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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Location: Complesso San Geminiano
OPENING: Opening Ceremony
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Chair: Marcello Pellicciari
Chair: Margherita Peruzzini
Marcello Pellicciari (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Munir Ahmad (Teesside University, UK)
KEY 1: Keynote Speech 1 (Franco CEVOLINI)
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
From Racetrack to Road - How CRP Group and Windform® composite SLS materials drive manufacturing
Coffee break
Location: Gallery at first floor
SES 1.1: Data science in manufacturing
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Chair: Chia-Yen Lee

261. A conceptual framework for “Industry 3.5” to empower intelligent manufacturing in emerging countries and case studies

Chen-Fu Chien

51. Equipment Health Monitoring in the Semiconductor Assembly Process

Zhao-Hong Dong, Bo-Kai Jang, Chia-Yen Lee

61. Work Study and Simulation Optimization of Supply-Demand Balancing in the Moth Orchid Plant Factory

Jia-Ying Cai, Chin-Yi Tseng, Ting-Syun Huang

117. Development of a process data-based strategy for conditioning position-controlled ID cut-off grinding wheels in silicon wafer manufacturing

Uwe Teicher, Wolfgang Dietz, Andreas Nestler, Alexander Brosius

SES 1.2: Production Planning and Scheduling
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Sang Won Yoon

129. Solving a multi-periods job-shop scheduling problem using a generic decision support tool

Cristovao Silva, Nathalie Klement

29. A cardinality-constrained approach for robust machine loading problems

Giovanni Lugaresi, Ettore Lanzarone, Nicla Frigerio, Andrea Matta

330. Hierarchical Sequencing of Operations with Consideration of Setups

Mayur Wakhare, Dusan Sormaz

222. Improving the Efficiency of Large Manufacturing Assembly Plants

David Sly, Michael Helwig, Guiping Hu

189. A Heuristic Algorithm to Balance Workloads of High-Speed SMT Machines in a PCB Assembly Line

Tian He, Debiao Li, Sang Won Yoon

SES 1.3: Additive Manufacturing
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Dong-Won Kim

156. Transient thermo-mechanical modelling of stress evolution and re-melt volume fraction in electron beam additive manufacturing process

Rani Kasinathan Adhitan, Nagarajan Raghavan

127. Filament Temperature Dynamics in Fused Deposition Modelling and Outlook for Control

David Pollard, Carwyn Ward, Guido Herrmann, Julie Etches

372. A design strategy based on topology optimization techniques for an additive manufactured high performance engine piston

Saverio Giulio Barbieri, Matteo Giacopini, Valerio Mangeruga, Sara Mantovani

10. Optimisation of Additive Manufactured Sand Printed Mould Material for Aluminium Castings

Philip Hackney, Richard Wooldridge

385. Cost modelling and sensitivity analysis of wire and arc additive manufacturing

Chloe Rose Cunningham, Sondre Wikshåland, Fangda Xu, Alborz Shokrani, Vimal Dhokia, Stephen Newman

SES 1.4: ICT-enabled technologies in Smart Factories
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Paolo Pedrazzoli

244. Structure approach to the design of automation systems through the IEC-61499 standard

Mauro Mazzolini, Franco Cavadini, Giuseppe Montalbano, Andrea Forni

272. Development a modular factory with modular software components

Jay Jumyung Um, Klaus Fischer, Torsten Spieldenner, Dennis Kolberg

273. A microservice-based middleware for the digital factory

Michele Ciavotta, Marino Alge, Silvia Menato, Diego Rovere, Paolo Pedrazzoli

275. A review of the roles of Digital Twin in CPS-based production systems

Elisa Negri, Luca Fumagalli, Marco Macchi

377. Manufacturing System Upgrade with Wireless and Distributed Automation

Laura Grohn, Samuli Metsälä, Magnus Nyholm, Lauri Saikko, Eero Väänänen, Kashif Gulzar, Valeriy Vyatkin

SES 1.5: Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Michele Gadaleta

95. How to Deploy a Wire with a Robotic Platform: Learning from Human Visual Demonstrations

Francesca Stival, Stefano Michieletto, Enrico Pagello

226. Autonomous Manufacturing of Composite Parts by a Multi-Robot System

Alfons Schuster, Michael Kupke, Lars Larsen

44. Offline CAD-based robot programming and welding parametrization of a flexible and adaptive robotic cell using enriched CAD/CAM system for shipbuilding

Lucía Alonso Ferreira, Yago Luis Lapido Figueira, Isidro Roberto Fernández Iglesias, Manuel Álvarez Souto

