Conference Agenda

Workshop G-05
Thursday, 20/June/2019:
9:00am - 10:15am

Location: Room 107

ID: 125 / Workshop G-05: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Benchmarking + Advocacy
Keywords: Library building, project management

Planning new medical library facilities

Isabelle de Kaenel, Alexia Trombert

CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland

This workshop will present the actual planning of a new medical library building due to open in September 2019. The session is divided in three parts. First, the presenter will introduce a list of questions, challenges and pitfalls which where faced during the planning process. Architecture, space use, physical collections, security, service organization will be the topics tackled.

The participants will also be provided with list of ressources (ISO standards, reports, articles) that can be used as references in the planning phase of a new library.

The presentation should generate questions and reflections and serve a basis for the second part. Participants will then engage in a structured discussion about the presenter's experience and on the different aspects involved in library planning in order to gather various feedback and points of view and also discuss experiences. The role of the library as place in a university hospital will be discussed. Finally, a synthesis of the key points will be formulated.

Learning outcomes :

  • Discuss challenges, difficulties in library planning
  • Examine possible solutions to overcome challenges
  • Allow participants to identify colleagues who have experience with library planning or refurbishment

Type of interactivity : Participants will be asked about their experiences, group exchange through discussion in small groups, knowledge sharing.

Level : Intermediate

Target audience : librarians who plan to build or refurbish a medical library or libarians who have been through this process and wish to share their experience.

Preparation for the session : No

Biography and Bibliography
Isabelle de Kaenel is head of library services, Medical Library, University of Lausanne. After a posgrade degree in information science in Paris, she worked in specialised libraries in France and Switzerland. Her main interest is digital libraries, open access and open science.
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