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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 20/Sept/2021
OPN: Opening
Virtual location: İstanbul
Information Discernment in the “Post-truth” World
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu

Stephan Lewandowsky

BK01: Coffee Break
Virtual location: Oulu
PP02: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Denis Kos

The Role of Information Literacy in the Creative Economy

Suellen Cavalheiro

Information Literacy through the Epistemic Cultures Perspective: Conception - Implementation - Effectiveness

Maria Gäde, Antje Michel, Inka Tappenbeck, Anke Wittich

Information Literacy in the Public Realm: Reflections from the UK

Stéphane Goldstein, Jane Secker

PP03: Papers
Virtual location: Tallinn
Chair: Jela Steinerová

Analyzing the Mutual Effects of Teenagers’ Media and Information Literacy and Self-Regulated Learning Within “Empowering” Activities

Julia Bihl, Pierre Fastrez

Literally Looking at Links – Mapping Communication and Content on Twitter

Martin Rehm, Alan Daly, Miguel del Fresno, Peter Bjorklund

Assessing Media and Information Literacy: Teenagers’ Practices and Competence in Information Search and Multimedia Creation

Pierre Fastrez, Denise Sutter Widmer, Julia Bihl, Nathalie Lacelle, Eve Gladu

BP01: Best Practices
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Konstantina Martzoukou

Practice through Play: Designing Successful Gaming Workshops

Daniel Ireton, Kaitlin Luder

Yes We Can (within Reason)! Load Management for Teaching Librarians

Benjamin Michael Oberdick

Promoting Information Literacy in a First Year Global Experience

Dina Meky, Evie Cordell

When the Degree Programmes Go Online: Learning from the Experience of Co-Teaching

Terhi Kaipainen

PP01: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Marco Schirone

Fake News: Has it Changed UK Academic Librarians’ Ideas about Teaching Information Literacy?

Chris Thorpe, Sheila Webber

Promoting Lifelong Information Literacy throughout Schooling: The Role of Dispositions

Nora Jean Bird

Connecting New Trends and New Skills for Academic Librarians

Tatiana Sanches

LN01: Lunch time
Virtual location: Oulu
PP05: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Maria Gäde

Investigating Information Seeking Process Using Think-Aloud Protocol of Students Living in Rural Areas

Nihal Menzi Çetin, Buket Akkoyunlu

Knowledge Creation and Information Literacy: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Point of View

Anna Suorsa, Jenny Bossaller, John Budd

Visual Literacy Development through Infographics

Evelina Jaleniauskiene, Judita Kasperiuniene

WS01: Workshop
Virtual location: Tallinn

Using Theories of Change to evaluate Information Literacy Initiatives

Sheila Webber, Pamela McKinney

BP02: Best Practices
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Joumana Boustany

Academic Writing Events: Experiences from NTNU University Library

Almuth Gastinger, Marit T. Balstad

Development of an Online Module in Academic Integrity at Chalmers University of Technology Library

Liza Nordfeldt, Anna Volkova

“Would You Like to Be a Library Peer Advisor?” Librarians Leveraging on Student Peer-to-Peer Learning to Add Value to Information Literacy and Learning Programmes at the Singapore Management University (SMU) Libraries

Redzuan Abdullah

The More the Merrier? - Looking at LibGuides through the UX Lens

Essi Prykäri, Riikka Sinisalo

PP04: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Creating News: An Activating Approach to Make Children News Literate

Jos van Helvoort, Maarten Thissen

Teaching Information Documentation in a “Post-Truth” World: A Challenge for a Critical Education

Yolande Maury, Raribah Gatti

Measuring the Relationship between IL and Course Grades

Michael Flierl, Clarence Maybee, Emily Bonem

BK02: Coffee Break
Virtual location: Oulu
PP07: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Daniel Ireton

A Framework for Implementing Mindfulness into Information Literacy Instruction: Strategies for Mindful Information Literacy

Selenay Aytac, Diane Mizrachi

An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Individual Cognitive Factors and Information Literacy Ability in College Students

Miriam L. Matteson, Yue Ming, Hannah Wheeler, Matthew T. McShane

Managing Personal Data in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism: A Sociomaterial Reading of Mozilla’s Data Detox Kit

Fredrik Hanell

WS02: Workshop
Virtual location: Tallinn

Hello? Hello? Are You Stuck in an Echo Chamber? Managing and Identifying Misinformation in the Era of Trump

