Conference Agenda

CEC Full Day
Monday, 17/June/2019:
9:30am - 4:30pm

Location: Room 035

ID: 132 / CEC Full Day: 1
CEC session
Topics: Evidence-Based Practice
Keywords: Bibliographic Databases; Review Literature as Topic; Information Storage and Retrieval; Controlled Vocabulary

Improving efficiency and confidence in systematic searching through an innovative way of searching bibliographic databases

Wichor Bramer, Gerdien de Jonge, Elise Krabbendam, Sabrina Gunput

Erasmus MC, Netherlands, The

The course is a hands-on session around searching the medical literature for librarian-mediated searches. In the course examples will be used from the practice of the teachers as well as research questions from the clients of the participants.

Before the workshop the participants will be asked to prepare some exercises that will be discussed during the workshop, and will be used to adapt the level of the workshop to the level of knowledge of the participants. The homework includes analyzing a research question, creating an exhaustive search strategy on a given research question and finding search terms on a certain topic.

Topics to be discussed during the workshop:

  • Analyzing a research question (discussion of homework, joint exercise on teachers' examples and individual exercise on participants' question)
  • Finding search terms (discussion of homework and individual exercise on participants' question)
  • Creating the basic search strategy (joint exercise on teachers' examples and individual exercise on participants' question)
  • Optimizing the search strategy to find more relevant terms and to find all relevant references (individual exercise on participants' question)
  • Translating the searches to different databases using macros in MS Word (individual exercise on participants' question)
  • Evaluation of the search strategy. (joint exercise on teachers' examples and individual exercise on participants' question)

Participants can each work in their own database that they have access to. The teachers are familiar with, Embase and Medline via Ovid, Medline via EBSCOhost or ProQuest and PubMed and will teach the translation between these databases and interfaces as well as the Cochrane Library, Web of Science, CINAHL, PsycINFO, Scopus and Google Scholar.

Learning Outcomes : Participants can analyze research questions to identify important elements for a search; Participants can apply the method to find search terms relevant to a research question; Participants can create a basic search strategy in their database of choice using the new method and can apply the optimization method to find extra relevant terms; Participants can apply macros in MS Word to translate search strategies between databases and interfaces and understand how they can adapt the macros to suit their own databases; Participants can evaluate the quality of their own searches and that of others.

Target audience : Participants who have some experience in searching in different medical databases, who are familiar with operators and thesaurus terms and who want to learn a stepwise method to improve the process and results of searching in multiple databases.

Level : Advanced

Preparation for the session: Yes

Biography and Bibliography
Wichor Bramer and his colleagues are information specialist at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. They have developed a method to create high quality systematic searches in a fast standardized way. They have published about the topic in several scientific journal articles. Wichor has written a PhD thesis on the topic that is expected to be defended in summer 2019.