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Session Overview
Date: Friday, 29/Sep/2017
Welcome Address
Keynote I: Christian Imdorf (University of Basel): Educational Systems and Gendered School-to-Work Transitions
Coffee Break
Parallel Session 1A: Qualitative Approaches in Research on Low Achievers

Working collaborative in the field of transition

Katharina Felbermayr, Astrid Hubmayer, Helga Fasching

Situation of apprentices and transition process in low-threshold Swiss VET programs: a mixed method research project on training paths and premature interruptions of training

Barbara Duc, Isabelle Bosset

Innovative solutions to facilitate transition to adulthood from parents of young adults with profound intellectual disability

Camille Gauthier-Boudreault, Mélanie Couture, Frances Gallagher

Parallel Session 1B: Occupational Aspirations in the Life Course

Different yet the same? Parental occupation and its impact on adolescents' professional aspirations

Juliane Pehla

The development of adolescents' occupational aspirations: effects of educational tracking, social and individual factors

Irene Kriesi, Ariane Basler

Vocational aspiration of young adolescents in relation to local provision with educational infrastructure?

Christina A. Zeichner

Parallel Session 1C: Pathways and Predictors of School-to-Work Transitions in the DACH countries

Parental Education, parental class position or parental status?

Wolfgang Lauterbach, Hartwig Hümme

The Education and Career Start Panel („Ausbildungs- und Berufseinstiegspanel“ - ABEP)

Daniel Schönherr, Martina Zandonella

The intersection of gender and social origin in the labour market. Emerging differences over the educational trajectory

Simon Seiler, Barbara Zimmermann

Symposium I
Paper 1: Effects of Education, Employment and Income on National Identity of Chinese Youth (Li Chunling)
Paper 2: National Education System and Elite Reproduction (Tian Feng)
Paper 3: Job Environment, Subjective Psychological Feeling and Life Satisfaction of Chinese Youth (Liu Baozhong)

Employment and Identity of Chinese Youth

Chunling Li, Feng Tian, Baozhong Liu

Lunch Break / Poster Session
Parallel Session 2A: The Role Institutions play in School-to-Work Transitions

Does the structural organisation of lower-secondary education affect students’ opportunities of transition to upper-secondary education?

Katja Scharenberg, Karin Wohlgemuth, Sandra Hupka-Brunner

Transitions into professional education in Switzerland: The influence of institutional characteristics of the vocational education system.

Fabian Sander, Irene Kriesi

Transition into higher education after VET: The role of the training institution

Damiano Pregaldini, Miriam Grønning, Ines Trede, Irene Kriesi

Income after labor market entry: Do institutional characteristics of VET occupations matter?

Miriam Grønning, Irene Kriesi

Parallel Session 2B: VET or general education? Alternative options in VET-dominated educational systems

Waiting loops or second chance? The effect of pre-vocational programs on the chances of entering VET in Germany

Anne Christine Holtmann, Heike Solga, Martin Ehlert, Laura Menze

Transition from upper secondary education to employment: vocational vs general education

Maïlys Korber

Reasons for change in educational plans at the end of compulsory education

Annalisa Schnitzler

Parallel Session 2C: Transitions and Migration

How cultural distance mediates coping with status transitions of immigrant youth in the educational system of different societies

Andreas Cattin, Bernhard Nauck

The migration gap in delaying upper secondary education

Maria Zumbuehl, Stefan Wolter

Ethnic networks and ethnic differences at the transition to vocational training in Germany

Tobias Roth, Markus Weißmann

Symposium II
Paper 1: Academic or vocational pathway? Effects of grades, parental and teacher expectations at the end of primary school (M.P. Neuenschwander et al.)
Paper 2: Young Adult Career Pathways in Switzerland (C.S. Johnston et al.
Paper 3: Work- and personality-related antecedents of turnover (W. Kälin et al.)

From student to worker: Factors influencing educational decisions, pathways to employment, and occupational turnover

Claire Johnston

Coffee Break
Parallel Session 3A: Cognitive, psychological and age predictors for educational transitions

Cognitive and socioeconomic predictors of educational choices in Poland

Zbigniew Karpiński, Michal Sitek, Dariusz Przybysz

Lost in Transition: The Influence of Locus of Control on Delaying Educational Decisions

Katharina Jaik, Stefan C. Wolter

How long will relative age effects last? – Evidence from transitions from lower secondary education into vocational training in Germany

Reinhard Pollak, Tamás Keller

Parallel Session 3B: Transitions and Gender

Girls’ and boys’ sex-typed occupational preferences in early adolescence: The role of family socialization practices and parental ability attributions during childhood.