Emily Zekan Brown, Susan Souza-Mort

PN01: Panel
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Rajesh Singh

Information-as-Weapon: A Wrinkle in Information Literacy Research and Practice

Renate Chancellor, Shari Lee, Rajesh Singh

PP06: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu

“On the Fly”: Collaboration between Teachers and Teacher Librarians in Inquiry Learning

Kasey Garrison, Lee FitzGerald

Aligning Expectations: Exploring Librarian and Teaching Faculty Perceptions of Information Literacy Sessions

Kristine N. Stewart, Cassandra Shukla

Peer Assessment, Self-assessment and Teacher Scoring within an Information Literacy Course

Ann De Meulemeester, Renaat Peleman, Nele S. Pauwels, Heidi Buysse

Date: Tuesday, 21/Sept/2021
Algorithms and Platforms: Is there a Place for Information Literacy?
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Sonja Spiranec

Olof Sundin

BK03: Coffee Break
Virtual location: Oulu
PP09: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Stefan Dreisiebner

How Playful are Serious Games? Measuring Gamefulness and Playfulness in Information Literacy Games

Nicole Krüger, Marina Encheva, Plamena Zlatkova

Information Literacy in Video Games’ Affinity Spaces – A Case Study on DOTA 2

Lisa Beutelspacher, Maria Henkel

How to Measure Information Literacy? An Evaluation Based on Expert Interviews

Lara Symolka, Stefan Dreisiebner, Joachim Griesbaum

PP10: Papers
Virtual location: Tallinn
Chair: Ann De Meulemeester

Older People in the Post-Truth Era: Countering Ageism by Developing Age Friendly Media and Information Literate Cities (#AFMIL)

Sheila Webber, Bill Johnston

Everyday Health Information Literacy and Attitudes towards Digital Health Services among Finnish Older Adults

Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Farhan Ahmad, Isto Huvila, Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen

Digital Literacy Competencies and Interests of Elderly People

Iva Zadražilová, Pavla Vizváry

BP03: Best Practices
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Angela Repanovici

‘OneHE Mindsets: Information, Digital and Media Literacy’ Community of Practice

Konstantina Martzoukou, Kirsten McCormick, Nisa Kamaruzaman, Amanda Brennan, Lesley A. T. Gaj, Kezia Bacchus, Alanagh Wilson

Inclusion for Refugee Students: The Role of the Library

Anna Callejón, Muriel Dennefeld, Samia Khelifi, Cécile Touitou

Information Literacy vs. FakeScience: What Libraries can do to Support Science and to Win This Fight

Fabian Franke

International Standards and Guiding Documents for Information Literacy: the Relevance of Knowing and Applying Them to National Contexts

Tatiana Sanches, Maria Luz Antunes, Carlos Lopes

PP08: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Jane Secker

Finding Access Points for Data Literacy: The Example of the ERASMUS+ Project DaLiCo (Data Literacy in Context)

Christine Gläser, Ulrike Spree

Perception, Awareness, Presentation: Using Meditation Techniques to Teach Data Visualization Literacy – a Case Study

René Schneider

Participant-Generated Visual Data in Information Literacy Research in the Second Decade of the 21st Century: A Literature Review

Sabina Barbara Cisek, Monika Krakowska

PK01: Pecha Kucha
Virtual location: Saint-Malo
Chair: Radovan Vrana

Using Open Pedagogy as an Information Literacy Intervention for LIS Students: A Case Study

Christopher Vance Hollister

How Primary Source Literacy Instruction can Transform Student Learning in Post-Truth Times

Michaela Rita Ullmann

Information Literacy in Slovenia from Primary School to University

Silva Belšak

The Four Tendencies Framework in Information Literacy Class

Jana Hocová

Information Literacy, Embedded Librarianship and ESL Students

Mehta Dipti

Vaccination and Fake News: From Smallpox to Sars-Cov-2

Gilbert C Faure

LN02: Lunch time
Virtual location: Oulu
PP12: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Sonja Spiranec

Bookending ARFIS: The Development, Final Results, and Current State of the Academic Reading Format International Study

Diane Mizrachi, Alicia M. Salaz

Mis/Disinformation across Disciplines: U.S. Faculty Perspectives

Laura Saunders

From Cooperation to Collaboration: Towards a Framework for Deepening Library Partnerships

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Laura Saunders, Melissa Wong

WS03: Workshop
Virtual location: Tallinn

Teaching with Metaliteracy: Developing Informed, Reflective, and Participatory Citizens

