, Paolo Neri, Alessandro Paoli, Armando Viviano Razionale

262. Fast and low cost acquisition and reconstruction system for human hand-wrist-arm anatomy

Monica Carfagni, Rocco Furferi, Lapo Governi, Michaela Servi, Francesca Uccheddu, Yary Volpe, Kathleen Mcgreevy

321. Enhancing porcelain whiteware quality assessment by means of Reverse Engineering-based procedures

Rocco Furferi, Luca Ganugi, Stefano Giurgola, Lapo Governi, Luca Puggelli, Yary Volpe


Luca Di Angelo, Paolo Di Stefano, Caterina Pane

Lunch break
Location: Courtyard at ground floor
POSTER: Poster Session
Location: Gallery at first floor

109. Architecture and Implementation of an Interface for Intelligent Tools in Machine Tools

Hendrik Vieler, Armin Lechler, Oliver Riedel

134. Novel method for selection of drive motor in paperboard forming press utilizing multi-dynamics model

Sami Matthews, Panu Tanninen, Amir Esmael Toghyani, Harri Eskelinen, Sami-Seppo Ovaska, Juha Varis, Ville Leminen

137. Data and Information Handling in Assembly Information Systems – A Current State Analysis

Pierre Eric Christian Johansson, Martin O. Enofe, Moritz Schwarzkopf, Lennart Malmsköld, Åsa Fast-Berglund, Lena Moestam

145. Effects of mould surface roughness on press forming process of polymer coated paperboard

Panu Tanninen, Sami Matthews, Ville Leminen, Antti Pesonen, Harri Eskelinen, Juha Varis

16. A theoretical background for the reconfigurable layout problem

Isabela Maganha, Cristóvão Silva

169. Processing of real-time Data in Big Manufacturing Systems

Manfred Benesch, Hellmuth Kubin, Klaus Kabitzsch

66. Modelling Capabilities for Functional Configuration of Part Feeding Equipment

Michael N. Hansson, Eeva Maria Järvenpää, Niko Siltala, Ole Madsen

59. Improving Production Changeovers and the Optimisation: A Simulation-based Virtual Process Approach and its Application Perspectives

Khalid Mustafa, Kai Cheng

384. Particle Size Distribution Estimation Of A Mixture Of Regular And Irregular Sized Particles Using Acoustic Emissions

Ejay Nsugbe, Andrew Starr, Ian Jennions, Cristobal Ruiz Carcel

371. A novel methodology to integrate Manufacturing Execution Systems with the lean manufacturing approach

Gianluca D'Antonio, Joel Sauza Bedolla, Paolo Chiabert

352. Physical Rigging for Physical Models and Posable Joint Designs Based on Additive Manufacturing Technology

Yingtian Li, Yonghua Chen

298. Machining accuracy improvement by compensation of machine and workpiece deformation

Mateusz Wąsik, Arkadiusz Kolka

265. Efficiency & sustainability model to design and manage two-stage logistic networks

Marco Bortolini, Francesco Gabriele Galizia, Cristina Mora

240. Skull Repair Using Active Contour Models

YuCheng Lin, Chen-Yang Cheng, Yi-Wen Cheng, Cheng-Ting Shih

238. Considering the performance bonus balance in the Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows

WanChen Chiang, Chen Yang Cheng

231. Dynamic coordination within a Lean Enterprise

Uwe Dombrowski, Philipp Krenkel, Thomas Richter

230. Development of Hybrid Quality Management System for Construction Equipment Part Industry

Hong Jin Jeong, Bo Hyun Kim, So Young Jung

194. Supporting maintenance scheduling: a case study

Patricia Senra, Isabel Lopes, José A. Oliveira

99. Modeling and Simulation of the Motorcycle’s Lowside Fall

Andrea Bonci, Riccardo De Amicis, Sauro Longhi, Emanuele Lorenzoni

104. The Product Design Information Imaging at the Construction Stage in 3D-model Creation Tree

Denis Tsygankov, Alexander Pokhilko

125. Improving Supply Chain visibility with artificial neural networks

Nathalie Silva, Luis Ferreira, Cristovao Silva, Vanessa Magalhães, Pedro Mariano Neto

