Conference Agenda

TOM11 S01: Tapered optical fibers, from fundamental to applications: Nanofiber laser application
Tuesday, 13/Sept/2022:
11:30am - 1:00pm

Session Chair: Philipp Schneeweiss, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Location: B031

Ground floor, 60 seats

11:30am - 12:00pm
ID: 355 / TOM11 S01: 1
TOM 11 Tapered optical fibers, from fundamental to applications

Tapered multicore fibers for energy-scalable fiber laser systems

Christopher Aleshire1, Albrecht Steinkopff1, Arno Klenke1,2, Cesar Jauregui1, Steffen Böhme3, Tobias Koch3, Stefan Kuhn3, Johannes Nold3, Nicoletta Haarlammert3, Thomas Schreiber3, Jens Limpert1,2,3

1Institute of Applied Physics, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Jena, Germany; 2Helmholtz-Institute Jena, Jena, Germany; 3Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, Jena, Germany

With active multicore fibers (MCFs), many parallel amplifying waveguides can be densely assembled into a common glass cladding. A tapered fiber geometry applied to MCFs enhances the power- and energy scalability of these systems by increasing the doped waveguide volume and reducing peak irradiance while maintaining low output mode order. Recent high-energy experiments have achieved 37 mJ ns-class pulse energies with Yb-doped tapered MCFs, with potential application to a new generation of compact MCF-based coherently-combined laser systems. In this submission, latest experimental results with tapered MCFs and flexible fabrication of taper profiles as a post-draw processing step will be discussed. Numerical analyses of MCF tapers will be presented, using beam propagation method (BPM) and mode-decomposition techniques to study mode coupling and inter-core crosstalk. These simulations are used to guide the tapering of existing fibers and aid the design of future “taper-ready” MCFs.

12:00pm - 12:15pm
ID: 201 / TOM11 S01: 2
TOM 11 Tapered optical fibers, from fundamental to applications

High peak/average power picosecond pulsed MOPA system with tapered large mode area double-clad Yb-doped fiber

Vasilii Ustimchik, Evgenii Motorin, Valery Filippov

Ampliconyx Oy, Finland

We present a near single-mode narrow band high power pulsed MOPA laser system works from 1 to 20 MHz repetition rate and delivered over 600 W of average power at 20 MHz (600kW of peak power and 30 µJ pulse energy) and over 3 MW of peak power at 1 MHz with spectral bandwidth lower than 210 pm.

12:15pm - 12:30pm
ID: 218 / TOM11 S01: 3
TOM 11 Tapered optical fibers, from fundamental to applications

Study of laser induced temperature variation in silica nanofibers

Sylvie Lebrun1, Yanis Abdedou1, Mondher Besbes1, Philippe Delaye1, Jean-Charles Beugnot2, Jacques Chrétien2, Maxime Romanet2, Simon Colombel2, Jérôme Salvi2, Maxime Zerbib2, Kien Phan Huy2

1Laboratoire Charles Fabry, France; 2Institut FEMTO-ST, France

After presenting a theoretical modelling based on the heat equation, we show two different experiments to measure the laser induced temperature variation in silica nanofibers in air, a direct one and an indirect one based on Brillouin scattering, leading to an estimated value of the convective parameter h.

12:30pm - 1:00pm
ID: 202 / TOM11 S01: 4
TOM 11 Tapered optical fibers, from fundamental to applications

Tapered hollow-core photonic crystal fibers

Frédéric Gérôme1,2, Jonas Osorio1, Foued Amrani1,2, Benoit Debord1,2, Fetah Benabid1,2

1GPPMM group, Xlim research institute, France; 2GLOphotonics

In this communication, we will first review the recent advances of hollow-core photonic crystal fibers. Then, the possibility offered to tailor their optical properties by making tapers will be discussed.