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Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 24/Aug/2017
FIIE-8: Investment and Information
Location: O151
Chair: Jennifer Dlugosz, Washington University in St. Louis

The Causal Effects of Proximity on Investment: Evidence from Flight Introductions

Leonardo Madureira1, Jesse Ellis2, Shane Underwood3

1: Case Western Reserve University; 2: North Carolina State University; 3: Baylor University

Local Crowding Out in China

Yi Huang1, Marco Pagano2, Ugo Panizza3

1: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies; 2: Università di Napoli Federico II; 3: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Asymmetric Information and the Securitization of SME Loans

Ugo Albertazzi1, Margherita Bottero1, Leonardo Gambacorta2, Steven Ongena3

1: Banca d'Italia; 2: Bank for International Settlements; 3: University of Zurich

FIIT-3: Financial Institutions: Risks & Profit Sharing
Location: O151
Chair: Sergey Zhuk, University of Vienna

Markets, Banks and Shadow Banks

David Martinez-Miera1, Rafael Repullo2

1: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; 2: CEMFI

Asset Encumbrance, Bank Funding and Fragility

Toni Ahnert1, Kartik Anand2, Prasanna Gai3, James Chapman1

1: Bank of Canada; 2: Deutsche Bundesbank; 3: University of Auckland

Profit Sharing: A Contracting Solution to Harness the Wisdom of the Crowd

Jiasun Li

George Mason University

FIIE-12: Bank Lending
Location: O151
Chair: Hans Degryse, KU Leuven

Sharing the Surplus with Clients: Evidence from the Protection of Bank Proprietary Information

Yupeng Lin1, Zilong Zhang2, Liping Zhao3

1: National University of Singapore; 2: City University of Hong Kong; 3: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Bank Lending in the Knowledge Economy

Giovanni Dell'Ariccia1, Dalida Kadyrzhanova2, Camelia Minoiu1, Lev Ratvnovski1

1: International Monetary Fund; 2: Georgia State University

Does Competition Affect Bank Risk?

Liangliang Jiang1, Ross Levine2, Chen Lin3

1: Hong Kong Polytechnic University; 2: UC Berkeley; 3: University of Hong Kong

Date: Friday, 25/Aug/2017
FL-2: Finance and Human Capital Investments
Location: O151
Chair: Andrew Ellul, Indiana University

Bankruptcy, Team-Specific Human Capital, and Innovation: Evidence from U.S. Inventors

Ramin P. Baghai1, Rui Silva2, Luofu Ye2

1: Stockholm School of Economics; 2: London Business School

Finance in the New US Economy: Does Local Finance Influence Post-Industrial Job Growth?

Elizabeth A. Berger

Cornell University

Drivers of Effort: Evidence from Employee Absenteeism

Morten Bennedsen1, Margarita Tsoutsoura2, Daniel Wolfenzon3

1: INSEAD; 2: University of Chicago; 3: Columbia University

FL-3: Credit Markets and Human Capital
Location: O151
Chair: Ramin P. Baghai, Stockholm School of Economics

Credit Supply Shocks and Labor Outcomes: Evidence from a Change in the Accounting Norms of Bank Pension Plans

Andrada Bilan1, Claire Celerier2, Luciana Barbosa3

1: Swiss Finance Institute; 2: University of Toronto; 3: Banco de Portugal

Debt and Human Capital: Evidence from Student Loans

Vyacheslav Fos1, Andres Liberman2, Constantine Yannelis2

1: Boston College; 2: NYU Stern School of Business

The Unintended Consequences of Employer Credit Check Bans on Labor and Credit Markets

Kristle Romero Cortes1, Andrew Glover2, Murat Tasci1

1: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland; 2: University of Texas at Austin

FL-1: Entrepreneurship and Human Capital Risk
Location: O151
Chair: Margarita Tsoutsoura, University of Chicago

Angels, Entrepreneurship, and Employment Dynamics: Evidence from Investor Accreditation Rules

Laura A. Lindsey, Luke Stein

Arizona State University

Finding Success in Tragedy: Forced Entrepreneurs after Corporate Bankruptcy

Kristoph Kleiner, Isaac Hacamo

Indiana University

Private Equity and Human Capital Risk

Manfred Antoni1, Ernst Maug2, Stefan Obernberger3

1: Institute for Employment Research; 2: University of Mannheim; 3: Erasmus University Rotterdam

Date: Saturday, 26/Aug/2017
FIIT-1: Bank Capital
Location: O151
Chair: Jan Pieter Krahnen, Goethe University Frankfurt

Bank Capital, Risk-Taking, and the Composition of Credit

Milton Harris1, Christian Opp2, Marcus Matthias Opp3

1: University of Chicago; 2: University of Pennsylvania; 3: UC Berkeley

Dynamic Bank Capital Requirements

Tetiana Davydiuk

University of Pennsylvania

Bank Capital Buffers in a Dynamic Model

Jochen Mankart1, Alexander Michaelides2, Spiros Pagratis3

1: Deutsche Bundesbank; 2: Imperial College Business School; 3: Athens University of Economics and Business

FIIT-2: Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation
Location: O151
Chair: Sascha Steffen, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gemeinn├╝tzige GmbH

Credit Expansion and Credit Misallocation

Alexander Bleck1, Xuewen Liu2

1: University of British Columbia; 2: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A Theory of Collateral for the Lender of Last Resort

Tanju Yorulmazer1, Dong Beom Choi2, Joao Santos2

1: University of Amsterdam; 2: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Multinational Banks and Supranational Supervision

Giacomo Calzolari1, Jean-Edouard Colliard2, Gyongyi Loranth3

1: University of Bologna, CEPR; 2: HEC Paris; 3: University of Vienna, CEPR

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