Conference Agenda

Workshop A-06
Tuesday, 18/June/2019:
11:15am - 12:30pm

Location: Room 106

ID: 139 / Workshop A-06: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Technology Uptake
Keywords: Medical Subject Headings, translation, workflow, linked data, open source

Medical Subject Headings translation process in the times without MTMS

Filip Kriz, Lenka Maixnerova

National Medical Library, Czech Republic

With the National Library of Medicine (NLM Bethesda) abandoning the MeSH Translation Maintenance System (MTMS) the translating organizations must find a way to continue with their translation efforts while the organizations planning to begin translating need to look for other tools. We have developed an open-source system for MeSH translation workflow and data management - the project name is “MeSH Translation Workflow” aka MTW. The system has been designed to use the official MeSH RDF linked datasets ( which hopefully will not disappear in foreseeable future. MTW has been used in production since January 2019. We will present the project current state, its architecture and data model, main design goals and decisions, its documentation and possible deployment scenarios. A testing instance of the MTW web app will be available for participants to try hands-on the translation interface. We will provide basic instructions and support. Participants working in groups will try to: identify possible project limitations, evaluate the feasibility of MTW deployment at their organizations or possible involvement in the development, and summarize use cases for the translated MeSH datasets. Together we will create a roadmap for further development of MTW. We will then present results of the pre-workshop online survey of participants’ actual MeSH translation process and statistics and try to resolve the possible obstacles in their workflows or systems. Some questions remain open because the translation process has not yet been fully revealed by NLM. We want participants to share in discussion their view of the current situation and present their efforts in resolving the absence of MTMS.

Learning outcomes : The participants will: Understand MeSH linked data model design and its application for translation data management; Be able to use a new system for MeSH translation locally on their devices (PC, laptop); Learn how to translate MeSH in a new interface; Know how to convince a system administrator to deploy a new open-source software for MeSH translation; Be able to develop a use case for their translated MeSH datasets; Know how the other MeSH translating organizations are working; Meet new colleagues in the MeSH translation community.

Type of interactivity : Active participation - individual and group work, learning exchange through discussion.

Level : Intermediate

Target audience : Anyone interested in the different aspects of MeSH translation process or in the resulting MeSH datasets usage : colleagues from MeSH Special Interest Group; MeSH translators; Data managers; Metadata specialists; System integrators, software architects.

Preparation for the session : Yes

Biography and Bibliography
Filip Kriz, National Medical Library, Prague, Czech Republic
Head of Library Apps & Digitization Dept. A librarian, long-time system administrator, data wrangler, software developer and open source enthusiast

Lenka Maixnerova, National Medical Library, Prague, Czech Republic
Assistant Director of Department of Acquisition, Processing and Management of Collections. Manager of Czech MeSH translation, and of Bibliographia medica Čechoslovaca. Head of Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic for Prague region.