Conference Agenda

Vendor session V-9: Springer Nature
Wednesday, 19/June/2019:
2:55pm - 3:15pm

Location: Room 119

ID: 269 / Vendor session V-9: 1
Product presentation

Hospitals and Health at Springer Nature – customized solutions

David Huybens, Nadja Madani

Springer Nature, Netherlands, The

At Springer Nature we understand that our customers don’t always have the same needs. Over the years we have learnt that customers from the hospitals and health sector often have specific needs which differ from traditional university libraries or corporate customers.

Springer Nature is aware that clinicians are often interested in the most recent scientific developments in their field and they don’t always require access to an archive.

For many librarians, we understand it is challenging to offer this kind of content whilst having a limited budget. Therefore, we have developed a variety of customizable solutions which offer the flexibility and budget control you need as well as access to relevant content on our Springer Nature platforms.

With our hospitals and health portfolio, we are able to customize solutions for each individual customer. For some hospitals the subscription model might be a better option, for others the customized solutions we have developed might be a better option. Please join our presentation to learn more about the access models we have developed and how our resources may be able to support your clinicians in their day to day practice.