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Session Overview
Workshop G-03
Thursday, 20/June/2019:
9:00am - 10:15am

Location: Room 104

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ID: 244 / Workshop G-03: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Ecology of Scholarly Communications
Keywords: Research Data Management, Data Management Plans

Playing together! Collaborations to support optimal research data management in life and medical sciences

Silke Bellanger

University Library Basel, Switzerland

Based on the experiences and questions by all participants the workshop will cover:

  • research data management services in health and medical sciences: what are the contents and methods to provide?
  • trainings on writing data management plans: how to enable researchers efficiently to create a data management plan and to reflect on their practice? -roles: who at the university should work together to provide the best combination of expertise for optimal research data management support?
  • collaboration: what are the means of establishing the collaboration for research data support?


In 2017 the University of Basel started a project on research data management to build up policies, services and infrastructures. From the beginning on it was the aim to cooperate between the different service providers - library, it services, university management and discipline specific facilities as f.e. the clinical trial unit.

One of the first activities was a pilot for trainings on data management plans in life sciences. The workshops were organized by the Research IT of the life science department and the administrative staff of the departement of biomedicine. The library, including the subject librarians of medicine and natural sciences as well as the library's research support people, joined in for the presentations.

The combination of exptertise was appreciated by the particpants and was a chance for the collaborators to share knowledge and to broaden their common understanding of researcher needs.

With this workshop at EAHIL 2019 the University of Baseel would like to share it's experience and to invite to debate differing or similar best practices of research data management support in life and medical sciences. The participants are invited to prepare short presentations of their examples, which will be part of the workshop. And the results of the workshop will be documented and shared openly.

Learning outcomes :

  1. The participants will unterstand the current state of art in research data management services by discussing their experiences and international examples.
  2. The participants evaluate different ways of organizing research data management and identify best practices, which will be documented in the workshop.

Type of interactivity : For the workshop we will work with :

  • a market place to present the different examples
  • group work to write in collaboration a checklist for research data management support for librarians and information specialists in health and medical sciences

Level : Intermediate

Target audience : Librarians and information specialists who are in charge of developing Open Science services, in particular Research Data Management services or interested in the topic.

Preparation for the session : No

Biography and Bibliography
Silke Bellanger, Head of Research Suppport, University Library Basel
Co-Lead of the project research data management at the University of Basel
Master of Arts in Sociology, History and Law, Master of Advanced Studies in library and information sciences
Research background: Social Studies of Science and Medicine

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