Trudi Jacobson, Thomas Mackey

PN02: Panel
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Michael Ryne Flierl

Theoretical Perspectives for Collaboration with Disciplinary Faculty

Michael Flierl, Clarence Maybee, Amanda Folk, Rachel Wishkoski, Craig Gibson

PP11: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Monika Krakowska

Designing A Phenomenological Study on the Information, Scientific and Academic Literacies of Consolidated and New Researchers

Tania G. Ortiz-Santana, Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo, Javier Tarango, José L. Evangelista-Ávila

Personality Traits as Drivers of the Scientific Production: Information, Scientific and Academic Literacies Implications

Doris M. Agredo-Machin, José Refugio Romo-González, Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo, Fidel González-Quiñones

Knowledge-Creating Interaction and Information Literacy in Organizations – An Empirical Study in the Context of Research and Development Project

Anna Suorsa, Eija Halkola

PP13: Papers
Virtual location: Saint-Malo
Chair: Tania Yordanova Todorova

Do Not Steal This Article! A Study on Digital Piracy among Students

Tjaša Jug, Katarina Švab

Learning how to Avoid Plagiarism by Adopting a Rhetorical Perspective on the Use of Sources: A New Approach in Curricular Information Literacy Sessions for Computer Science and Engineering Students

Beatrice Baldarelli, Klaus Trescher, Angelika Treffer, Laura Jakobs

Academic Integrity of Undergraduates: CETYS University Case

Jesús Lau, José Luis Bonilla, Daniel Sanabria, Alberto Gárate

BK04: Coffee Break
Virtual location: Oulu
PSTR: Posters
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu

1 - Teaching Discipline-Specific Critical Thinking Skills

Leila E. Ferguson, Jarmila Bubikova-Moan

2 - Information Literacy: Ontology Structures User-Learner Profile in Online Learning Environment

Marilou Kordahi

3 - Towards Meme Literacy? Lessons Learned from Teaching How to Use and Share Images

Minna Suikka

4 - DIGI-KOMP.NRW - Media and Information Literacy as a Focus in North Rhine-Westfalia

Fritze Jana, Kaiser Kerstin, Jan Frederik Demmer

5 - Teaching Critical Evaluation of References to University Students

Kaisu Birita Clarot, Sari-Ursula Heinikoski, Pertti Juha Antero Martinmäki

6 - Teaching Librarians in Austria: Results of an Online Survey

Michaela Zemanek

7 - Critical Global Citizenship in and Out of the Classroom: Incorporating Community-Based Global Learning and Cross-Cultural Information Literacy in an Undergraduate Course

Michael Courtney

8 - How Did They Transfer? Information Literacy Competencies and Adult Students

Lilleth Clare Newby Beckford

9 - One-Shot Aimed at Sustainability: Scaffolded, Course-Integrated Library Instruction Workshops

Caitlin MacKenzie Mannion

10 - The Q-drops – a Content Analysis

Rikard Lars Friberg von Sydow

11 - Information Literacy Workshops: Trials and Tribulations of Public Engagement within a Pandemic

David Brazier, Rachel Salzano, Bruce Ryan

12 - ESSENTIAL: A Project for Enhancing Key Civic Competences for the Post-truth Era

Serap Kurbanoğlu, Jasmina Ninkov, Tina Baloh, Marta Dziluma

Date: Wednesday, 22/Sept/2021
Overnewsed but Underinformed? Some Challenges and Contradictions of the Information Society in the Digital Age
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Fabian Franke

Markus Behmer, Till Krause

BK05: Coffee Break
Virtual location: Oulu
PP15: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Kristina Eriksson-Backa

eHealth Engages and Empowers Low-Income HIV+ Patients: Implications for the Health Literacy Practitioners

Venkata Ratnadeep Suri, Amy Gonzales, Riya Singh

Perceived Hindrances to Health Information

Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Critical Health Literacy and Critical Information Literacy: Bridging Research Discourses from Different Domains

Arijana Pavelić, Sonja Špiranec

PP16: Papers
Virtual location: Tallinn
Chair: Yurdagül Ünal

Law Students’ Perceptions of Academic Integrity: Pilot Study

Dejana Golenko, Kornelija Petr Balog, Ljiljana Siber

Copyright Literacy 2020: Six Years on from the Multinational Survey

Chris Morrison, Jane Secker

Copyright Literacy of Cultural Heritage Workers in the Czech Republic with a Focus on Librarians

Pavla Vizváry

PP17: Papers
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Stephane Goldstein

Digital Participation, Surveillance, and Agency: Insights into the Online Information Behaviours of Muslim Women in Muslim Society, and the Role of Digital Literacy to Manage Risk

Steven Buchanan, Zamzam Husain

How do People Help Each Other with Digital Technologies: TechHelp Study in the Czech Republic

Adela Jarolimkova, Helena Lipkova, Barbora Drobikova

Literacy for Democracy: What Can Information Literacy Learn from Legal Literacy and Vice Versa?