202. Investigation of the effect of grinding parameters on surface quality in grinding of TC4 titanium alloy

Zhao Tao, Shi Yaoyao, Sampsa Vili Antero Laakso, Zhou Jinming

293. Reliability assessment of a packaging automatic machine by accelerated life testing approach

Alberto Regattieri, Francesco Piana, Mauro Gamberi, Francesco Gabriele Galizia, Andrea Casto

305. Requirements for Education and Qualification of People in Industry 4.0

Andrea Benešová, Jiri Tupa

324. The level of innovation in SMEs, the determinants of innovation and their contribution to development of value chains

Joanna Oleśków Szłapka, Agnieszka Stachowiak, Aglaya Batz, Marek Fertsch

331. Skeleton-based Generative Modelling method in the context of increasing functionality of virtual product assembly

Andrzej Jalowiecki, Pawel Klusek, Wojciech Skarka

332. The methods of knowledge acquisition in the Product Lifecycle for a Generative Model’s creation process

Andrzej Jalowiecki, Pawel Klusek, Wojciech Skarka

339. Managing collaboration of specialists in various areas – a multidisciplinary approach to human centered design

Ryszard Skoberla, Wojciech Skarka, Katarzyna Jezierska-Krupa

55. Location Independent Manufacturing – Case-based Blue Ocean Strategy.

Mika Lohtander, Antti Aholainen, Jarno Volotinen, Merja Peltokoski, Juho Ratava

SES 10.1: Robots in AVM
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Chair: Giovanni Berselli

139. The WIRES Experiment: Tools and Strategies for Robotized Switchgear Cabling

Maurizio Busi, Andrea Cirillo, Daniele De Gregorio, Maurizio Indovini, Giuseppe De Maria, Claudio Melchiorri, Ciro Natale, Gianluca Palli, Salvatore Pirozzi

195. Towards intelligent autonomous sorting of unclassified nuclear wastes

Andrea Basso, Vasek Hlavak, Jiri Hulka, Michal Jilich, Pavel Krsek, Sotiris Malasiotis, Rezia Molfino, Vladimir Smutny, Libor Wagner, Matteo Zoppi

211. Conceptual Design and Control Strategy of a Robotic Cell for Precision Assembly in Radar Antenna Systems

Riccardo Signore, Stanislao Grazioso, Antonio Fariello, Francesco Murgia, Mario Selvaggio, Giuseppe Di Gironimo

292. Micro-robotic handling solutions for PCB (re-)manufacturing

Serena Ruggeri, Gianmauro Fontana, Vito Basile, Marcello Valori, Irene Fassi

179. Virtual Prototyping of a Flexure-based RCC Device for Automated Assembly

Valerio Vaschieri, Michele Gadaleta, Pietro Bilancia, Giovanni Berselli, Roberto Razzoli

SES 10.2: Production Planning and Scheduling
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Sang Won Yoon

201. Using simulation to analyze picker blocking in manual order picking systems

Behnam Bahrami, El-Houssaine Aghezzaf, Veronique Limere

130. Job shop flow time prediction using neural networks

Cristovao Silva, Vera Ribeiro, Pedro Coelho, Vanessa Magalhaes, Pedro Neto

68. Process planning in Industry 4.0 environment

Maja Trstenjak, Predrag Cosic

96. Mapping the conceptual relationship among data analysis, knowledge generation and decision-making in industrial processes

Cleiton Ferreira dos Santos, Flávio Piechnicki, Eduardo de Freitas Rocha Loures, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos

33. Evolutionary Algorithms for Programming Pneumatic Sequential Circuit Controllers

Sajaysurya Ganesh, Saravana Kumar Gurunathan

SES 10.3: Lean and Agile Manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: F. Frank Chen

