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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 02/Sept/2020
FUN RUN: EAC 2020 virtual running event
Chair: Sebastian Schmitt
Chair: Peter Josef Wlasits
Grab your running shoes an post about your virtual EAC 2020 fun run using #goeac2020 #runeac2020 #EACgoesonline. Make sure you get your exercise done before another exciting conference day.
WG-AAS: Working group meeting Atmospheric Aerosol
Location: Burnell Hall
Chair: Ana Kroflič
WG-AH: Working group meeting Aerosol and Health
Location: Fuchs Hall
Chair: Otto Olavi Hänninen
WG-AMT: Working group meeting Aerosol Measurement Techniques
Location: Friedlander Hall
Chair: Christof Asbach
WG-AT: Working group meeting Aerosol Technology
Location: Aitken Hall
Chair: Adam Boies
Exhibition3: Exhibition
Location: Exhibition Area
Platinum Webinar: COVID-19 from a measurement perspective - A glance into TSI’s tool box
Location: Horn Hall
EAC 2020 would like to thank TSI GmbH for taking over the Platinum Sponsorship
AW2: Smoluchowski Award Ceremony
Location: Europa Saal
Chair: Birgit Wehner
Plenary III: Aneta Wierzbicka: Indoor particles – their physicochemical properties and toxicity
Location: Europa Saal
Chair: Ulrich Bundke

Indoor particles – their physicochemical properties and toxicity

Aneta Wierzbicka

Break3: Break and exhibition
Location: Exhibition Area
AAS 5: Organic aerosols: molecular characterization and secondary formation
Location: Aitken Hall
Chair: Thorsten Hoffmann
Chair: Alexander Lucas Vogel

Structural characterization of lactone-containing MW 212 organosulfates originating from isoprene oxidation in ambient fine aerosol

Paulina Wach, Grzegorz Spolnik, Jason D. Surratt, Kacper Blaziak, Krzysztof Rudzinski, Ying-Hsuan Lin, Willy Maenhaut, Witold Danikiewicz, Magda Claeys, Rafal Szmigielski

High-MW esters from alpha-pinene ozonolysis: a revised mechanistic proposal for their formation from highly oxygenated molecules

Magda Claeys, Frank Blockhuys, Julie Cautereels, Willy Maenhaut

Structural characterisation of monoterpene originating nitrooxy-organosulfates

Yoshiteru Iinuma, Kei Sato, Sathiyamurthi Ramasamy

Condensed-phase reactivity of polyfunctional organic nitrates under atmospheric conditions

Juan Miguel Gonzalez Sanchez, Nicolas Brun, Junteng Wu, Brice Temime-Roussel, Sylvain Ravier, Amandine Durand, Jean-Louis Clement, Anne Monod

Molecular composition and volatility – how straightforward is this relationship?

Claudia Mohr, Taina Yli-Juuti, Wei Huang, Arto Heitto, Siegfried Schobesberger

Molecular Insights into the Isothermal Evaporation Dynamics of Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol Particles Using Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF)

Zijun Li, Angela Buchholz, Arttu Ylisirniö, Luis Barreira, Liqing Hao, Siegfried Schobesberger, Taina Yli-Juuti, Annele Virtanen

The Yield of Methane Sulfonic Acid and Sulphuric Acid from the Oxidation of Dimethyl Sulphide

Jiali Shen, Wiebke Scholz, Xv cheng He, Jun yee Tham, Guilluame Marie, Bianchi Federico, Katriane Lehtipalo, Mikko Sipilä, Doug Worsnop, Markku Kulmala

Operational CAPRAM multiphase halogen and DMS chemistry in the CTM COSMO-MUSCAT

Erik Hans Hoffmann, Andreas Tilgner, Roland Schrödner, Ralf Wolke, Hartmut Herrmann

Discrimination of biomass burning sources using innovative non-targeted approaches

Camille Noblet, Jean-Luc Besombes, François Lestremau, Jean-Luc Jaffrezo, Olivier Favez, Serge Collet, Alexandre Albinet

Online Characterisation of Organic Aerosols during a Pollution Event using FIGAERO ToF-CIMS

Niall O'Sullivan, Julien Kammer, Elena Gomez-Alvarez, Stig Hellebust, John Wenger

Identifying atmospheric organic aerosol formation mechanism in megacities

Sri Hapsari Budisulistiorini, Daniel J. Bryant, Alfie Mayhew, David Topping, Jacqui F. Hamilton

AAS 6: Aerosols, clouds and polar regions
Location: Burnell Hall
Chair: Barbara Harm-Altstädter
Chair: Julia Schmale

A study on the relationship between ice activity, chemical composition and long-range transport of aerosol particles measured at the Jungfraujoch station

Larissa Lacher, Hans Clemen, Xiaoli Shen, Stephan Mertes, Daniel Weber, Jann Schrod, Martin Gysel-Beer, Martin Steinbacher, Assaf Zipori, Johannes Schneider, Zamin A. Kanji

A new instrument for continuous monitoring of ice nucleating particles

Cyril Brunner, Zamin Abdulali Kanji

Ice nucleation on ammonium sulfate and secondary organic aerosol particles

Barbara Bertozzi, Pia Bogert, Robert Wagner, Imad El Haddad, Kristina Höhler, Houssni Lamkaddam, Brandon Lopez, Harald Saathoff, Junwei Song, Ping Tian, Nsikanabasi Umo, Franziska Vogel, Mingyi Wang, Thomas Leisner, Ottmar Möhler

The importance of sea-spray in regulating the activation of secondary aerosol particles

Kirsten N. Fossum, Jurgita Ovadnevaite, Darius Ceburnis, Jana Preissler, Jefferson R. Snider, Ru-Jin Huang, Andreas Zuend, Colin O'Dowd

Aerosol and cloud residual particle measurements in the trade wind regime at Puerto Rico

Johannes Schneider, Julia Y. Schmale, Stephan Mertes, Olga L. Mayol-Bracero, Stephan Borrmann

Estimating CCN concentrations using empirical models at two different environments

Fernando Rejano, Gloria Titos, Juan Andrés Casquero-Vera, Elisabeth Andrews, Peter Sheridan, Alberto Cazorla, Hassan Lyamani, Sonia Castillo, Lucas Alados-Arboledas, Francisco José Olmo

Sources and Occurrence of Biological Aerosols over the Pristine Southern Ocean

Alireza Moallemi, Sebastian Landwehr, Charlotte Robinson, Rafel Simó, Gang Chen, Robin Modini, Martin Schnaiter, Martin Gysel-Beer, Julia Schmale

One-year measurements of the chemical composition of aerosols and cloud droplets by FIGAERO-CIMS at the Zeppelin Observatory

Yvette Gramlich, Sophie Haslett, Karolina Siegel, Paul Zieger, Radovan Krejci, Claudia Mohr

Long-term measurement of coastal Antarctic aerosol refractive index

Zsófia Jurányi, Rolf Weller

Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds in the High Arctic

Roseline Cutting Thakur, Mari Mäki, Heidi Hellén, Lisa Beck, Tuuli Lehmusjärvi, Tuija Jokinen, Jaana Bäck, Mikko Sipilä

The effect of regional sources on cloud properties during an extreme warm-air advection in the Arctic

Elissavet Bossioli, Georgia Sotiropoulou, Georgia Methymaki, Maria Tombrou

AH 3: Particle-lung interactions, viruses and other bioaerosols
Location: Friedlander Hall
Chair: Otto Olavi Hänninen
Chair: Otmar Schmid

A New Look at Aerosol Deposition, Dosimetry and Biokinetics of Particles in the Lung

Lin Yang, Regine Gradl, Annette Feuchtinger, Kay S. Morgan, David Kutschke, Tobias Stoeger, Daniel Razansky, Axel Walch, Franz Pfeiffer, Otmar Schmid

Validation of Airspace Dimension Assessment (AiDA) with nanoparticles by comparison with hyperpolarized 129Xe Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Madeleine Petersson Sjögren, Ho-Fung Chan, Guilhem J. Collier, Graham Norquay, Lars E. Olsson, Jim M. Wild, Per Wollmer, Jakob Löndahl

Comprehensive understanding the roles of reactive oxygen species (ROS) as a predictor of aerosol particle toxicity

Z.H Zhang, S.S Steimer, A Mutzel, L Poulain, F Mothes, H Herrmann, M Kalberer

An in vitro air-liquid interface model system to predict inhalation toxicity of semi-volatile environmental contaminants

Stephanie Binder, Xin Cao, Sebastian Oeder, Sebastiano Di Bucchianico, Ralf Zimmermann

Enhanced electrostatic aerosol-to-hydrosol collection and survivability of H1N1 influenza virus via ascorbic acid

Amin Piri, Hyeong Rae Kim, Dae Hoon Park, Jungho Hwang

AMT 2: Miniaturized and low cost sensors
Location: Horn Hall
Chair: David Green
Chair: Torsten Tritscher – a new web site for comparison of small sensor and reference instruments

David Green, Timothy Baker

Investigating the performance of miniaturized and lightweight sensors under conditions experienced in flights with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Spyridon Bezantakos, Roubina Papaconstantinou, Neoclis Hadjigeorgiou, Kleanthis Erotokritou, George Biskos

Particle counting with a continuous wave laser-induced incandescence sensor

Matteo Kammerer, Fabian Purkl, Klaus Peter Geigle

The “Magic Spider”: A Compact Sensor for Ultrafine Particle Sizing

Stavros Amanatidis, Richard Flagan, Gregory Lewis, Susanne Hering

Improved method for the optical analysis of particulate black carbon (BC) using smartphones

Gang Chen, Qi Wang, Yunfei Fan, Bruch Urch, Frances Silverman, Mi Tian, Yushan Su, Xinghua Qiu, Tong Zhu, Arthur W.H. Chan

Microfluidic nanoparticle analysis chip for electrically measuring the effective density and size distribution of airborne nanoparticles

Hong-Beom Kwon, Tae-Hoon Lee, Woo-Yeong Song, Seung-Soo Lee, Yong-Jun Kim

Development and validation of a new UAV-balloon-sensor system for free tropospheric in-situ aerosol profiling: A contribution to ASKOS campaign in Cape Verde

Maria Kezoudi, Christos Keleshis, Maximilien Desservettaz, Florin Unga, Konrad Kandler, USRL team, Vassilis Amiridis, George Biskos, Jean Sciare

Adaption of a portable optical particle counter for aircraft measurements

Benedikt Fischer, Patrick Weber, Ulrich Bundke, Oliver F. Bischof, Ru-Shan Gao, Andeas Petzold

Performance Evaluation of Partector 2 for use On-board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Roubina Papaconstantinou, Spyros Bezantakos, Martin Fierz, George Biskos

AT 3: Process Analysis and Transportation/Combustion Emissions
Location: Fuchs Hall
Chair: Ismael Kenneth Ortega Colomer
Chair: Martin Irwin

Thermophoretic in operando sampling of gas-borne nanoparticles from reactive fluids

Frederik Kunze, Stefan Kuns, Tim Hülser, Hartmut Wiggers, Sophie M. Schnurre

Chemical characterization of size-selected nanoparticles emitted by a gasoline direct injection engine: impact of a catalytic stripper

Dumitru Duca, Yvain Carpentier, Claire Pirim, Mostafiz Rahman, Adam Boies, Cristian Focsa

Reliable engine emission measurement of particles down to 10 nm

Heinz Burtscher, Eleni Papaioannou, Dimitrios Zarvalis, Penelope Baltzopolou, Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos

Identification of defunct diesel particle filters through roadside sampling

Michal Vojtisek-Lom, Jan Skácel, Martin Pechout

Impact of aromatic and sulfur content of Certification Grade Jet-A1 on particle matter emissions

Ismael Kenneth Ortega Colomer, Rafael Barrellon-Vernay, Andrew P. Crayford, Antoine Berthier, Eliot Durand, David Delhaye, Mickael Sicard, Bruno Raepsaet, Frederic Ser, Cristian Focsa

The effects of air staging and combustion air control on black carbon and other particulate and gaseous emissions from a sauna stove

Sampsa Väätäinen, Jani Leskinen, Hanna Koponen, Heikki Lamberg, Miika Kortelainen, Juho Louhisalmi, Olli Sippula, Jarkko Tissari

Novel, all-in-one apparatus for stable and reproducible generation of atmospherically relevant aerosols using simulated atmospheric aging

Alejandro Keller, Patrick Specht, Peter Steigmeier, Daniel Kalbermatter, Konstantina Vasilatou

Soot and gas pollutants topography in a semi-technical aeronautical combustor

Cornelia Irimiea, Klaus Peter Geigle, Zhiyao Yin, Axel Vincent, Ismael Ortega, David Delhaye, Jean-Pierre Dufitumukiza, Antoine Berthier, Rafael Barrellon-Vernay, Alaric Vandestoc, Nicolas Fdida, Arnaud Ristori, Pascal Cherubini, David Carru, Xavier Mercier, Eric Therssen, Cristian Focsa, Daniel Gaffie, Ajmal Mohamed

Break3-2: Break and exhibition
Location: Exhibition Area
AAS P10: Source apportionment of atmospheric aerosols (III)
Location: Burnell Hall
Chair: Federico Bianchi
Chair: Petra Pokorná

Influence of anthropogenic aerosols on the rainfall, sample of U.S. Subtropical sites

Hanae Steli, Mohammed Diouri, Ibtissam Marsli, Rajae Meziane

Levoglucosan in the Rhine-Ruhr Area, Germany - Local Sources and Long Range Transport

Dieter Gladtke, Stephanie Rettig

Light Scattering by Fine Particles over a National Park in Central India: Comparisons between Measurements and Model Outputs

Krishna Kedia, Ramya Sunder Raman

Mineral dust and anthropogenic source contributions to the isotopic composition of Zn, Cu, and Pb in aerosols

Nina J. Schleicher, Shuofei Dong, Raquel Ochoa Gonzalez, Youbin Sun, Dominik J. Weiss

Mobile measurements of ultrafine particles east of an airport, Germany

Holger Gerwig, Jochen Schäfer, Klaus Wirtz

Near-real-time parallel Source Apportionment of Fine and Coarse Carbonaceous Aerosols at an urban background site

Jean Sciare, Florin Unga, Aliki Christodoulou, Roland Sarda-Estève, Martin Rigler, Matic Ivančič, Konstantina Oikonomou, Michael Pikridas, Iasonas Stavroulas, Elie Bimenyimana, Luka Drinovec, Grisa Močnik

Patterns in online measurements of airborne fluorescent particles in the south of Sweden

Madeleine Petersson Sjögren, Jonas Jakobsson, Thomas Bjerring Kristensen, Adam Kristensson, Malin Alsved, Åslög Dahl, Jakob Löndahl

Recent variability of carbonaceous aerosol distribution over a region in Southeast Asia: An association with increased vegetation cover

Gayatry Kalita, Ravi Kumar Kunchala, Suvarna Fadnavis

Regional background sources of submicron organic aerosol in the Eastern Mediterranean

Michael Pikridas, Gang Chen, Iasonas Stavroulas, Roland Sarda-Esteve, Konstantina Oikonomou, Chrysanthos Savvides, Jean Sciare

AAS P11: Physico-chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols (I)
Location: Lovelace Hall
Chair: Tobias Otto
Chair: Christopher Kampf

An activity coefficient model for ionic surfactants and salts in aqueous mixtures

Silvia M. Calderón, Jussi Malila, Nønne L. Prisle

Hygroscopicity of secondary organic marine aerosol- Mixtures of Organic and Inorganic Components

Behnaz Asadzadeh, Hichem Bouzidi, Jakub Ondráček, Jaroslav Schwarz, Vladimír Ždímal

Deriving particle volatility and chemical composition information from thermal desorption FIGAERO-CIMS data measured in rural Estonia

Angela Buchholz, Luis M. F. Barreira, Iida Pullinen, Arttu Ylisirniö, Heikki Junninen, Siegfried Schobesberger

Chemical state of metals and light elements in size-fractionated aerosol samples

Janos Osan, Veronika Groma, Otto Czompoly, Yves Kayser, Luca Stabile, Burkhard Beckhoff, Szabina Torok

Application of a chemical fractionation procedure for the characterization of leaf deposited PM

Martina Ristorini, Silvia Canepari, Lorenzo Massimi, Maria Agostina Frezzini, Gregorio Sgrigna, Carlo Calfapietra, Chiara Baldacchini

Lung deposited surface area concentrations of atmospheric particles at three observatories in Japan

Kazuki Kurihara, Ayumi Iwata, Ayako Yoshino, Akinori Takami, Takafumi Seto, Atsushi Matsuki, Masahiko Hayashi, Keiichiro Hara, Chiharu Nishita-Hara, Koji Funato, Kozo Inoue, Tomoaki Okuda

Supervised regression learning for predictions of aerosol particle size distributions from PM2.5, total particle number and meteorological parameters at Hyytiälä SMEAR2 station

Juha Kangasluoma, Yusheng Wu, Runlong Cai, Joel Kuula, Hilkka Timonen, Pasi P. Aalto, Markku Kulmala, Tuukka Petäjä

AAS P9: Aerosol-cloud-interaction in warm, mixed-phase and ice clouds
Location: Aitken Hall
Chair: Barbara Harm-Altstädter
Chair: Zsófia Jurányi

Abundance of amines in residual particles from Arctic clouds – Results from aircraft-based single particle mass spectrometry

Oliver Eppers, Franziska Köllner, Hans-Christian Clemen, Johannes Schneider, Heiko Bozem, Stephan Mertes, Daniel Kunkel, Peter Hoor, Stephan Borrmann

Calibration and evaluation of broad supersaturation scanning (BS2) system for rapid measurement of aerosol particle hygroscopicity and cloud condensation nuclei activity

Najin Kim, Yafang Cheng, Nan Ma, Mira L. Pöhlker, Thomas Klimach, Ulrich Pöschl, Hang Su

Set up and application of the new small expansion chamber AIDAm for cloud simulation experiments

Franziska Vogel, Larissa Lacher, Ottmar Möhler, Leon King, Benjamin J. Murray, Jens Nadolny, Thomas Leisner

Characterizations of atmospheric ice nucleating particles during Asian dust and rain events by individual droplets freezing method

Ayumi Iwata, Mayu Imura, Moeka Hama, Teruya Maki, Atsushi Matsuki

The Effect of Forbush Decreases on Atmospheric Aerosols and Clouds from The PATMOS-x Satellite from 1978 to 2018

Haruka Matsumoto, Martin Andreas Bødker Enghoff, Henrik Svensmark

Dependence of activated aerosol mode position on cloud processing

Nadezda Zikova, Petra Pokorna, Otakar Makeš, Petr Pešice, Pavel Sedlák, Vladimír Ždímal

Ice-nucleating particle concentration and bacterial composition at the summit of Mt. Fuji in the free troposphere: Observation in July and August 2019

Kotaro Murata, Hiroshi Okochi, Masashi Kamogawa

Immersion freezing of flame generated silver iodide particles under atmospherically relevant conditions

Carolin Rösch, Michael Rösch, Marco Vecellio, Zamin A. Kanji

Semi-volatile organic compounds in large eddy simulator UCLALES-SALSA

Tomi Raatikainen, Marje Prank, Jaakko Ahola, Juha Tonttila, Harri Kokkola, Thomas Kühn, Sami Romakkaniemi

The ice nucleating ability of dissolved organic matter: Development of the drop Freezing Ice Nuclei Counter (FINC) and correlations with physicochemical parameters

Anna J. Miller, Nadine Borduas-Dedekind

AH P3: Emissions and health endpoints monitoring
Location: Friedlander Hall
Chair: Fernanda Isabel Oduber
Chair: Evelien Frijns

Measurement of the electrostatic charging state of combustion particle using Tandem DMA

Ryo Muramatsu, Ayumi Iwata, Tomoaki Okuda

Chemical speciation of transition metals in atmospheric particulate matter collected with cyclone by XAFS method

Katsutomo Saito, Tomoaki Okuda, Shuichi Hasegawa, Chiharu Nishita-Hara, Keiichiro Hara, Masahiko Hayashi

Optimization and validation of an Air-Liquid Interface in vitro exposure system for (nano)particle inhalation toxicity testing

Evelien Frijns, Jo Van Laer, An Jacobs, Sandra Verstraelen

Emission of particles from candle burning – a chamber study

Jianwei Gu, Sebastian Wientzek, Michael Wensing

Gas-phase electrophoresis (nES GEMMA instrumentation) in virus research

Victor U. Weiss, Samuele Zoratto, Dieter Blaas, Günter Allmaier

Assessment of PAHs mutagenic potential in emissions from domestic activities

Daniela Figueiredo, Estela D. Vicente, Ana M. Vicente, Cátia Gonçalves, Carlos del Blanco-Alegre, Ana I. Calvo, Amaya Castro, Isabel Lopes, Célia Alves, Roberto Fraile, Fernanda Isabel Oduber

Optimization of droplet aerosol analysis in the exhaled air through highly time-resolved optical particle counters

Maximilian Uebach, Svante Hojer, Lothar Keck, Friedhelm Schneider

Candle emission characterization during flickering and steady burning conditions

Søren Nielsen Skov, Morten Køcks, Jacob Ask Hansen

Various types of cigarette smoke aerosol patterns captured by AirSensis

Prodromos Fetfatzis, Olga Zografou, Maria Gini, Strgios Vratolis, Vasiliki Vasilatou, Panagiotis Karkavitsas, Evangelia Diapouli, George Sarigiannidis, Konstadinos Eleftheriadis

AH P4: Human exposures, sources and health impacts
Location: Renoux Hall
Chair: Mark (Mark Mario) Scerri
Chair: Martine Van Poppel

Stability of a PMF derived source apportionment solution using a smaller dataset

Mark {Mark Mario} Scerri, Alessandra Genga, Silvana Iacobellis, Gilles Delmaire, Aldo Giove, Maria Siciliano, Tiziana Siciliano, Stephan Weinbruch

Athletes’ exposure to air pollution during World Athletics relays: a pilot study

Mar Viana, Cristina Reche, Barend van Drooge, F.J. Fernández, Miguel Escribano, Gemma Castaño-Vinyals, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Paolo Adami, Stéphane Bermon

Exploring spatial variability of air pollution using mobile BC measurements in a citizen science project: A case study in Mechelen

Martine Van Poppel, Jan Peters, Stijn Vranckx, Jo Van Laer, Wouter Lefebvre, Bram Vandeninden

Atmospheric local scale nanomaterial dispersion modeling

Mikko Poikkimäki, Joris T.K. Quik, Miikka Dal Maso

Chemical composition of the atmospheric aerosol in São Carlos city, Brazil

Roberta Cerasi Urban, Jonatas Schadeck Carvalho, Natasha Leandra Chiaranda da Rosa, Francisco Bevilaqua Neto

Spatial characteristics and determinants of airborne black carbon (BC) in Augsburg, Germany: Combined analysis of mobile BC monitoring and street view imagery

Xiansheng Liu, Jürgen Schnelle-Kreis, Xun Zhang, Mohamed Khedr, Gert Jakobi, Ralf Zimmermann

Assessment of model bias and PM2.5 exposures by several air quality models

Antti Hannu Tapio Korhonen, Helder Relvas, Ana Miranda, Diogo Lopes, Joana Ferreira, Lila Diapouli, Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Mihalis Lazaridis, Marta Almeida, Otto Hänninen

Quantification of total and insoluble hexavalent chromium in ambient particulate matter in Aktobe, Kazakhstan

Enoch Kwasi Adotey, Mehdi A. Torkmahalleh, Mannix P. Balanay

Source attribution and quantification of atmospheric nickel concentrations in an industrial area in the United Kingdom

Anna Font, Anja H. Tremper, Max Priestman, David Green

Particulate matter concentration: Chemical composition and influence of urban parks

Julia Perilo Baltazar, Priscila Bassi Penteado, Danilo Covaes Nogarotto, Edenir Rodrigues Pereira Filho, Felippe Benavente Canteras, Simone Andréa Pozza

Indoor and outdoor concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) at residences and schools, in Lisbon, Portugal

Evangelia Diapouli, Tiago Faria, Vânia Martins, Marta Almeida, Thomas Maggos, Kyriaki A. Bairachtari, Maria Dasopoulou, Konstantinos Eleftheriadis

AMT P4: Comparison of different measurement methods
Location: Pockels Hall
Chair: Torsten Tritscher
Chair: Christof Asbach

Variations in off-line filter sampling and analysis for Ice Nucleating Particle measurements

Heike Wex, Conrad Jentsch, Stephan Mertes, Evelyn Freney, Frank Stratmann

New test methods for indoor air cleaners considering ultrafine particles

Stefan Schumacher, Anna Caspari, Ute Schneiderwind, Christof Asbach

Sources of organic particulate matter in Patras, Greece using on- and off-line Aerosol Mass Spectroscopy

Christina Vasilakopoulou, Kalliopi Florou, Spiro Jorga, Spyros N. Pandis

Measuring Particle Size Distributions Comparing Non-invasive to Sampling Solutions

Amine Koched, Carsten Kykal, Wing Lai, Thomas Krinke, Torsten Tritscher

Validation of the mass concentration measured by a Tapered-Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) for investigation of direct-reading instruments’ performances

Xavier Simon, Axel Leroy, Sébastien Bau

Comparison of a Novel Low Cost Monitor with Multiple Aerosol Monitoring Instruments

Torsten Tritscher, Justin Koczak, Steve Boehm, Sreenath Avula, Dereck Dasrath, Axel F. Zerrath, Thomas Krinke

Comparison of two 3D-printed multi outlet Differential Mobility Analysers

Nikoleta Lekaki, Marinos Costi, George Biskos, Anne Maisser

AMT P5: Instrumentation for chemical aerosol characterization
Location: Horn Hall
Chair: David Green
Chair: Andreas Held

Optimization of detection efficiency and hit rate of the single particle mass spectrometer ALABAMA by means of a newly developed aerodynamic lens system, delayed ion extraction, and electric shielding

Hans-Christian Clemen, Johannes Schneider, Franziska Köllner, Thomas Klimach, Frank Helleis, Florian Rubach, Stephan Borrmann

Comparison of rural and urban particulate matter and black carbon composition in Kenya

Anne Wambui Mutahi, Laura Borgese, Michael J. Gatari, Fabjola Bilo, Annalisa Zacco, Laura Eleonora Depero

Thermal-optical analysis of snow samples focusing on mineral dust and elemental carbon

Daniela Kau, Marion Greilinger, Christopher Herzig, Andreas Limbeck, Anne Kasper-Giebl

New approaches to measure indoor and outdoor exposure to heavy metals in a high industrialized area for health assessment studies

Anne Wambui Mutahi, Chiara Goldani, Laura Borgese, Annalisa Zacco, Fabjola Bilo, Marco Peli, Stefano Barontini, Donatella Placidi, Roberto Lucchini, Laura Eleonora Depero

Analysis of aerosol particles collected in Ljubljana, Slovenia, using Particle Induced X-ray Emission with a focused proton beam and a Helium Ion Microscope

Rok Podlipec, Frans Munnik, Nico Klingner, Martin Rigler, René Heller

Determination of metal content in PM deposited on quartz fibre filters with LA-ICPMS

Monika Ogrizek, Martin Šala, Ana Kroflič

AT P5: Electrosprays, Electrostatic Precipitators, and Electric Discharges
Location: Fuchs Hall
Chair: Andreas Schmidt-Ott
Chair: Luewton L.F. Agostinho

Analysis of Particle Velocity in Electrostatic Precipitator using Pulse Discharge

Shun Okubo, ZhenDong Yuan, Yoshiyasu Ehara

Analysis of Particles Behavior in Electrostatic Precipitator with One Pulse Discharge

ZhenDong Yuan, Yoshiyasu Ehara

Controlled discharging of electrosprays to produce homogeneous particles

Antonio Carrasco-Munoz, Elena Barbero Colmenar, Eszter Bodnár, Jordi Grifoll, Joan Rosell-Llompart

Development of Electrostatic Precipitator using Brush Electrode

Kanta Nagumo, ZhenDong En, Yoshiyasu Ehara

Discharge Current Characteristics of Pulse Discharge in High Temperature

Akihisa Hibino, ZhenDong Yuan, Yoshiyasu Ehara

Globular monodisperse polymeric particles by electrospray

Elena Barbero, Eszter Bodnár, Wardah Latif, Antonio Carrasco-Munoz, Jordi Grifoll, Joan Rosell-Llompart

Increasing the Throughput of Spark Discharge Nanoparticle Generators by using Small-Diameter Electrodes

Charis Loizides, Anne Maisser, Fabian Schmidt-Ott, Andreas Schmidt-Ott, Tobias Pfeiffer, George Biskos

Simulation Analysis in Electrostatic Precipitator using Pulse Discharge

Ryo Sugiyama, ZhenDong Yuan, Yoshiyasu Ehara

BAP P1: Interaction Between Aerosols and Surfaces and Aerosol Optical Properties
Location: Preining Hall
Chair: Jack Jie Lin
Chair: Somesh Prasad Roy

A preliminary analysis of the aerosol angular scattering coefficient in Valencia (Spain)

Violeta Matos, Josep Camarasa, Víctor Estellés, Maria Pilar Utrillas, Jose Antonio Martínez-Lozano

Evaluation of the latent heat artefact due to volatile particle coatings in in-situ light absorption aerosol measurements

Bradley Visser, Jannis Röhrbein, Luka Drinovec, Peter Steigmeier, Griša Močnik, Ernest Weingartner

Impact of volatile organic carbon on soot light absorption

Georgios Anastasios Kelesidis, Alexander Bruun, Sotiris E. Pratsinis

Use of polarimetry and spectroscopy to study light scattering by Ambrosia pollen

Danaël Cholleton, Emilie Bialic, Antoine Dumas, Pascal Kaluzny, Patrick Rairoux, Alain Miffre

Metal particles resuspension in urban environment: methodological study

Emmanuel Kouakou Kouadio, Mathieu Goriaux, Véronique Ruban

Time-evolution effects of a complex organic surfactant on CCN activation

Jack Jie Lin, Thomas B. Kristensen, Silvia M. Calderón, Jussi Malila, Nønne L. Prisle

BM2: EAA Board Meeting
Invitation has been sent separately. Will be hosted outside of the conference on special request by EAA president.

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