Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Session 64: Topic 10 Post Harvest technologies and simulations
Wednesday, 11/Jul/2018:
8:30am - 10:00am

Location: Orion Room C2006
126 places, PC, beamer, microphone, record facility.

8:30am - 8:50am

A CFD-Simulation Approach for the Identification of Indoor Airflow Patterns in a Wine Cellar

Enrica Santolini1, Alberto Barbaresi1, Beatrice Pulvirenti2, Daniele Torreggiani1, Patrizia Tassinari1, Stefano Benni1

1Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy; 2Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy

8:50am - 9:10am

A New Method to Calibrate Discrete Element Models of Fibrous Agricultural Materials

Adam Kovacs, Gyorgy Kerenyi

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

9:10am - 9:12am

Application of the Inert Pressing Process for White Wines

Mariangela Vallone, Pietro Catania

University of Palermo, Italy. Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences

9:12am - 9:14am

Development of a Machine for the Production of Liquid Wine Yeast to Induce Grape Juice Fermentations

Lorenzo Guerrini1, Alessandro Parenti1, Giulia Angeloni1, Piernicola Masella1, Damiano Barbato1, Eleonora Mari1, Yuri Romboli1, Giacomo Buscioni2, Silvia Mangani2, Simona Guerrini2, Lisa Granchi1

1Department of Management of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Systems (GESAAF) University of Florence, Italy; 2FoodMicroTeam - University of Florence Academic Spin-off

9:14am - 9:16am

Microencapsulated Functional Lipids by Association of Pomegranate Seed and Soybean Oils

Nina Katia da Silva James1, Regina Isabel Nogueira2, Luzimar Silva Mattos Nascimento2, Suely Pereira Freitas1

1Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 2Embrapa Food Technology, Brazil