Michaela Dombrovská

PP14: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Polona Vilar

Fear of Missing Out, Information Literacy, and Digital Wellbeing

Małgorzata Kisilowska

Is There a Librarian 4.0 in the Library? A View on Librarians' Knowledge and Skills in Light of Industry 4.0 and Education 4.0 Paradigms

Radovan Vrana

Information Literacy for Graduate Employability. Discourse Differences and The Way to Go

Vjeran Buselic, Mihaela Banek Zorica

Gender Differences in Scientific Literacy and Career Choices: A Survey Applied in a Large Rio De Janeiro High School

Gilda Olinto, Gabriel Teixeira

DF01: Doctoral Forum
Virtual location: Saint-Malo
Chair: Sheila Webber

The Role of Information Specialists in Reviews for Education Research

Carolin Keller

New Information Literacy Horizons: Making the Case for Career Information Literacy

Marina Milosheva, Hazel Hall, Peter Robertson, Peter Cruickshank

LN03: Lunch time
Virtual location: Oulu
PP19: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Arijana Pavelic

Quality of Health Information: How does Age, Sex and Education Associate with the Assessment of the Reliability and Usefulness of Health Information

Ágústa Pálsdóttir

The Information Literacy of Food and Activity Tracking in 3 Communities: Parkrunners, People with Type 2 Diabetes and People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Pamela Ann McKinney, Andrew Cox, Laura Sbaffi

College Students’ Credibility Judgments on Healthy Diet Information on Social Media

Alica Kolarić, Mate Juric, Nikolina Peša Pavlović

WS04: Workshop
Virtual location: Tallinn

Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time: Fitting Research into Your Workday at a Practicing Librarian

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

BP04: Best Practices
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Jos van Helvoort

Comparison of Frameworks as a Basis of a New IL Taxonomy

Harrie van der Meer, Marijn Post

Mining Syllabi for IL Gold: Best Practices for Text Mining Institutional Documents to Inform Assessment and Strategic Planning for Libraries and Information Literacy

Teresa A. MacGregor, A. M. Salaz

Developing a Data Literacy Certificate Program

Markus Wust

Learning Community Partnerships: Strengthening Collaboration in a Post-Truth Era

Sharon Ladenson, Cheryl Caesar, Sara D. Miller, Benjamin Oberdick

PP18: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu

Information Literacy as a Tool for Ethically Sound Judgement

Marko Kos

News Consumption and Sharing Behaviors of Individuals in the Post-Truth Era

Yurdagül Ünal, İpek Şencan, Serap Kurbanoğlu

Ecological and Ethical Contexts of Digital Literacy in the Light of Phenomenographic Studies

Jela Steinerová

PP20: Papers
Virtual location: Saint-Malo
Chair: Jesús Lau

Information Literacy of University Students and its Improvement by a Campus-Wide Course Comparison of Czech Private and Public University

Pavla Vizváry, Iva Zadražilová

Secondary School Teachers’ Attitudes to Information Literacy in Hungary, Lithuania and Poland

Vincas Grigas, Anna Mierzecka, Tímea Tomori, Tibor Koltay

STEM Information Literacy: A Bibliometric Mapping (1974-2020)

Marco Schirone

BK06: Coffee Break
Virtual location: Oulu
PP21: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

Deconstructing Information Literacy In Higher Education (ILiHE): A Practice Perspective

Annemaree Lloyd, Alison Hicks

A Mapping Literature Review on Teaching Faculty - Librarian Collaboration in Higher Education

Tayo Nagasawa

Improving Way Finding in a UK Higher Education Institution Library

Bernard Scaife, Geoff Walton

WS05: Workshop
Virtual location: Tallinn

Troublesome Knowledge and the Spiritual Dimension in Information Literacy Liminal Spaces

Sara D. Miller

BP05: Best Practices
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Harrie van der Meer

Information Literacy Instruction for Post-Graduate Students as Professional Development

