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Author(s) Session
Ardita, GiuseWorkshop D-01  Presenter
Austrheim, Gunhild HelenePosters
Bailey, SharonPosters
Bakker, Marjan S.M.Posters
Bangert, DanielWorkshop A-02  Presenter
Barragan, VictoriaCEC morning 05
Becker, LornePosters
Beecher, DeirdreWorkshop A-03  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Bellanger, SilkeWorkshop G-03  Presenter
Beth, BayleyKarger
Bethel, AlisonWorkshop D-07  Presenter
Workshop G-01  Presenter
Blumer, ElianeWorkshop F-02  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Bradley-Ridout, GlynevaPosters  Presenter
Bramer, WichorCEC Full Day  Presenter
Workshop D-04  Presenter
Braun, VolkerWorkshop B-06  Presenter
Brbre, IgorCEC morning 02  Presenter
Breathnach, CiaraPosters  Presenter
Brown, Fiona Joan LairdWorkshop A-05  Presenter
Workshop G-06  Presenter
Burns, JaneWorkshop G-02  Presenter
Buset, Karen JohanneWorkshop D-03  Presenter
Campbell, SandyWorkshop C-01  Presenter
Capdarest-Arest, NicolePosters  Presenter
Carrigan, Esther EPosters
Carrigan. MLS. AHIP-D, EstherPosters
Chang, Hui-ChinPosters  Presenter
Chiu, Tzu-HengPosters  Presenter
Chojecki, DagmaraWorkshop F-04
Christensen, HannePosters
Ciolf, LauraPosters
Cipolat Mis, ChiaraPosters
Claivaz, Jean-BlaiseWorkshop A-07  Presenter
Workshop B-01  Presenter
Cognetti, GaetanaPosters
Cole. MHA, LouannPosters
De Castro, PaolaPosters  Presenter
de Jonge, GerdienCEC Full Day  Presenter
Workshop D-04  Presenter
de Kaenel, IsabelleWorkshop G-05  Presenter
de Kock, ShelleyCEC morning 04  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
De Paoli, PaoloPosters
Declève, GhislaineWorkshop D-03  Presenter
Delaunois, Isabelle YvettePosters  Presenter
Dozier, MarshallWorkshop A-05  Presenter
Workshop B-07  Presenter
Duffy, StevenCEC morning 04  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Egan, Siobhan MaryPosters
Eitel, CorneliaPosters
Elmers, JolandaSpecial session 01
Ewald, HannahWorkshop B-06  Presenter
Fazekas-Paragh, JuditPosters
Ferrarin, EmanuelaPosters
Ferrinho, Ana MariaPosters  Presenter
Förstner, KonradWorkshop A-02  Presenter
Foster. MS. MPH. AHIP, MargaretWorkshop A-01
Fought, RickyPosters  Presenter
Franceschi, SilviaPosters
Fuchs, SiiriWorkshop B-05  Presenter
Fuller, KaitlinCEC morning 01  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Gaardsted, Pernille SkouPosters  Presenter
Ganshorn, HeatherWorkshop A-04
Godel, SylviePosters  Presenter
Gómez Sánchez, Alicia FátimaCEC afternoon 04  Presenter
Workshop D-01  Presenter
Gómez-Sánchez, Alicia FátimaWorkshop B-07  Presenter
Workshop E-02  Presenter
González-Cantalejo, MarWorkshop E-02  Presenter
Gonzalez-Cantalejo, MarPosters  Presenter
Gorogh, EditPosters  Presenter
Gosteli-Peter, Martina A.Posters
Gray, AnneWorkshop B-03  Presenter
Gray, JamiePosters  Presenter
Gruarin, NicolasPosters
Grzesiak, MarylèneSpecial session 01  Presenter
Gulhane, LinaWorkshop F-05  Presenter
Gunput, SabrinaCEC Full Day
Workshop D-04
Halling. MLIS. AHIP, T. DerekWorkshop A-01
Hayden, Katharine AlixWorkshop A-04  Presenter
Heino, TiinaWorkshop B-05  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Henderson, MargaretPosters  Presenter
Herrera, AllisonPosters
Huang, Kuo-ShuPosters
Huber, JacquelinePosters  Presenter
Huybens, DavidSpringer Nature  Presenter
Ibragimova, IrinaWorkshop F-03  Presenter
Iivonen, RaisaPosters  Presenter
Iriarte, PabloCEC afternoon 01  Presenter
Workshop E-02  Presenter
Isabel Gómez, RebecaCEC afternoon 04  Presenter
Isabel-Gómez, RebecaWorkshop E-02  Presenter
Iverson, SandyWorkshop B-02  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Janka, HeidrunWorkshop B-06  Presenter
Jans, MagdalenaPosters
Jaques, CécilePosters  Presenter
Jenkins, RuthWorkshop A-05  Presenter
Johansen, AnjaWorkshop G-02  Presenter
Juan, VeronicaCEC morning 05
Jurksaitiene, DaivaPosters  Presenter
Kaigorodova, TatyanaPosters  Presenter
Karacsony, GyongyiPosters
Katrin, EmiliusElsevier  Presenter
Kendall, SandraPosters  Presenter
Keogh, SinéadPosters  Presenter
Kerdelhue, GaetanWorkshop E-02  Presenter
Kersebaum, JuliaKarger
Kiszio, BlanchePosters  Presenter
Kitchin, VanessaPosters  Presenter
