Conference Agenda

FIE 06: Financial Crises and Policies
Friday, 27/Aug/2021:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Loriana Pelizzon, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE
Location: Stream 09

ID: 178

Investing in Crises

Matthew Baron1, Luc Laeven2, Julien Penasse3, Yevhenii Usenko4

1Cornell University; 2European Central Bank; 3University of Luxembourg; 4MIT Sloan

Discussant: Aleksandra Rzeznik (York University)

178-FIE-EFA2021-Investing in Crises.pdf

ID: 914

Fifty Shades of QE: Comparing Findings of Central Bankers and Academics

Brian Fabo2, Martina Jancokova3, Elisabeth Kempf1, Lubos Pastor1

1University of Chicago, United States of America; 2National Bank of Slovakia; 3European Central Bank

Discussant: Stefano Pegoraro (University of Notre Dame)

914-FIE-EFA2021-Fifty Shades of QE.pdf

ID: 1808

Are Repo Markets Fragile? Evidence from September 2019

Alyssa Anderson, Sriya Anbil, Zeynep Senyuz

Federal Reserve Board of Governors, United States of America

Discussant: Zorka Simon (Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE)

1808-FIE-EFA2021-Are Repo Markets Fragile Evidence from September 2019.pdf