296. Semantic modelling of hybrid controllers for robotic cells

Mathias Haage, Jacek Malec, Anders Nilsson, Maj Stenmark, Elin Anna Topp

36. A New Model of Modular Automation Programming in Changeable Manufacturing Systems

Tarek Al-Geddawy

SES 1.6: Manufacturing Process and Technology
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: George-Christopher Vosniakos

49. Minimizing the springback effect in dual-phase steel parts by Finite Elements Method

Tiago Resende Gomes, Francisco J. G. Silva, Raul D. S. G. Campilho

52. Selection of Force Creation Method for Press Forming Machinery

Jarno Tolvanen, Ville Leminen, Panu Tanninen, Juha Varis, Sami Matthews

15. A cross wedge rolling process for forming 70 mm diameter balls from heads of scrap railway rails

Zbigniew Pater, Janusz Tomczak, Tomasz Bulzak

290. Hybrid Cooling and Lubricating Technology for CNC Milling of Inconel 718 Nickel Alloy

Alborz Shokrani, Vimal Dhokia, Stephen T Newman

Lunch break
Location: Courtyard at ground floor
SES 2.1: Collaborative Robotics in Smart Manufacturing
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Chair: Pedro Neto

73. Skill based dynamic task allocation in Human-Robot-Cooperation with the example of welding application

Aaron Geenen, Rainer Müller, Matthias Vette

64. Method for design of human-industrial robot collaboration workstations

Fredrik Ore, Lars Hansson, Magnus Wiktorsson

283. Portable rapid visual workflow simulation tool for human robot coproduction

Radoslaw Dukalski, Argun Cencen, Doris Aschenbrenner, Jouke Verlinden

224. Development of a dual-projected-based automated interference matrix algorithm for Industry 4.0

Wang Chi-hsin, Cheng Chen-Yang

SES 2.2: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Michele Ciavotta

232. Internet-of-Things paradigm in food supply chains control and management

Riccardo Accorsi, Marco Bortolini, Giulia Baruffaldi, Francesco Pilati, Emilio Ferrari

219. A Wireless Intelligent Network for Industrial Control

Mohammad Gholami, Mohammed Salem Taboun, Robert Brennan

43. Enabling Connectivity of Cyber Physical Production Systems: A Conceptual Framework

Rafael A. Rojas C., Erwin Rauch, Renato Vidoni, Dominik T. Matt

337. Process monitoring technology based on virtual machining

Eun-Young Heo, Hikoan Lee, Cheol-Soo Lee, Dong-Won Kim, Dong Yoon Lee

SES 2.3: Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Cristovao Silva

50. Applying Looks-Like Analysis and Bass Diffusion Model Techniques to Forecast a Neurostimulator Device with No Historical Data

Farnaz Ganjeizadeh, Howard Lei, Preetpal Goraya, Erik Olivar

9. Assessment of air cargo airlines: An interpretive structural modeling approach

Aman Gupta, Robert Walton

7. Improving Road Transport Operations using Lean Thinking

Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Juan Sebastian Beltran Forero, Vikas Kumar, Bernardo Villarreal, Miguel Gaston Cedillo-Campos, Luis Rocha-Lona

SES 2.4: Lean and Agile Manufacturing
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: F. Frank Chen

27. Efficiency assessment of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Ignacio Eguia Salinas, Gabriel Villa, Sebastián Lozano

91. Capability matchmaking procedure to support rapid configuration and re-configuration of production systems

Eeva Maria Järvenpää, Niko Siltala, Otto Hylli, Minna Lanz

326. The development of simulation model for self-reconfigurable manufacturing system considering sustainability factors

Sang il Lee, Kwangyeol Ryu, Moonsoo Shin

357. Towards practical guidelines for conversion from a fixed to a reconfigurable manufacturing automation system

Alan Coppini, Michael Saliba

SES 2.5: Digital Product and Process Development
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Francisco J. G. Silva

299. Design procedure to develop dashboards aimed at improving the performance of productive equipment and processes

Sandrina Vilarinho, Isabel Lopes, Sérgio Sousa

366. A generic decision support tool to planning and assignment problems: Industrial application & Industry 4.0

Nathalie Klement, Cristovao Silva, Olivier Gibaru

288. Engineering Change Management Data analysis from the perspective of Information Quality

Lauri Tapio Jokinen, Ville Vainio, Antti Pulkkinen

267. Proposal for the representation of mechanical and motion control schematics, MMCS

Julio Garrido Campos, David Santos Esterán

SES 2.6: Reliability and Predictive Maintenance
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Munir Ahmad

297. Preventive maintenance decisions through maintenance optimization models: a case study

Sandrina Vilarinho, Isabel Lopes, José A. Oliveira

258. Research on Reliability Modeling of CNC System Based on Association Rule Mining

Guangpeng Liu, Chong Peng

213. Effect of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch of solder joint materials in photovoltaic (PV) modules operating in elevated temperature climate on the joint’s damage

