Conference Agenda

Workshop F-06
Wednesday, 19/June/2019:
3:45pm - 5:00pm

Location: Room 106

ID: 237 / Workshop F-06: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Ecology of Scholarly Communications
Keywords: services, scholary communication, publication, output, quality

Support Services for Scientists - A brainstorming session

Claudia Wöckel

Universität Leipzig, Germany

In this Workshop, we will discuss the new opportunities we have as librarians to help researchers publish their manuscripts. It is necessary to think outside of the box, in order for us to serve with the quality and strengths that we are capable. Therefore, we will use tools that aim at creativity and innovation.

The presenter will give input to the topic to provide an equal standard for all participants. Afterward, the participants will actively discuss ideas, strategies, and opportunities as a group and will create new ideas through the process guided by the presenter. The workshop will cover all opportunities libraries and librarians have to support researchers in the publication process. Those range from standard tools like literature research, and management to manuscript processing, research data management, and publication tools.

Learning outcomes :

  • Understanding the role and future prospects of medical librarianship as a service partner in the publication process.
  • Applying the personal knowledge of each participant to a common question and create new ideas out of everybody's knowledge and experience.
  • Analyzing the librarians role in the process and identifying new possibilities.
  • Evaluating the collected ideas and recognize certain take-home messages.
  • Creating new services and/or service portfolios consisting of well known and new services through generating, planning, or producing.

Type of interactivity : The workshop will consist of a collegial advice part in which the participants will brainstorm possibilities of publication services that can be implemented. The major goal is to create as many ideas as possible (there are no bad/inappropriate ideas!). In the second part those ideas can be discussed in depth.

In the end, there will be a "collective notebook" provided for all participants. With this method additional ideas can be collected. Allresults can be provides to the participants afterwards.

Level : Introductory/Intermediate

Target audience : This workshop is aimed at medical librarians of all working backgrounds. Specifically, those who are in direct contact with scientist and/or services of libraries that are aimed at scientific output of the facilities.

Preparation for the session : No

Biography and Bibliography
Dr. Claudia Wöckel is the subject librarian (medicine and veterinary medicine) of the Universitätsbibliothek of Leipzig since 2016. She is a former researcher herself and specialized in the field of physical chemistry. In a two year master degree she focussed on library and information science, additionally. Her masters thesis is focused on the identification and implementation of services for researchers in the medical faculty of the University of Leipzig. The main focus of her work is the improvement of publication quality and quantity of the researchers.
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