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TOM 1 - Silicon Photonics and Guided-Wave Optics
TOM 2 - Computational, Adaptive and Freeform Optics
TOM 3 - Optical System Design, Tolerancing and Manufacturing
TOM 4 - Bio-Medical Optics
TOM 5 - Resonant Nanophotonics
TOM 6 - Optical Materials: crystals, thin films, organic molecules & polymers, syntheses, characterization and applications
TOM 7 - Thermal radiation and energy management
TOM 8 - Non-linear and Quantum Optics
TOM 9 - Opto-electronic Nanotechnologies and Complex Systems
TOM 10 - Frontiers in Optical Metrology
TOM 11 - Tapered optical fibers, from fundamental to applications
TOM 12 - Optofluidics
TOM 13 - Advances and Applications of Optics and Photonics
EU Project Session
Early Stage Researcher Session

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Session Overview
TOM13 S04: Advances and Applications of Optics and Photonics
Wednesday, 14/Sept/2022:
9:00am - 10:30am

Session Chair: M.Teresa Flores-Arias, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Location: B035

Ground floor, 99 seats

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9:00am - 9:30am
ID: 322 / TOM13 S04: 1
TOM 13 Advances and Applications of Optics and Photonics

Advancing fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy for the benefit of cell science and drug delivery

Ana I. Gómez-Varela1, Adelaide Miranda2, Dimitar Stamov3, Ricardo Gaspar2, Bruno Silva2, Pieter de Beule2

1Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain; 2International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory; 3JPK BioAFM, Bruker Nano GmbH

Here we report on two recent advances we made applying advanced fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy to advance the study of cell biology and drug delivery. At first, we detail a new instrumental set-up combining atomic force microscopy in liquid and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy in novel configuration such that long-term simultaneous and co-localized observation with both techniques becomes feasible. We believe this will contribute to the study of fast membrane activated cell-signalling processes in the years to come. Furthermore, we report on a novel application of Fluorescence Cross-Correlation spectroscopy (FCCS) for the characterization of lipid-nucleic acid complexes. We are able to determine the number of nucleic acid particles incorporated in each liposome, a parameter not readily accessible an ensemble basis with any other technique known. This parameter is crucial for co-delivery applications and we believe FCCS can play an important role in the future development of new drug delivery systems.

9:30am - 9:45am
ID: 253 / TOM13 S04: 2
TOM 13 Advances and Applications of Optics and Photonics

Micro-diffractive optical element arrays for beam shaping

Shima Gharbi Ghebjagh, Thomas Handte, Stefan Sinzinger

Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany

We describe the design of Fourier type array generators and beam shapers as periodic configurations of refractive-diffractive optical elements in microscale to provide specific beam shaping and imaging functionalities. We investigate how the addition of micro-nanostructures to regular microstructure arrays enables new degrees of freedom for the design of micro-optical systems, in combination with adapted fabrication techniques yields a better optical performance and leads to enhancement of the array concept, uniformity and efficiency.

9:45am - 10:00am
ID: 270 / TOM13 S04: 3
TOM 13 Advances and Applications of Optics and Photonics

Experimental evaluation of Fourier transform holograms by a self-interferometric technique

Esther Nabadda1, Pascuala Garcia-Martinez2, María M. Sánchez-Lopez1, Ignacio Moreno1

1Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Spain; 2Universitat de València

We present a technique that combines an encoding method to display complex-valued holograms onto a phase-only spatial light modulator (SLM) with a phase-shifting interferometric (PSI) technique for experimentally evaluating the generated complex-valued optical fields. We demonstrate an efficient common-path polarization interferometer based on the SLM itself, not requiring any external additional element. The same setup can be used to simultaneously display the complex hologram and to apply the phase-shifting values required to retrieve the phase distribution of the optical field. A simple rotation of a polarizer allows to change from the intensity configuration to the interferometer configuration.

10:00am - 10:15am
ID: 298 / TOM13 S04: 4
TOM 13 Advances and Applications of Optics and Photonics

Measurement of ultrafast carrier dynamics in multilayer MPCVD graphene

Tânia M. Ribeiro1, Tiago E. C. Magalhães1, Bohdan Kulyk2, Alexandre F. Carvalho2, António J. S. Fernandes2, Florinda M. Costa2, Helder Crespo1

1Instituto de Física de Materiais Avançados, Nanotecnologia e Fotónica (IFIMUP), Departamento de Física e Astronomia, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre s/n, 4169-007 Porto, Portugal; 2I3N, Departamento de Física, Universidade de Aveiro, Campus Universitário de Santiago, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal

Graphene presents unique opto-electronic properties which makes it useful for a wide range of applications and devices, such as high-speed photodetectors, that rely on the relaxation dynamics of photoexcited charge carriers. These demand reliable and reproducible methods for synthesis of high quality graphene. Here we present ultrafast degenerate pump-probe measurements of multilayer graphene coatings grown by microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition (MPCVD) and analyse the impact of the synthesis growth time on the material’s nonequilibrium optical response.

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