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Workshop G-06
Thursday, 20/June/2019:
9:00am - 10:15am

Location: Room 114

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ID: 220 / Workshop G-06: 1
Workshop session
Topics: Evidence-Based Practice
Keywords: evidence-based veterinary medicine, information skills, literature searching strategies

Evidence-based veterinary medicine and the librarian: what do we do and how can we make it better?

Fiona Joan Laird Brown1, Heather K Moberly2, Emma Place3

1University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 2Texas A&M University; 3University of Bristol

Although evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) is at a more nascent stage than evidence-based (human) medicine, it is increasingly mentioned in veterinary school curricular competencies, taught in veterinary schools [1], and supported by governing and accreditation bodies. This has created growing roles for librarians supporting veterinary curricula and clinical veterinary practitioners.

We take an evidence-based approach to supporting EBVM and this workshop provides participants with an opportunity to share their experiences of information literacy teaching and learning in support of EBVM.

We will share and discuss examples of best teaching practices and facilitators will share their experiences with developing EBVM support. Literature searching is at the heart of librarian support for EBVM and this workshop will include a sharing of facilitators’ current search examples and collaboratively developing search examples during the workshop.

We will discuss the “why” of doing things in certain ways to move our involvement with EBVM from an eminence base to one of evidence. For example, does the literature support what we are doing or have we simply always done it this way?

Additionally, we will discuss product changes which may impact veterinary literature searching. For example, changes are scheduled in 2019 to PubMed [2] and VetMed Resource (VMR). VMR requires a subscription and the workshop will provide login access and a 30-day trial to VetMed Resource.

Format: Introduction, with a focus on current roles in supporting EBVM; Presentation: sharing examples of current practice in teaching search skills for EBVM; Practical exercise: participants will work in small groups to critique some existing search strategies specific to veterinary medicine and evaluate their likely effectiveness; Group discussion: how to improve search strategies and the way we teach them to others; Agreeing next steps for virtual collaboration as librarians supporting EBVM.After the workshop delegates will receive copies of all searches.

Learning outcomes : By the end of the workshop participants should: Understand the principles of Library support for EBVM; Have more confidence in their search skills for literature searches in veterinary medicine; Be able to apply new ideas to their own support and teaching of EBVM; Be able to use the networks available to support librarians working in EBVM.

Potential workshop outputs: A shared understanding of the training and teaching methods being used for EBVM in different countries; We would like to build exemplars of search strategies for veterinary medicine to share, via online tools such as EBVM Learning ( ; We anticipate that working with other colleagues face-to-face in the workshop would facilitate future virtual networking and collaboration, in this highly specialised subject area.

Type of interactivity : After the initial presentation, participants will take part in a small group exercise to critically appraise existing search strategies to improve their skills in literature searching for EBVM. We may use speed networking, depending on the group size.

Level : Intermediate

Target audience : Veterinary and animal health librarians and information professionals; anyone with an interest in evidence-based veterinary medicine.

Preparation for the session : Yes

Biography and Bibliography
Fiona Brown is Academic Support Librarian for Veterinary Medicine, Fiona Brown is Academic Support Librarian for Veterinary Medicine, Roslin Institute and Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in information literacy, scholarly communication, historical veterinary library collections. She is co-author of EBVM Learning and supports students and academics in literature searching.

Heather K Moberly, Coordinator of Veterinary Services for the Medical Sciences Library at Texas A&M University, works at the intersection of information literacy and veterinary education. She supports both the veterinary curriculum and postgraduate clinical veterinarians in practice. In her spare time she employs these same skills to herd cats.

Emma Place is Subject Librarian for Veterinary and Dental Sciences at the University of Bristol, UK and co-author of EBVM Learning, an online tutorial providing an introduction to Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine. She teaches EBVM to undergraduate and post graduate students, and supports veterinary clinicians in their literature searching.

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