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Date: Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017
SES 1.2: Production Planning and Scheduling
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Sang Won Yoon

129. Solving a multi-periods job-shop scheduling problem using a generic decision support tool

Cristovao Silva, Nathalie Klement

29. A cardinality-constrained approach for robust machine loading problems

Giovanni Lugaresi, Ettore Lanzarone, Nicla Frigerio, Andrea Matta

330. Hierarchical Sequencing of Operations with Consideration of Setups

Mayur Wakhare, Dusan Sormaz

222. Improving the Efficiency of Large Manufacturing Assembly Plants

David Sly, Michael Helwig, Guiping Hu

189. A Heuristic Algorithm to Balance Workloads of High-Speed SMT Machines in a PCB Assembly Line

Tian He, Debiao Li, Sang Won Yoon

SES 2.2: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Michele Ciavotta

232. Internet-of-Things paradigm in food supply chains control and management

Riccardo Accorsi, Marco Bortolini, Giulia Baruffaldi, Francesco Pilati, Emilio Ferrari

219. A Wireless Intelligent Network for Industrial Control

Mohammad Gholami, Mohammed Salem Taboun, Robert Brennan

43. Enabling Connectivity of Cyber Physical Production Systems: A Conceptual Framework

Rafael A. Rojas C., Erwin Rauch, Renato Vidoni, Dominik T. Matt

337. Process monitoring technology based on virtual machining

Eun-Young Heo, Hikoan Lee, Cheol-Soo Lee, Dong-Won Kim, Dong Yoon Lee

SES 3.2: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Osiris Canciglieri Junior

107. Mini-factories for close-to-customer manufacturing of customized furniture: from concept to real demo

Andrea Francesco Barni, Donatella Corti, Paolo Pedrazzoli, Diego Rovere, Giuseppe Lucisano

241. Integration and deployment of an industrial architecture for the PERFoRM project

Giacomo Angione, José Barbosa, Frederik Gosewehr, Paulo Leitao, Daniele Massa, João Matos, Ricardo Silva Peres, André Dionisio Rocha, Jeffrey Wermann

374. A framework of a smart injection molding system based on real-time data

Hwaseop Lee, Kwangyeol Ryu, Youngju Cho

Date: Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017
SES 4.2: Production Planning and Scheduling
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Sang Won Yoon

363. Decision trees for supervised multi-criteria inventory classification

Francesco Lolli, Alessio Ishizaka, Rita Gamberini, Elia Balugani, Bianca Rimini

338. An efficient order-picking route planning based on a fuzzy set method with a multiple-aisle in a distribution center

Teng-Sheng Su, Ming-Hon Hwang

167. Real-Time Dispenser Replenishment Robust Optimization Based on Receding Horizon Control

Husam Dauod, Haifeng Wang, Nourma Khader, Sang Won Yoon, Krishnaswami Srihari

SES 5.2: Production Planning and Scheduling
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Rita Gamberini

132. A New Performance Indicator of Material Flow for Production Systems

Chi-Shuan Liu, Luo-Yan Lin, Ming-Chih Chen, Horng-Chyi Horng

251. A framework for task sequencing for redundant robotic remote laser processing equipment based on redundancy space sampling

Sigurd Lazic VIllumsen, Morten Kristiansen

382. Balanced Adaptive Tabu Search Algorithm to Optimize Dual-Gantry Pick-and-Place Assembly

Debiao Li, Rui Qiang, Sang Won Yoon

214. Stencil printing optimization using a hybrid of support vector regression and mixed-integer linear programming

Nourma Khader, Sang Won Yoon, Debiao Li


Rita Gamberini, Luca Galloni, Francesco Lolli, Bianca Rimini

SES 6.2: Digital Product and Process Development
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Mika Lohtander

