Conference Agenda

Workshop F-05
Wednesday, 19/June/2019:
3:45pm - 5:00pm

Location: Room 035

ID: 219 / Workshop F-05: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Evidence-Based Practice
Keywords: Literature searching, Search strategy library, Collaboration

Search strategy library: testing and evaluating a resource for sharing literature searches and blocks

Lina Gulhane

National Guideline Centre, Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom

In daily work, searchers research to find quality strategies that have been used for producing reviews, guidelines, or reports and these are utilised or adapted. This saves time creating strategies from scratch. Gerdien B. de Jonge, Regina Küfner Lein and Marli van Amsterdam explored Sharing literature search blocks in the Journal of EAHIL, 2015 11(3): 11-14 and further at a workshop EAHIL 2015 and presentation EAHIL 2016. Conclusions were that all participants want to share more searches in a better way. According to the common knowledge of workshop participants, there is no single site which summarises or links to available search block sites, nor an overall web site or database combining all these search block strategies.

The aim of this search strategy library was to become an overall site with best practice as outlined in the above EAHIL article.

This library has the following features: an online form to add search details this contains fields for:

  • Name of strategy, date run
  • Quality assurance indicator
  • Database, platform
  • Search question
  • Block or full strategy
  • Section to paste strategy
  • Type of resource
  • How to cite this strategy
  • Adding keywords from a set of controlled vocabulary

Entries/content can be searched via keywords or selected field content and access is controlled via permissions

This workshop will be an opportunity to understand the formation of the Search Strategy Library. To test ease of use and effectiveness for finding strategies and adding own strategies (which participants can bring to the workshop). We will discuss its usability, platform for sharing and future potential. At the end of the workshop attendees will be asked to fill out an evaluation/survey form to assess the library and this will be collated and analysed.     

Learning outcomes : Interactive hands on session to use, test and evaluate this resource. To assess whether it is a practical easy to use quality tool that enables sharing and collaboration. Is this a resource that fills a gap and that will be of benefit to information specialists and librarians in searching.

Type of interactivity : Presentation and group work to use and test library. PC/laptops/tablet and internet access required. If bringing own laptop/tablet or have access to a PC, participants can use a test log in to add search strategies or search for strategies for any search past, current or forthcoming. Bringing a strategy is not a prerequisite - hence the yes/no regarding preparation beforehand as indicated below.     

Level : Intermediate

Target audience : Information specialists and librarians experienced in systematic literature searches in different databases.

Preparation for the session : Yes/No

Biography and Bibliography
Lina Gulhane is Head of Information Specialists at the National Guideline Centre. She has worked in healthcare information for the last 17 years and has wide range of experience including outreach and history of medicine. The last 13 years she has been working on developing guidelines commissioned by NICE the main focus of which has been advanced literature searching in clinical, social care and service delivery for a range of topics.
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