Conference Agenda

Vendor session V-11: Elsevier
Thursday, 20/June/2019:
1:40pm - 2:00pm

Location: Room 117

ID: 272 / Vendor session V-11: 1
Product presentation

'What if your students, faculty and clinicians could…?'

Emilius Katrin, Muntslag Roquillo

Elsevier GmbH, Germany

Improve clinical practice through informed, confident decisions

Clinical care teams and medical students need to be armed with evidence-based answers for all cases, across all specialties. If your clinical teams operate with the same accurate answers, you can ensure a safer, more consistent patient experience that’s based on the most advanced standards of care. And, when you support medical students’ information needs with reference works from acclaimed authors, you can help them succeed at school and in practice.

With Elsevier’s ClinicalKey, you will improve clinical practice through informed, confident decisions. ClinicalKey is a clinical knowledge solution designed to help healthcare professionals and students find the right answers at the right time, every time, through a wide breadth and depth of trusted content.

Medical Institutions & Education

Provide your institution with ClinicalKey access to instantly discover why clinicians, healthcare executives, medical librarians and medical students worldwide trust it to save time and help improve patient outcomes.