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Workshop D-04
Wednesday, 19/June/2019:
9:00am - 10:15am

Location: Room 106

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ID: 222 / Workshop D-04: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Technology Uptake
Keywords: Databases, Bibliographic; Information Storage and Retrieval; Review Literature as Topic; Database Management Systems

EndNote more than a reference tool (2 x 75 min)

Wichor Bramer, Gerdien de Jonge, Sabrina Gunput, Elise Krabbendam

Erasmus MC, Netherlands, The

EndNote is one of the most popular reference tools. It is used by many researchers and authors, mainly to create reference lists or as a personal library. However, because it is more customizable than other comparable programs, EndNote can be used in many other ways. In this workshop and in the preparation we will use the commercial software EndNote in various ways and start to develop new functionalities with it, as well as exploring the existing extra functionality developed by Erasmus MC. Experience with the program is recommended.

The methods as published by the workshop leaders (refer to the authors' bibliography) for deduplication(1), selecting relevant references for a review(2), updating searches(3) and semi-automatic downloading of reference lists(4) will be discussed, as well as advanced methods of organization-wide customized installation of EndNote. Participants are encouraged to share their own best practices of the use of EndNote or experiences with other reference software tools in their organizations. Together we will think of new applications for the use of endnote and start development of new output styles to accomplish them.

Learning outcomes : Participants understand what EndNote can be used for next to standard purposes; they can apply the methods developed by Erasmus MC in their own practice; they can evaluate the methods of other participants and compare it to their own methods; they have started creating new tools for new purposes of the use of EndNote.

Type of interactivity : The class will start with a flipped classroom exercise. Participants are asked to describe their experience with EndNote and how they execute certain tasks. They are also asked to provide ideas of new possible applications of EndNote in practice. During the workshop there is discussion about the best methods for certain tasks. Participants can vote on the new practical applications for EndNote. Participants work in groups to begin to create output styles and other files for the chosen new applications.

Level : Intermediate/Advanced

Target audience : Participants who have experience in using EndNote as a reference management program and who want to make the most of the technical features of the software.

Preparation for the session : Yes

Biography and Bibliography
Wichor Bramer and his colleagues are information specialist at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. They have developed a method to create high quality systematic searches in a fast standardized way as well as various methods in EndNote. They have published about the topic in several scientific journal articles. Wichor has written a PhD thesis on the topic that is expected to be defended in summer 2019.
1.Bramer et al. J Med Libr Assoc.104(3):240-3.
2.Bramer et al. J Med Libr Assoc.105(1):84-7.
3.Bramer et al. J Med Libr Assoc.105(3):285-9.
4.Bramer. J Med Libr Assoc.106(4):542-6.

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