Conference Agenda

23rd ICABR Conference

Location: Ravello Room
Date: Wednesday, 05/Jun/2019
Digital Ag
Location: Ravello Room
Chair: Prof. Stuart James Smyth, University of Saskatchewan

Governing Agriculture's Data Revolution: A Behavioral Approach to Understanding Ag-Data Transactions

Graeme Jobe1, Peter W.B. Phillips2

1: Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan; 2: Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan

Association Rule Mining in the field of Agricultural Transportation

Andréa Leda Ramos de Oliveira1, Carlos Eduardo Souza Moreira2, Akebo Yamakami1

1: University of Campinas - UNICAMP; 2: Matera Systems Informática

Digital Tools For Agri-environmental Policies

Gwendolen DeBoe, Marie-Agnès Jouanjean


Digital Opportunities For Trade In Agriculture And Food Sectors

Marie-Agnès Jouanjean


Ag Production
Location: Ravello Room
Chair: Prof. Lilyan Fulginiti, University of Nebraska

The Distribution of Returns from Land Quality Improvement in Multistage Production Systems

Lana Awada1, Peter Phillips2

1: University of Saskatchewan; 2: University of Saskatchewan

Balancing Costs and Benefits of Plant Invasive Species for Innovative and Sustainable Agricultural Policy Design

Abdelmohssin El Mokaddem, M. Rachid Doukkali

University Mohammed VI Polytechnic

How Much Is Free Irrigation Water Really Worth?

Federico Trindade1, Lilyan Fulginiti2, Richard Perrin2

1: University of Washington; 2: University of Nebraska

Analysis Of The Impact Of Wheat Varietal Innovations And Plant Breeders Rights On Productivity And Facilitating Sustainable Farming Systems In South Africa

Charity Ruramai Nhemachena1, Binganidzo Muchara1, Charles Nhemachena2

1: University of South Africa (Unisa); 2: International Water Management Institute, Southern Africa Regional Office

Date: Thursday, 06/Jun/2019
Food Systems
Location: Ravello Room
Chair: Prof. Justus Wesseler, Wageningen University

Specialization in Food Production and Food Security: a Bipartite Network Analysis

Marco Dueñas1, Mercedes Campi2, Giorgio Fagiolo3

1: Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano; 2: National Scientific and Technical Research Council / University of Buenos Aires; 3: Institute of Economics, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Access to Nutritious Diets as a Policy Indicator for Agricultural Transformation and Healthy Food Systems

William A. Masters

Tufts University

The Opportunities and the Policy Challenges to the Circular Agri-food System

Justus Wesseler

Wageningen University

Secondary Towns – The Nutritional Sweet Spot? A study of East Africa

Hannah Ameye1, Joachim De Weerdt1,2

1: LICOS, KU Leuven; 2: IOB, UAntwerpen

Supply Food Chain
Location: Ravello Room
Chair: Dr. Enoch Kikulwe, Bioversity International

Can Uganda benefit from Adopting GM Bananas and Cassava - Ex-Ante Economic Assessment of Potential Impacts and Regulatory and Institutional Hurdles

Enoch Mutebi Kikulwe1, Jose Falck-Zepeda2

1: Consultant; 2: IFPRI

A Conceptual and Empirical Framework to Analyze the Economics of Food Loss and Waste and Policy Interventions

Dusan Drabik1, Harry de Gorter2, Christian Reynolds3

1: Wageningen University; 2: Cornell University; 3: WRAP GLOBAL

Setting Effective and Functional, SDG-consistent, Transformational Pathways for Agro-Food Chains using a Flexible Multi-Objective, Stakeholder-Participatory Backcasting Approach.

Bruno Lanfranco, Bruno Ferraro, Enrique Fernández, Juan Manuel Soares de Lima

Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria

Location: Ravello Room
Chair: Prof. David Castle, University of Victoria

Risk And Safety Considerations Of Precision Plant Breeding: Expert Opinion

Rim Lassoued, Diego Maximiliano Macall, Hayley Hesseln, Peter W.B. Phillips, Stuart J. Smyth

University of Saskatchewan

Whither Democratic Engagement?

David Castle, Stuart Smyth, Peter Phillips

University of Victoria

Case Studies Dealing With The Bioeconomy in Social Sciences: State Of The Art And Challenges.

Gianmaria Tassinari1,2, Claudio Soregaroli2, Dusan Drabik1, Stefano Boccaletti2

1: Wageningen University; 2: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Date: Friday, 07/Jun/2019
Public Engagement
Location: Ravello Room
Chair: Prof. Ellen Goddard, University of Alberta

How Trust In Government Regulation Increases Interest In Foods Produced With Biotechnology

Ellen Goddard

University of Alberta

Impact of Misinformation about GM products on Consumers' Attitudes and Purchasing Behavior

Changxin Yu

Beijing Institute of Technology

Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Engineered Food in Canada: The Role of Fairness

Violet Muringai, Xiaoli Fan, Ellen Goddard

University of Alberta

Genome Edititng Technolgies
Location: Ravello Room
Chair: Dr. Dusan Drabik, Wageningen University

CRISPR Application in Public and Private Plant Breeding in Canada

Savannah Gleim, Simona Lubieniechi, Stuart Smyth

University of Saskatchewan

Possible Benefits from Gene Editing in China under Different Regulatory Scenarios

Haiyan Deng1, Carl Pray2

1: Beijing Institute of Technology; 2: Rutgers University

Plant or not to Plant: Optimal Production Share of CRISPR Rice in China under Pest Severity

Yan Jin, Dusan Drabik

Wageningen University