Conference Agenda

Workshop A-03
Tuesday, 18/June/2019:
11:15am - 12:30pm

Location: Room 105

ID: 195 / Workshop A-03: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Technology Uptake
Keywords: PICO, Metadata, Linked Data, Annotation

PICO Search: Unlocking the Cochrane Data Vault

Deirdre Beecher, Chris Mavergames


Cochrane Review Groups have been creating PICO metadata by annotating the inclusion criteria reported in the methods sections of their systematic reviews. In the process of annotating Cochrane systematic reviews we are enriching our content and data by not only using controlled vocabularies (e.g. SNOMED, WHO ATC/DDD) but also adding our own terms that are more commonly used in reviews and study reports. From this work our own Cochrane Vocabulary is evolving to help develop a search tool to be used by different searchers.

This metadata is available via the PICOfinder search tool prototype. Cochrane is in the process of determining who the end user will be. The prototype for this tool helps us understand how we can search for our metadata and how it could complement the traditional search on the Cochrane Library.

This will be an interactive workshop where participants will be provided with sample searches to test the prototype and give feedback on the PICO search experience.

Learning outcomes : Understand if PICO search integrates or could substitute traditional searching for reports of RCTs; Determine if the tool presented is user friendly for all searchers (researchers, information specialists, patients)

Type of interactivity : Knowledge Cafe structure which will be in three parts:

  • Introduction: Ten/15 minutes presentation to give background on the project, why we are PICO annotating, progress to date and future development;
  • Exercise: participants (in small groups) will use the PICOfinder search tool. The URL to the tool, sample searches and feedback sheets will be provided - small group discussion to take place while using the tool
  • Finish with large group discussion on using the tool and feedback

Level : Intermediate/Advanced

Target audience : Participants with an interest in linked data and using metadata to make evidence based research more easily retrievable.

Preparation for the session : Yes

Biography and Bibliography
Deirdre Beecher is the Senior Metadata Specialist for the Cochrane Linked Data Project. Qualified information specialist who has worked with the Cochrane Injuries and Multiple Sclerosis Groups. Since 2016 she has worked on the PICO annotation of Cochrane systematic reviews in maternal and child health, and has been responsible for co-ordinating the PICO annotation of all other Cochrane systematic reviews.

Chris Mavergames is a senior technology leader with a background in knowledge management, information architecture, web development, and database management. He is the Head of Informatics and Knowledge Management/Chief Information Officer (CIO) for The Cochrane Collaboration, a large, global non-profit healthcare knowledge organization, where he leads Cochrane's technology and knowledge management infrastructure including software and tools for evidence synthesis in health care, websites, and other tools and data services.
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