Osarumen Ogbomo, Emeka H. Amalu, N.N Ekere, P. O. Olagbegi

110. A conceptual framework of knowledge conciliation to decision making support in RCM deployment

Flávio Piechnicki, Eduardo De Freitas Rocha Loures, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos

KEY 2: Keynote Speech 2 (Chen-fu CHIEN)
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Manufacturing big data analytics for smart production
Coffee break
Location: Gallery at first floor
SES 3.1: Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Location: Aula Convegni (first floor)
Chair: Giovanni Berselli

379. Analysis of the energy consumption of a novel DC power supplied industrial robot

Ritvars Grebers, Michele Gadaleta, Arturs Paugurs, Armands Senfelds, Ansis Avotins, Marcello Pellicciari

246. Energy Consumption Modeling of a Turning Table and Standardized Integration into Virtual Commissioning Tool Chain

Dominik Hauf, Julian Kruck, P. Paryanto, Jörg Franke

281. Automatic modeling and simulation of robot program behavior in integrated virtual preparation and commissioning

Martin Dahl, Kristofer Bengtsson, Martin Fabian, Petter Falkm

SES 3.2: Smart Factories and Industrial IoT
Location: Aula N (first floor)
Chair: Osiris Canciglieri Junior

107. Mini-factories for close-to-customer manufacturing of customized furniture: from concept to real demo

Andrea Francesco Barni, Donatella Corti, Paolo Pedrazzoli, Diego Rovere, Giuseppe Lucisano

241. Integration and deployment of an industrial architecture for the PERFoRM project

Giacomo Angione, José Barbosa, Frederik Gosewehr, Paulo Leitao, Daniele Massa, João Matos, Ricardo Silva Peres, André Dionisio Rocha, Jeffrey Wermann

374. A framework of a smart injection molding system based on real-time data

Hwaseop Lee, Kwangyeol Ryu, Youngju Cho

SES 3.3: Product and Process Design
Location: Aula O (first floor)
Chair: Sara Mantovani

30. A Critical Review of Design for Reliability - A bibliometric analysis and identification of research opportunities

Lucas Pagani, Milton Borsato

313. Transforming ETO Businesses with Enhanced PLM Capabilities

Antti Juhani Pulkkinen, Simo-Pekka Leino, Jorma Papinniemi

387. Digital Continuity in Manufacturing

Adriano Garella

SES 3.4: Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics
Location: Aula P (first floor)
Chair: Teresa Pereira

237. A TCO model for supporting the investment analysis of industrial plants

Marco Mandolini, Eugenia Marilungo, Michele Germani

243. Applications’ Integration and Operation Platform to Support Smart Manufacturing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Chanmo Jun, Ju Yeon Lee, Joo-Sung Yoon, Bo Hyun Kim

80. Organizational Performance and Indicators: Trends and Opportunities

Fernanda Antunes Silva, Milton Borsato

SES 3.5: Reliability and Predictive Maintenance
Location: Aula Q (first floor)
Chair: Michele Calì

3. Decentralized Data Analytics for Maintenance in Industry 4.0

Eckart Uhlmann, Abdelhakim Laghmouchi, Claudio Geisert, Eckhard Hohwieler

100. Mining shop-floor data for preventive maintenance management: integrating probabilistic and predictive models

Edson Ruschel, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos, Eduardo de Freitas Rocha Loures

236. Data mining and machine learning for condition-based maintenance

Riccardo Accorsi, Riccardo Manzini, Pietro Pascarella, Marco Patella, Simone Sassi

SES 3.6: Quality engineering and management
Location: Aula R (first floor)
Chair: Paul-Eric Dossou

204. Cost effective quality assessment in industrial parts manufacturing via optical acquisition

Francesco Malapelle, Diego Dall'Alba, Denis Dalla Fontana, Ivano Dall’alba, Paolo Fiorini, Riccardo Muradore

309. Solving quality problems in tire production preparation process: a practical approach

Bruno Miguel Amorim Barbosa, Maria Teresa Pereira, Francisco G. Silva, Raul Campilho

149. Reliable and flexible Quality Management Systems in the automotive industry: monitor the context and change effectively

Luis Miguel Fonseca, Jose Pedro Domingues

Welcome Social Event
Location: Museo Enzo Ferrari
Via Paolo Ferrari, 85 - Modena
Meeting Point at Museo Enzo Ferrari at 7.30 (PM) - walking distance from San Geminiano (1,4 km - 15 minutes) and from all hotels in the Modena downtown.
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