Klein, Sabine D.Posters  Presenter
Klerings, IrmaWorkshop D-06  Presenter
Knutsdatter Østerdal, IdunWorkshop G-02  Presenter
Korjonen, HelenaWorkshop F-03  Presenter
Kostova, ZlatinaPosters
Krabbendam, EliseCEC Full Day
Workshop D-04
Krause, EvamariaWorkshop A-02  Presenter
Kriukova, IrinaPosters
Kriz, FilipWorkshop A-06  Presenter
Kung, Janice Yu ChenWorkshop F-04  Presenter
Kuusniemi, Mari Elisa "MEK"Workshop B-05  Presenter
Larmo, KatriWorkshop B-05  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Lasotta, KristinaKarger  Presenter
Last, AnnaPosters
Laursen, HenrikPosters  Presenter
Lebrand, CécileCEC afternoon 05  Presenter
Lee, JenniferWorkshop A-04
Lee, TeresaSpecial session 02
Lein, Regina KüfnerPosters  Presenter
Lenton, EricaCEC morning 01  Presenter
Levin, LeonardPosters  Presenter
Low, Hui-YingPosters
Ma, Kevin Sheng-KaiPosters  Presenter
Mack, EmmanuellePosters  Presenter
Madani, NadjaSpringer Nature
Maierhofer, AaronThird Iron  Presenter
Maixnerova, LenkaWorkshop A-06  Presenter
Mann, MalaCEC afternoon 02  Presenter
Workshop D-06  Presenter
Marita, EleftheriadouJove
Martin, ElainePosters  Presenter
Mavergames, ChrisWorkshop A-03  Presenter
Mazzocut, MauroPosters  Presenter
Metzendorf, Maria-IntiCEC afternoon 03  Presenter
Special session 02  Presenter
Michael J., AnnechinoWolters Kluwer  Presenter
Michilin, NancyPosters
Misawa, MitsunoriPosters
Misso, KateCEC morning 04
Moberly, Heather KWorkshop G-06  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Morin, AnnePosters  Presenter
Muller, Floriane S.CEC afternoon 01  Presenter
Workshop A-07  Presenter
Workshop B-01  Presenter
Workshop E-02  Presenter
Mulrennan, KirstenPosters  Presenter
Muñoz, LauraCEC morning 05  Presenter
Murawski, ChrisF1000  Presenter
Nicholson, JoannePosters
Noake, CaroCEC morning 04
Noel-Storr, AnnaWorkshop B-04  Presenter
Nordmann, AlainPosters
O'Malley, Christopher MichaelPosters  Presenter
Offner, AdélaïdeSpecial session 01  Presenter
Ottjes, RobinCEC morning 03  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Ovaska, TuuleviWorkshop D-03  Presenter
Palazzasi, IlariaPosters
Panes, MathildeWorkshop F-02  Presenter
Pepper. MLIS. MPH, CatherineWorkshop A-01  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Perilli, RobertoPosters
Pethrick, HelenWorkshop A-04
Pike, CaitlinWorkshop E-01  Presenter
Place, EmmaWorkshop G-06
Poltronieri, ElisabettaPosters
Premji, ZahraWorkshop A-04  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Racine, AlexandrePosters  Presenter
Raworth, RebeccaPosters
Reichler, - FantinWorkshop F-02
Posters  Presenter
Reimann, IrisPosters  Presenter
Ritchie, AnnPosters  Presenter
Rogers, MorwennaWorkshop D-07  Presenter
Workshop G-01  Presenter
Roper, TomCEC morning 02  Presenter
Roquillo, MuntslagElsevier
Ross, JanineCEC morning 04
Ryu, MichellePosters
Scarinci, VirginiaPosters
Schmitz, JasminWorkshop G-04  Presenter
Scotti, ValeriaWorkshop D-01  Presenter
Semmler-Schmetz, MartinaPosters  Presenter
Shipman, Jean P.Posters  Presenter
Skelley, PatriceNEJM (Starts at 1:40 pm)  Presenter
Skidmore, BeckyWorkshop D-06
Skrubbeltrang, ConniPosters
Stansfield, ClaireWorkshop B-04  Presenter
Workshop D-06  Presenter
Stella, MarcoJove  Presenter
Stirk, LisaCEC morning 04  Presenter
Sullivan, KerryPosters
Thomas, JamesWorkshop B-04  Presenter
Thommen, MoritzKarger  Presenter
Ticoll, MiriamWorkshop B-02
Tjosvold, LisaWorkshop F-04  Presenter
Tooey, M.J.Workshop D-02  Presenter
Trombert, AlexiaWorkshop G-05  Presenter
Truccolo, IvanaPosters  Presenter
Tuand, KriziaWorkshop B-07  Presenter
Workshop D-05  Presenter
Posters  Presenter
Turner, AlisonWorkshop B-03  Presenter
van den Brekel, GuusCEC morning 03  Presenter
van Stralen, Gertruud D.Posters
Vandendriessche, ThomasWorkshop B-07  Presenter
Workshop D-05  Presenter
Walsh, ChrisPosters
Watson, DonnaWorkshop A-05  Presenter
Wechsler, MonikaPosters
Wedvich, HildePosters
Widén, GunillaPosters
Wilde, MichaelPosters  Presenter
Wilson, SuzanneWorkshop B-03  Presenter
Wind, MargaritaRSNA  Presenter
Wöckel, ClaudiaWorkshop F-06  Presenter
Zbinden, JérômePosters  Presenter
Zidon, Helen3D4 Medical  Presenter
Ziegler, CarolynPosters
Ziesemer, Kirsten A.Posters  Presenter