Victoria F. Caplan, Eunice S.P. Wong

Thoughts over Likes: Teaching Responsible News Dissemination

Carol Sevin, Daniel Ireton

Students’ Self-Assessment on Information Literacy

Kajsa Gustafsson Åman

The Survey of Information Literacy among Pupils and Teachers in Elementary School

Kazuyuki Sunaga

PP22: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Dejana Golenko

A Preliminary Analysis of the Inclusion of information Literacy in International Higher Education Curricula

Alejandro Villegas-Muro, Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo, Gerardo Ascencio-Baca, Karen Alfaro-Mendives

Creative Pedagogy and Information Literacy in Higher Education

Zachary Newell

A Framework for Information Literacy at North-West University, South Africa

Hendra Pretorius

Date: Thursday, 23/Sept/2021
Shift from Teaching to Learning?! How Learning Spaces Enable Information Competencies of Students and Teachers. Status Quo and Challenges at German Universities
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Joumana Boustany

Alexandra Becker

BK07: Coffee Break
Virtual location: Oulu
PP25: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: René Schneider

Open Research Data and Openness: Views of Scholars in Finland and Lithuania

Jurgita Rudžionienė, Heidi Enwald, Terttu Kortelainen, Vincas Grigas

Students' Awareness about “News” Concept

İpek Şencan, İrem Soydal

What Accounts for Estonian Student Science Literacy PISA Prowess?

Tiina Elvisto, Sirje Siska

PP24: Papers
Virtual location: Tallinn
Chair: Leila E. Ferguson

Fostering Critical Thinking in an English Communication Class: a Plan for a Master in Tourism

Gabriela Seccardini, Matilde Fontanin

Understanding the Landscape of Science Communication in Terms of Attitudes towards Science: The Role of Perceived Credibility

Vineta Silkane, Agnese Davidsone

Identifying the Opportunities and Challenges to Black- and African-American Undergraduate Students' Information Literacy

Amanda L. Folk, Tracey Overbey

PP23: Papers
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Suellen Cavalheiro

Beyond Cultural Literacy: Building Introspective Information Professionals

Rajesh Singh

Culturally Grounded Approaches to Information Literacy Understanding

Katia G. Karadjova-Kozhuharova, Tania Y. Todorova

Temporal Aspects in Museum and Library Professionals’ Work in the Context of Acceleration of Social Time

Krista Lepik

LN04: Lunch time
Virtual location: Oulu
PP26: Papers
Virtual location: Dubrovnik
Chair: Geoff Walton

Embedding Metaliteracy in Learning Design to Advance Metacognitive Thinking: From OER to MOOCs

Thomas P. Mackey, Trudi E. Jacobson

Student Perception of Online Information Literacy Training through a Massive Open Online Course

Fedra Kuttkat, Thomas Mandl, Stefan Dreisiebner

User-based Evaluation of the Slovenian Version of Information Literacy Online – a Multilingual MOOC for Information Literacy: Methodology and Preliminary Results

Polona Vilar, Maja Žumer

WS06: Workshop
Virtual location: Tallinn

Copyright Literacy Games: Embracing the Opportunities of European Copyright Reform Through Play

Chris Morrison, Jane Secker

BP06: Best Practices
Virtual location: Prague
Chair: Krista Lepik

Mixing a New Palette: Multifaceted Information Literacy Instruction for Emerging Young Adults

Catherine A. Baldwin

Primary School Library – Basis for Lifelong Learning and Using of Library

Romana Fekonja

Meaningful Inquiry: Promoting an Equitable Approach to Information Literacy and Research Assignments

Amanda L. Folk, Katie Blocksidge, Jane Hammons, Christopher Manion, Hanna Primeau

The Sustainability of Faculty-Librarian Partnerships Inspired by the ACRL Framework

Michael Stoepel, Livia Piotto, Xan Goodman, Samantha Godbey

PP27: Papers
Virtual location: İstanbul
Chair: Michaela Dombrovská

Navigating Institutional Histories: A Typology for Graduate Researchers to Differentiate Genres and Determine Historical Veracity

Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel, Clarence Maybee

The “Real World” Relevance of Information Literacy: Part 2 - The Factors that Make Information Literacy Relevant in a Post-Truth Era

Karen F. Kaufmann

Sustainability Literacy Approaches in LIS Education: Epistemological Beliefs, Teaching and Learning

Paula Ochôa, Leonor Gaspar Pinto

CLS: Closing
Virtual location: İstanbul

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