Anne-Laure Paroz, Marlis Buchmann

Discrimination and social support for apprentices in non-traditional vocational education and training programs

Benno Rottermann

The gender wage gap in early careers: evidence from a youth cohort in Switzerland

Benita Combet, Daniel Oesch

Parallel Session 3C: School-to-work Transitions in Varying National Contexts

School-Mediated Transition from Education to Employment in Japan

Hiroshi Ishida

Analysing the choice between school and work of Vietnamese adolescents

Beat Hulliger, Hong Thu Nguyen Thi

Transferring gender segregation from education to employment: The role of education – employment linkage in Switzerland and Bulgaria

Melina Heiniger, Christian Imdorf

Symposium III
Paper 1: Inequalities revisited: educational aspirations, educational attainment, and returns to education in German-speaking Switzerland (F. Jäpel)
Paper 2: Social disparities and the transition to upper secondary education (D. Glauser)
Paper 3: inequalities related to returns to education at labor market entry after completing VET (F. Zwahlen)

Inequalities revisited: educational aspirations, educational attainment, and returns to education in German-speaking Switzerland. Findings of the DAB panel study

Rolf Becker, David Glauser, Fabienne Zwahlen, Franziska Jäpel

Conference Dinner
Date: Saturday, 30/Sep/2017
Keynote II: Ingrid Schoon (University College London, Institute of Education): Diversity in the transitions from school to work. The role of structure, agency, and time
Parallel Session 4A: Transitions in Times of Economic Crisis I

Negotiating transitions in precarious times: A longitudinal analysis of the impact of job insecurity on the lives of young people in Australia

Jenny Chesters, Hernan Cuervo

Does it really last for a lifetime? - Job stability of public sector labor market entrants in Germany. Transitions out of the first job.

Paul Severin Löwe

Seven years of youth transition to work before and during the economic crisis in France

Christine GUEGNARD, Olivier JOSEPH, Jake MURDOCH

Parallel Session 4B: Life Satisfaction and Self-Esteem over the Life Course

Life satisfaction and poverty in the transition from youth to adulthood

Brigitte Schels

Effects of gender, stress and self-esteem on physical health: A Swiss study from adolescence to early adulthood

Kristen Jafflin, Constanze Pfeiffer, Max Bergman

Trait-state-model over 30 years: Effects of self-esteem and social integration on life satisfaction

Kai Schudel

Parallel Session 4C: Beyond School & Work

Long-term effects of youth characteristics on the diversity of couple dynamics

Jana Gläßer

Graduation as a Crucial Moment for International Students at Swiss Universities

Annique Lombard

Lunch Break
Parallel Session 5A: Transitions in Times of Economic Crisis II

The unequal opportunity for skill acquisition over the Great Recession in Europe

Sara Ayllón, Natalia Nollenberger

Evaluating the loss of skills in the economic recession

Rosario Scandurra

Two decades of socioeconomic changes in Brazil: impacts in youth transitions into adulthood

Felicia Silva Picanço

Parallel Session 5B: Transitions & Well-Being

Links between young people’s emotional well-being and their pathways after leaving school

Gabriela Gniewosz, Fiedrich Stefan, Walper Sabine

How Social Support and Self-Efficacy Moderate Effects of Significant Life Events on School Drop-Out in Young People

Kaspar Burger, Robin Samuel

School-to-work-transition and well-being in Australia

Hans Dietrich, Jenny Chesters

Parallel Session 5C: Labour Market Transitions and Overeducation

Overeducation among Spanish graduates. Stepping-stone or dead-end?

María Ramos

Downgrading during the beginning of the working life: the issue of measurement from several cohorts

Vanessa DI PAOLA, Stéphanie MOULLET

Career Paths in the Humanities: The Role of Internal Labor Markets and Career Mobility for Income Growth

Susanne Falk, Johannes Wieschke

Closing Session

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