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Session Overview
Location: Stream 10
Date: Thursday, 26/Aug/2021
1:30pm - 3:00pmFIE 01: Information, Monitoring and Misreporting
Location: Stream 10
Session Chair: Gyongyi Loranth, University of Vienna
Stream 10 
ID: 1022

Is Hard and Soft Information Substitutable? Evidence from the Lockdowns

Jennie Bai1, Massimo Massa2

1Georgetown University, United States of America; 2INSEAD

Discussant: Antonino Emanuele Rizzo (Nova School of Business and Economics)

1022-FIE-EFA2021-Is Hard and Soft Information Substitutable Evidence.pdf

ID: 2022

Internal Models, Make Believe Prices, and Bond Market Cornering

Ishita Sen1, Varun Sharma2

1Harvard Business School, United States of America; 2London Business School, United Kingdom

Discussant: Jean-Edouard Colliard (HEC Paris)

2022-FIE-EFA2021-Internal Models, Make Believe Prices, and Bond Market Cornering.pdf

ID: 2228

Conscientious Loan Officers and Loan Outcomes

Yessenia Tellez

Virginia Tech.

Discussant: Larissa Schaefer (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

2228-FIE-EFA2021-Conscientious Loan Officers and Loan Outcomes.pdf
3:30pm - 5:00pmFIE 02: Relationship vs Transactional Lending to Firms
Location: Stream 10
Session Chair: Vasso Ioannidou, Cass Business School
Stream 10 
ID: 1019

The Value of Lending Relationships

Michael Hertzel1, Andrew Bird2, Stephen Karolyi3, Thomas Ruchti4

1Arizona State University, United States of America; 2Chapman University; 3Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; 4Carnegie Mellon University

Discussant: Nicola Pavanini (Tilburg University)

1019-FIE-EFA2021-The Value of Lending Relationships.pdf

ID: 1848

The Rise of Finance Companies and FinTech Lenders in Small Business Lending

Manasa Gopal1, Philipp Schnabl2

1Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America; 2NYU Stern

Discussant: Tobias Berg (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management gGmbH)

1848-FIE-EFA2021-The Rise of Finance Companies and FinTech Lenders.pdf

ID: 2055

Separating Retail and Investment Banking: Evidence from the UK

Matthieu Chavaz1, David Elliott1,2

1Bank of England; 2Imperial College London

Discussant: Claudia Robles-Garcia (Stanford University)

2055-FIE-EFA2021-Separating Retail and Investment Banking.pdf
5:30pm - 7:00pmFIE 03: Banks and Taxes, Crime, and Law
Location: Stream 10
Session Chair: Tobias Berg, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management gGmbH
Stream 10 
ID: 828

Sovereign-Bank Diabolic Loop: The Government Procurement Channel

Diana Bonfim1,2, Miguel Ferreira3,4, Francisco Queiró3, Sujiao {Emma} Zhao1,5

1Banco de Portugal; 2Católica Lisbon; 3Nova School of Business and Economics; 4CEPR; 5Universidade Porto

Discussant: Tim Eisert (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

828-FIE-EFA2021-Sovereign-Bank Diabolic Loop.pdf

ID: 419

Dirty Money: How Banks Influence Financial Crime

Janet Gao1, Joseph Pacelli1, Jan Schneemeier1, Yufeng Wu2

1Indiana University Bloomington, United States of America; 2University of Illinois

Discussant: Matthias Efing (HEC Paris)

419-FIE-EFA2021-Dirty Money.pdf

ID: 574

Bank Power and Creditor Protection

Marco Ghitti, Florencio Lopez de Silanes, Rafael Matta

SKEMA Business School, France

Discussant: Bo Bian (University of British Columbia)

574-FIE-EFA2021-Bank Power and Creditor Protection.pdf
Date: Friday, 27/Aug/2021
1:30pm - 3:00pmFIE 05: Credit Markets
Location: Stream 10
Session Chair: Mariassunta Giannetti, Stockholm School of Economics
Stream 10 
ID: 1222

Credit Fire Sales: Captive Lending as Liquidity in Distress

Matteo Benetton1, Sergio Mayordomo2, Daniel Paravisini3

1Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; 2Banco de España; 3London School of Economics

Discussant: Anna Costello (University of Chicago)

1222-FIE-EFA2021-Credit Fire Sales.pdf

ID: 795

Do Mortgage Lenders Compete Locally? Implications for Credit Access

Greg Buchak1, Adam Jørring2

1Stanford University; 2Boston College

Discussant: Joao Granja (University of Chicago)

795-FIE-EFA2021-Do Mortgage Lenders Compete Locally Implications.pdf

ID: 831

CLO Performance

Larry Cordell1, Michael Roberts2, Michael Schwert2

1Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; 2The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Discussant: Ralf Meisenzahl (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

831-FIE-EFA2021-CLO Performance.pdf
3:30pm - 5:00pmFIT 02: Theories of Banking Dynamics
Location: Stream 10
Session Chair: Giorgia Piacentino, Columbia University
Stream 10 
ID: 1179

Dynamic Banking and the Value of Deposits

Patrick Bolton1, Ye Li2, Neng Wang1, Jinqiang Yang3

1Columbia Business School; 2Ohio State University; 3Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Discussant: Zhiguo He (University of Chicago)

1179-FIT-EFA2021-Dynamic Banking and the Value of Deposits.pdf

ID: 898

Dynamic Banking with Non-Maturing Deposits

Urban Jermann1, Haotian Xiang2

1University of Pennsylvania and NBER; 2Peking University

Discussant: Fabrice Tourre (Copenhagen Business School)

898-FIT-EFA2021-Dynamic Banking with Non-Maturing Deposits.pdf

ID: 547

Dissecting Mechanisms of Financial Crises: Intermediation and Sentiment

Arvind Krishnamurthy1, Wenhao Li2

1Stanford Graduate School of Business; 2USC Marshall School of Business

Discussant: Daniel Greenwald (MIT)

547-FIT-EFA2021-Dissecting Mechanisms of Financial Crises.pdf
5:30pm - 7:00pmFIT 03: Financial Regulation: New Fields
Location: Stream 10
Session Chair: Jean-Edouard Colliard, HEC Paris
Stream 10 
ID: 1466

Financing and Resolving Banking Groups

Albert Banal-Estanol1, Julian Kolm2, Gyöngyi Lóránth2

1UPF and Barcelona GSE; 2University of Vienna and VGSF

Discussant: Alfred Lehar (University of Calgary)

1466-FIT-EFA2021-Financing and Resolving Banking Groups.pdf

ID: 1898

Green Capital Requirements

Martin Oehmke1, Marcus Opp2

1London School of Economics, United Kingdom; 2Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Discussant: Silvio Petriconi (Bocconi University)

1898-FIT-EFA2021-Green Capital Requirements.pdf

ID: 2074

Intraday Liquidity and Money Market Dislocations

Adrien d'Avernas1, Quentin Vandeweyer2

1Stockholm School of Economics; 2Booth School of Business

Discussant: Yiming Ma (Columbia Business School)

2074-FIT-EFA2021-Intraday Liquidity and Money Market Dislocations.pdf

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