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Workshop B-05
Tuesday, 18/June/2019:
2:00pm - 3:15pm

Location: Room 105

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ID: 182 / Workshop B-05: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Roadmap of our Profession
Keywords: research data management, competence mapping

Competences needed for research data management in libraries - Do we need right skills or the right persons? (2 x 75 min)

Mari Elisa "MEK" Kuusniemi1, Siiri Fuchs1, Katri Larmo2, Tiina Heino2

1Helsinki University Library, Finland; 2Terkko Medical Campus Libarary, Helsinki University Libarary, Finland

When supporting RDM, different skills and subject specific competencies are needed. The depth and frequency in which each skill/special competency is necessary, depends on the expert role. E.g. the prime comptencies of an "educator & marketing expert" might be different than those of an "developer & coordinator". In this workshop we explore together the ideas of each participant: what are the skills needed in each role, and how frequently. Each participant reflects to her/his own skills and roles as well as the big picture.

Learning outcomes : By doing pre-tasks, group working, interactive and individual reflection, participants create "architypes of RDM professional roles", as well as combination of skill sets needed to fulfill those roles. Each participant reflects both in a personal and in an organizational level. The metacognitive knowledge created will help to meet expectations of an RDM expert in an ambitious but still realistic level, as well as map the needed continuing professional development. The participants will discover his/her current competency level as well as which skills are the most crucial in her/his role and which can be left in the responsibility of other expert colleagues. The workshop will also be useful for mapping the possible needs for recruiting new RDM experts.

Type of interactivity : Pre-task: See the table in p. 10, to get an overview of library RDM services: Reeves Flores et al. (2015), Libraries and the Research Data Management Landscape,

Level : Intermediate

Target audience : Anyone working with research data management (RDM) related services or responsible in organizing those services.

Preparation for the session : Yes

Biography and Bibliography
Mari Elisa "MEK" Kuusniemi, Research services, Helsinki University Library. MEK is a science information specialist and part of the research services team. Her main task is to develop the research data management services of the library.

Siiri Fuchs, Research services, Helsinki University Library. Siiri is a science information specialist working in Data Support with background in biological sciences.

Katri Larmo, Terkko Medical Campus Library, Helsinki University Library. Katri is an information specialist and part of the research services team.

Tiina Heino, Terkko Medical Campus Library, Helsinki University Library. Tiina is an information specialist, main task coordinating and having courses in information retrieval at the University of Helsinki, Medical Campus.

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