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TOM 1 - Silicon Photonics and Guided-Wave Optics
TOM 2 - Computational, Adaptive and Freeform Optics
TOM 3 - Optical System Design, Tolerancing and Manufacturing
TOM 4 - Bio-Medical Optics
TOM 5 - Resonant Nanophotonics
TOM 6 - Optical Materials: crystals, thin films, organic molecules and polymers, syntheses, characterization and devices
TOM 7 - Thermal radiation and energy management
TOM 8 - Nonlinear and Quantum Optics
TOM 9 - Optics at Nanoscale (ONS)
TOM 10 - Optical Microsystems (OMS)
TOM 11 - Waves in Complex Photonic Media
TOM 12 - Optofluidics
TOM 13 - Ultrafast Optical Technologies and Applications
TOM 14 - Advances and Applications of Optics and Photonics
EU Project Session
Early Stage Researcher Session organised by SIOF
Grand Challenges of Photonics Session

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Session Overview
TOM13 S05: Ultrafast: Ultrafast MIR systems
Tuesday, 14/Sept/2021:
10:15 - 11:45

Session Chair: Oliver H. Heckl, University of Vienna, Austria
Location: Aula 1

1st floor

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10:15 - 10:30
ID: 295 / TOM13 S05: 1
TOM 13 Ultrafast Optical Technologies and Applications

Efficient carrier-envelope phase tunable mid-infrared frequency combs based on CW-seeded optical parametric generation

Mikhail Roiz1, Jui-Yu Lai2, Juho Karhu3, Markku Vainio1,4

1Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, FI-00560, Helsinki, Finland; 2HC Photonics Corp. Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 30078, Taiwan; 3Metrology Research Institute, Aalto University, Espoo, FI-00076, Finland; 4Photonics Laboratory, Physics Unit, Tampere University, Tampere, FI-33101, Finland

We present an efficient method for generating frequency combs in the mid-infrared (MIR) spectral range in bulk lithium niobate crystals as well as in waveguides. Our approach is simple and robust, since it is based on single-pass configuration of femtosecond Optical Parametric Generation (OPG) seeded by a telecom continuous-wave laser. Precise and fast tuning of the seed laser allows to rapidly change the offset frequency of the generated MIR comb independent of its repetition rate. The MIR comb’s offset frequency is inherently known, so its direct detection is not required.

10:30 - 10:45
ID: 238 / TOM13 S05: 2
TOM 13 Ultrafast Optical Technologies and Applications

Mid-IR OPCPA operating in the atmospheric transparency window around 8.6 µm

Ignas Astrauskas1, Claudia Gollner1, Tobias Flöry1, Andrius Baltuška1,2, Audrius Pugžlys1,2

1Photonics Institute, TU Wien, Gusshausstrasse 27-387, A-1040 Vienna, Austria; 2Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Savanoriu Ave. 231, LT-02300, Vilnius, Lithuania

Generation of a pair of sub-mJ femtosecond pulses with arbitrary delay control in a single cw-pumped Yb regenerative amplifier is demonstrated. The two pulses drive separate optical parametric amplifiers producing seed for Ho:YAG chirped pulse amplifier and mid-IR optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier. As a result, broadband 40 µJ pulses are generated around 8.6 µm wavelength, which lies in the atmospheric transparency window.

10:45 - 11:15
ID: 454 / TOM13 S05: 3
TOM 13 Ultrafast Optical Technologies and Applications

Frequency divide-and-conquer approach to producing ultra-broadband mid-IR frequency combs and single-cycle pulses

Konstantin Vodopyanov

Univ. Cent. Florida, United States of America

A subharmonic (frequency-divide-by-2) optical parametric oscillator (OPO) is reported as an efficient frequency divider that rigorously both down converts and dramatically augments the spectrum of the pump laser, while maintaining its coherence. Our recent result is a demonstration of a subharmonic system with an unprecedented continuous wavelength span of 3–12 µm that covers most of the molecular ro-vibrational “signature” region. The OPO with a minimally dispersive cavity was pumped by a 2.35-µm Kerr-lens mode-locked oscillator and delivered 245 mW of the average power with the conversion efficiency exceeding 20%.

11:15 - 11:30
ID: 400 / TOM13 S05: 4
TOM 13 Ultrafast Optical Technologies and Applications

A µJ-level parametric source tunable from 3 to 10 µm by direct difference-frequency generation in LGS at 250 kHz

Vincent Femy, Maxim Neradovskiy, Thomas Pinoteau, José Villanueva, Olivier Albert, Nicolas Forget


We demonstrate the direct generation, at a repetition of 250 kHz, of µJ-level, sub-160 fs pulses from 3 to 10 µm in a LiGaS2 (LGS) crystal pumped at 1030 nm.

11:30 - 11:45
ID: 283 / TOM13 S05: 5
TOM 13 Ultrafast Optical Technologies and Applications

Mid-infrared parametric wavelength conversion seeded with fiber optical parametric sources

Ronan A. Battle1, Anita M. Chandran1, Timothy H. Runcorn1, Arnaud Mussot2, Alexandre Kudlinski2, Robert T. Murray1, J. Roy Taylor1

1Femtosecond Optics Group, Department of Physics, Imperial College London, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2BW, UK; 2Université de Lille, CNRS, UMR 8523-PhLAM—Physique des Lasers Atomes et Molécules, F-59000 Lille, France

A new method of seeding χ2 optical parametric converters with χ3 fiber optical parametric sources is introduced. We demonstrate a tuneable mid-infrared (MIR) source around 3 µm with the technique and discuss the potential of this architecture.

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