120. A Cloud-based Kanban Decision Support System for Resource Scheduling & Management

Krishnan Krishnaiyer, F. Frank Chen

11. Hybrid simulation for complex manufacturing value-chain environments

Cátia Sofia Rodrigues Barbosa, Americo Azevedo

90. New Approaches for the Determination of Specific Values for Process Models in Machining Using Artificial Neural Networks

Frank Arnold, Albrecht Hähnel, Andreas Nestler, Alexander Brosius

229. The Evaluation of Resonance Frequency for Piezoelectric Transducers by Machine Learning Methods

Fengming Chang

SES 7.2: Production Planning and Scheduling
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Esther Álvarez de los Mozos

118. Considering the Effects of Pre-Set Service Level and Actual Service Level in a Safety-Stock Based SPIRP

Ehsan Yadollahi, El-Houssaine Aghezzaf, Joris Walraevens, Birger Raa

41. Evaluation of the effect of product demand uncertainty on manufacturing system selection

Ana Vafadarshamasbi, Majid Tolouei-Rad, Kevin Hayward

345. Efficient machine layout design method with a fuzzy set theory within a bay in a TFT-LCD plant

Teng-Sheng Su, Ming-Hon Hwang

314. Evaluation of interoperability between automation systems using multi-criteria methods

Maicon Saturno, Luiz Felipe Pierin Ramos, Fabricio Polato, Fernando Deschamps, Eduardo de Freitas Rocha Loures

Date: Thursday, 29/Jun/2017
SES 8.2: Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Giovanni Berselli

38. Designing a robotic welding cell for bus body frame using a sustainable way

André Filipe Castro, Manuel F. S. Silva, Francisco J. G. Silva

198. Opportunities for robotic automation in wood product industries: The supplier and system integrators´ perspective

Steffen Andreas Landscheidt, Mirka Kans, Mats Winroth

264. New Motion Control approach for synchronized handling of complex parts

Julio Garrido Campos, David Santos Esterán, Juan Sáez López, José Ignacio Armesto Quiroga

SES 9.2: Collaborative Robotics in Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Pedro Neto

128. Towards shared autonomy for robotic tasks in manufacturing

Andreas Pichler, Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, Markus Ikeda, Michael Hofmann, Matthias Plasch, Christian Wögerer, Gerald Fritz

256. On Autonomous Robotic Cooperation Capabilities Within Factory and Logistic Scenarios

Giuseppe Casalino, Enrico Simetti, Francesco Wanderlingh, Kourosh Darvish, Barbara Bruno, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni

190. Integration of a Skill-based Collaborative Mobile Robot in a Smart Cyber-Physical Environment

Rasmus Andersen, Emil Blixt Hansen, David Cerny, Steffen Madsen, Biranavan Pulendralingam, Simon Bøgh, Dimitrios Chrysostomou

210. 3D metrology using a collaborative robot with a laser triangulation sensor

Gil Boyé De Sousa, Adel Olabi, Jorge Palos, Olivier Gibaru

92. Pose estimation and object tracking using 2D images

Fernando Casado García, Yago Luis Lapido, Diego P. Losada, Alejandro Santana-Alonso

SES 10.2: Production Planning and Scheduling
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Sang Won Yoon

201. Using simulation to analyze picker blocking in manual order picking systems

Behnam Bahrami, El-Houssaine Aghezzaf, Veronique Limere

130. Job shop flow time prediction using neural networks

Cristovao Silva, Vera Ribeiro, Pedro Coelho, Vanessa Magalhaes, Pedro Neto

68. Process planning in Industry 4.0 environment

Maja Trstenjak, Predrag Cosic

96. Mapping the conceptual relationship among data analysis, knowledge generation and decision-making in industrial processes

Cleiton Ferreira dos Santos, Flávio Piechnicki, Eduardo de Freitas Rocha Loures, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos

33. Evolutionary Algorithms for Programming Pneumatic Sequential Circuit Controllers

Sajaysurya Ganesh, Saravana Kumar Gurunathan

Closing Ceremony
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Marcello Pellicciari
Chair: Margherita Peruzzini

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