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D&G and Literature II
Tuesday, 06/July/2021:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Catarina Pombo Nabais
Session Topics:
D&G and literature

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11:00am - 11:30am

Between Badiou and Deleuze: revisiting the Beckett connection after L'immanence des vérités

Caitlyn Anne Lesiuk

Deakin University, Australia

Proceeding from Jean-Jacques Lecercle’s Badiou and Deleuze Read Literature, this paper will extend the discussion of these philosophers’ approach to Samuel Beckett’s oeuvre in light of Badiou’s most recent work, L'immanence des vérités. I will argue that in this text, Badiou implicitly addresses the most prominent criticisms of his work on Beckett, which in turn allows us to rethink the (non)relation between these two thinkers from the standpoint of literature. Badiou and Deleuze have both returned to Beckett many times throughout their writing, using images from his texts to colour philosophical demonstrations, and even publishing some short, focused analyses of his work. The criticism that differentiates their treatment for Lecercle—and one which is prevalent in Badiou and Beckett scholarship—is that unlike Deleuze, Badiou does not have a comprehensive enough account of language. There is consequently some contradiction between concepts (such as the “event” in art) as they emerge in his commentary on Beckett and their explication elsewhere. However, in a section dedicated to Beckett’s work in L'immanence des vérités, Badou shows how processes central to the ontological project of the work play out meaningfully in the space of literature, and the role of language plays in this. Embedded in the larger discussion of how Badiou and Deleuze politicise art—as evental and as a process of deterritorialisation, respectively—I will take the Beckett connection as a pivot point, and allude to the wider implications of L'immanence des vérités on the relationship between Badiou and Deleuze’s philosophy.

11:30am - 12:00pm

Reading for Intensities: the materiality of intimacy

Kristiine Kikas

Tallinn University, Estonia

The Deleuzian/Spinozist branch of Affect Studies deems affectivity – or, in Deleuze’s own words, sensation – as intensities that differ from determinable emotions and feelings. On the example of intimacy the paper seeks to demonstrate that, even in the case of categories that can not in any instance be regarded as subjective but are interpersonal instead, the habitual binary or scalar (anything between the two oppositions) divisions are hasty and do not apply. Instead, what appears or is formed is a block of intimacy, a kind of materiality which is rather a non-space or a zone within which relations seem to operate. Taking Gilles Deleuze’s logics of sensation and sense as the point of departure, but also tracing a connection between a number of interdisciplinary ideas from Peircean semiotics, Uexküll’s theories of Umwelt and Whitehead’s empiricism of individuation up to modern cognitive linguistics and psychoanalysis, the presentation proposes a method of reading for the materiality of impersonal intimacies in contemporary poetry. The aim is to demonstrate that attending to language (which is in itself a material) enables not only to grasp intensities in their immediacy, but also to approach the ‘content’ or the ‘aboutness’ of the poem in new, less dogmatic ways.

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