302. Application of Lean Production Principles and Tools for Quality Improvement of Productive Processes in a Carton Company

Cristina Roriz, Eusébio Nunes, Sergio Sousa

40. Lean manufacturing applied to metallic wire rope assembly lines for automotive industry

Maria Conceição Rosa, Francisco J. G. Silva, Luís Pinto Ferreira

2. Lean Production Training for the Manufacturing Industry: Experiences from Karlstad Lean Factory

Leo J. De Vin, Lasse Jacobsson, Janerik Odhe, Anders Wickberg

173. Interdependencies of Industrie 4.0 & Lean Production Systems – a use cases analysis

Uwe Dombrowski, Thomas Richter, Philipp Krenkel

57. Lean information and communication tool to connect shop and top floor in small and medium-sized enterprises

Rainer Müller, Matthias Vette, Leenhard Hörauf, Christoph Speicher, Dirk Burkhard

SES 10.4: Engineering Collaboration for Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Josip Stjepandic

250. Purchasing Management: The Optimisation of Product Variance

Christian Josef Uhl, Farhad Nabhani, Florian Kauf, Alireza Shokri, David Hughes

143. Advances in 3D Measurement Data Management for Industry 4.0

Christian Emmer, Kai-Henry Glaesner, Alain Pfouga, Josip Stjepandic

144. Agile Digitale Transformation of Enterprise Architecture Models in Engineering Collaboration

Sergej Bondar, John C. Hsu, Alain Pfouga, Josip Stjepandic

216. The role of business relationships in new product development. The case of Antrox-Nel Design

Maura Mengoni, Andrea Perna, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Luca Giraldi

217. Opportunities Assessment of Product Development Process in Industry 4.0

Kassio Santos, Eduardo Loures, Flavio Piechnicki, Osiris Canciglieri

SES 10.5: Training, Education and Innovation
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Barbara Motyl

174. Training advanced skills for sustainable manufacturing: A digital serious game

Stefano Perini, Rossella Luglietti, Maria Margoudi, Manuel Oliveira, Marco Taisch

142. How will change the future engineers' skills in the Industry 4.0 framework? A questionnaire survey

Barbara Motyl, Gabriele Baronio, Stefano Uberti, Domenico Speranza, Stefano Filippi

166. On the evolution of regional efficiency potentials

Benjamin Kuch, Engelbert Westkämper

136. Competence Center for the Digital Transformation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Egon Müller, Hendrik Hopf

SES 10.6: AR Applications in Industry 4.0
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Antonello Uva

177. From paper manual to AR manual: do we still need text?

Michele Gattullo, Antonio E. Uva, Michele Fiorentino, Giulia Wally Scurati, Francesco Ferrise

147. Human-machine collaboration in virtual reality for adaptive production engineering

Andrea de Giorgio, Mario Romero, Mauro Onori, Lihui Wang

165. Review of socio-technical considerations to ensure successful implementation of Industry 4.0

Robert Stephen Davies, Tim Coole, Alistair Smith

172. Supporting remote maintenance in industry 4.0 through augmented reality

Riccardo Masoni, Francesco Ferrise, Monica Bordegoni, Michele Gattullo, Antonio Emmanuele Uva, Michele Fiorentino, Ernesto Carrabba, Michele Di Donato

367. The Challenge of Introducing AR in Industry - Results of a Participative Process Involving Maintenance Engineers

Fabian Quint, Frieder Loch, Patrick Bertram

Location: Aula S (first floor)
Closing Ceremony
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Marcello Pellicciari
Chair: Margherita Peruzzini
GALA DINNER and Awards Ceremony
Location: Corte di Villa Spalletti
A shuttle bus service accompanying to the dinner place is included. Meeting Point:
Largo Garibaldi 15 - Modena, in front of Storchi Theater (see the map on, h 7.15 (PM)

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