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Workshop B-02
Tuesday, 18/June/2019:
2:00pm - 3:15pm

Location: Room 035

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ID: 202 / Workshop B-02: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Roadmap of our Profession
Keywords: Leadership development, Management; Knowledge Mobilization; Mentoring; Strategic Planning

Developing new leaders: Learn from the Canadian experience based upon a unique leadership institute presented by the Canadian Health Libraries Association (2 x 75 min)

Sandy Iverson1, Miriam Ticoll2

1St. Michael's Hospital, Canada; 2Canadian Health Libraries Association

The Canadian Health Libraries Association /Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada (CHLA/ABSC) recently planned and launched its first ever leadership institute. The Leadership Institute is designed for health science librarians who want to develop strategic approaches to mobilizing knowledge and enabling informed decision-making at senior levels within their organizations. The goal is to build the capacity of participants to develop an approach to leadership that integrates five major components of leadership development (Understanding of self; Understanding of Context; Organizational analysis/Systems Thinking; Relationships for multi-directional influence and Change management ) while also engaging with current and emerging topics challenging health librarians such as artificial intelligence, text mining, personalized medicine, technological integration, open access, open science, metrics, etc.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for you to learn about the CHLA/ABSC initiative and what we learned from it, but also to engage in conversations about some of these themes and topics. The workshop will enable participants to reflect on their own leadership practices and share their thoughts and experiences, as we collectively grapple with some of the challenging questions that arose during the Institute such as:

  • How do we successfully advocate for library and information services within our organizations?
  • What is the main value-add that librarians bring to the table, now that searching is done by everyone, including possibly the next iteration of IBM’s Watson?
  • How can we successfully articulate and use our organization’s values to enhance engagement with the library?
  • How can we develop action plans to continuously monitor and respond to external changes that impact the internal operations of our organizations?
  • Finally, participants will have an opportunity to discuss and decide on the most burning issues for library leadership in the European context.

Learning outcomes : Participants will gain an increased understanding of the complexities of leadership in the changing health information services landscape. They will be able to articulate the five major components of the leadership program developed and delivered by the CHLA/ABSC Leadership Institute. They will have experienced an opportunity to critically analyze how potential leaders in the Canadian context have approached some of the more challenging leadership challenges facing our profession, and to express how they understand these issues from their own perspective and location. Participants will be able to apply a health library oriented framework for leadership in the contexts in which they work.

Type of interactivity : This workshop will integrate 2 or more interactive methods such as small group discussions; pyramid discussions and/or dotmocracy. While the final format may vary, it is likely that the workshop will include:

  • a short introduction to the Canadian leadership institute (its background, key components and lessons learned)
  • small group discussions on specific key topics
  • pyramid discussion or dotmocracy exercise for developing consensus on primary leadership development needs

Level : Intermediate

Target audience : Managers, Leaders, Aspiring leaders

Preparation for the session : No

Biography and Bibliography
Sandy Iverson is president of the Canadian Health Libraries Association 2019/20. Her professional position is as manager of the Health Information and Knowledge Mobilization program at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. She holds graduate degrees in Library Science and Adult Education. Her professional interests include health and information literacy, leadership development, measurement and evaluation, and bibliotherapy. Sandy is also a practicing psychotherapist in the province of Ontario.

Miriam Ticoll has been a leader in health librarianship in Canada for over two decades. Miriam is a past President of the Canadian Health Libraries Association/ Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada (CHLA/ABSC) and a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from CHLA/ABSC. She currently works as a consultant in the health-related not-for-profit sector.

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