Conference Agenda

CEC morning 03
Monday, 17/June/2019:
9:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Room 106

ID: 155 / CEC morning 03: 1
CEC session
Topics: Technology Uptake
Keywords: open access, browser extentions, one-click-access, beyond the linkresolver

How To Get the PDF (with or without the help of your library)

Guus van den Brekel1, Robin Ottjes2

1Central Medical Library, UMCG, Netherlands; 2Central Medical Library, UMCG, Netherlands

What if you suddently can not get access to a range of journals, because the subscription was cancelled? This happens more and more . Think of Germany and Sweden and the Elsevier license renewal issues. Sweden offered a range of possible alternative tools and sources to try to get alternative access. We knów our users will use other way of getting to the pdf, if we -the library- can not offer it. But we hardly ever discuss this. How many ways are there exactly? And how do they work? How can I find open access articles in the most efficient way?

Participants will learn about all possible ways, tools and tips for users to find the full-text of scientific publications. an overview of (licensed) access tools used by libraries worldwide.

Tools included (but not limited to): LeanLibrary, Kopernio, Open Access Button, AnywhereAccess, KeyLib, Easyproxy, Unpaywall, Google Scholar button

Alternative OA databases: Dimensions, 1Findr, BASE, CORE, DOAJ, OpenDOAR, OSF Preprints, Zenodo, BioRxiv etc.

Learning outcomes : Participants will understand the full range of used tools in libraries to deliver access to full-text, including tools and sources nót originating from or licensed by the library.

Together with the group they will have hands-on experience with various browser extentions, compare and analyse their features and performances. New developments and future implications of tools like Kopernio, Lean Library and Anywhereaccess will be addressed and part of group discussion.

Creating a relevant list of alternative tools and sources, tailor-made for the participants situation is part of the experience.

Level : Beginner/Intermediate

Target audience : Any librarian who has to advice patrons -or library staff- about access to licensed and non-licensed publications, including open access.

Preparation for the session: Yes

Biography and Bibliography
Guus van den Brekel and Robin Ottjes are medical information specialists working at Central Medical Library, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands