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Author(s) Session
Sahinoglu Isik, EceD&G and Neo/materialism IV  Presenter
Saldanha, ArunRacial Machines  Presenter
Sava, Alexandru-VasileD&G and Politics I  Presenter
Schleusener, SimonD&G and Neo/materialism I  Presenter
Schönher, MathiasAlternative Tomorrows Where Deterritorialization and Reterritorialization Meet I  Presenter
Senouf-Pilpoul, OrpheeD&G and Feminism I  Presenter
Seppi, AngelikaD&G and Ecology II  Presenter
Seyedi, SeyedmohammadjavadD&G and Neo/materialism III  Presenter
Shahar, KerenD&G and Paintings II  Presenter
Shefer, TamaraD&G and Feminism II
Silva, Reinaldo Pereira daD&G and Politics VI
Silva, Renato Mendes de AzevedoD&G and Ecology II  Presenter
D&G and Paintings II
Skerjanec, BlazD&G and Neo/materialism I  Presenter
Skonieczny, KrzysztofD&G and Politics III  Presenter
Sluková, TerezaD&G and Aesthetics II  Presenter
Smith, Charlotte Alexandra HayleyD&G and Culture I  Presenter
Somers-Hall, HenryD&G and Phenomenology I  Presenter
Sowinska-Fruhtrunk, IwonaDeleuze and Guattari Go East! Deterritorialising 'Eastern European' | 'Asian Art'  Presenter
Stamatopoulou, AthinaD&G and Architecture III  Presenter
Stanford, Andrew CanbyRacial Machines  Presenter
Stepien, JustynaD&G and Neo/materialism II  Presenter
Sticchi, FrancescoD&G and Film I  Presenter
Stover, ChrisSonic De|Territories II  Presenter
Strack, FranziskaSonic De|Territories I  Presenter
Surin, Kenneth JamesD&G and Marxism  Presenter
Szumilewicz, EwaD&G and Science II  Presenter