Conference Agenda

23rd ICABR Conference

Location: Niemeyer Room
Date: Wednesday, 05/Jun/2019
Biotech Commercialization
Location: Niemeyer Room
Chair: Dr. Henry An, University of Alberta

Strategic Behavior In Stated Preferences And The Demand For Gene-edited Canola Oil

Henry An1, Vic Adamowicz1, Patrick Lloyd-Smith2

1: University of Alberta; 2: University of Saskatchewan

The Cost Of Seed Type Misidentification (Or The Value Of Knowing What You Plant)

Federico José Trindade1, Ayala Wineman1, Leigh Anderson1, Timothy Njagi2

1: Evans School of Public Policy & Governance - University of Washington; 2: Tegemeo Institute for Agricultural Policy and Development

Global Trade Impacts of GMO Commercialization

Kjersti Nes1, Kurt Aleks Schaefer2, Daniel Scheitrum3

1: University of California, Davis; 2: Royal Veterinary College, University of London; 3: University of Arizona

Impact of GMO Approvals on Global Food Supply

Daniel Paul Scheitrum1, K. Aleks Schaefer2, Kjersti Nes3

1: University of Arizona; 2: University of London; 3: University of California, Davis

Date: Thursday, 06/Jun/2019
Location: Niemeyer Room
Chair: Dr. Leigh Anderson, University of Washington

Definitions of "Rural" and "Urban" and Understandings of Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ayala Wineman, Didier Yélognissè Alia, C. Leigh Anderson

University of Washington

Measurement Considerations for Prioritizing Input Use among Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Travis W Reynolds1, C. Leigh Anderson2

1: University of Vermont; 2: University of Washington

Venture Capital and the Transformation of Private R&D for Agriculture

Felipe de Figueiredo SIlva1, Gregory Graff2, David Zilberman1

1: University of California Berkeley; 2: Colorado State University

Responsiveness of Finance Innovations to the Financial Inclusion Needs of Rural Female Smallholders and Implications for Smallholder Agriculture in Nigeria

Olayinka O. Adegbite1,2, Charles L. Machethe1

1: University of Pretoria, South Africa; 2: National Horticultural Research Institute, Nigeria

Science and Society
Location: Niemeyer Room
Chair: Dr. Jill J. McCluskey, Washington State University

Adoption, Regulation and Commercialization of Veterinary Biologics: Opportunities for Subunit Vaccines for Johne’s Disease and Bovine Tuberculosis in Beef and Dairy Cattle

Albert Ifeanyi Ugochukwu, Peter W.B. Phillips

University of Saskatchewan

Twitter Assessment of Monsanto Glyphosate Trial: Implications for Social Sciences Research

Ana Maria Bogdan1, Simona Antoaneta Lubieniechi2, Steven Liu3, Stuart Smyth2

1: Social Sciences Research Laboratories, University of Saskatchewan; 2: Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Saskatchewan; 3: Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan

Social Interactions and the Market for New Technology

Jason A. Winfree1, Jill J. McCluskey2

1: University of Idaho; 2: Washington State University

Scoping Analysis of Biopolymer Production in Argentina

Kutay Cingiz, Justus Wesseler

Wageningen University and Research

Innovations in Society
Location: Niemeyer Room
Chair: Carolina da Silveira Bueno, University of Campinas

The Evolution of Collaborative Networks in Bioenergy and the Challenges to Innovate

Carolina da Silveira Bueno, Jose Maria Ferreira Jardim da Silveira

University of Campinas

Different Moralities Hinder Consensus on Biotechnologies - Evidence From The German GMO-Debate

Gabi Waldhof

IAMO Halle / Saale

Effects Of Cannabis Testing Regulations: A Market Approach

Robin Goldstein1,2, Dan Sumner1,3

1: University of California Agricultural Issues Center, Davis, CA; 2: Université de Bordeaux, Laboratoire d'analyse et de recherche en économie et finance internationales; 3: University of California, Davis

Date: Friday, 07/Jun/2019
Biodiversity Policy
Location: Niemeyer Room
Chair: Anwar Naseem, Rutgers University

The Role of an Enabling Environment and Regulations in Raising Maize Productivity

Anwar Naseem1, Latha Nagarajan2, Carl Pray1

1: Rutgers University; 2: IFDC

Minimising Sustainable Development Goal Planetary Trade-offs Through the Quantification of BioEconomy Public Policy Interventions

George Philippidis1, Lindsay Shutes2, Robert M'barek1, Tévécia Ronzon1, Andrzej Tabeau2, Hans Van Meijl2

1: European Commission; 2: Wageningen Economic Research

How Informed are Consumers about New Biotech Food Technology? A Role for New Information

Katherine Lacy1, Wallace Huffman2, Jonathan McFadden3

1: University of Nevada-Reno; 2: Iowa State University; 3: USDA-ERS

EU Bioeconomy
Location: Niemeyer Room
Chair: Diego Maximiliano Macall, University of Saskatchewan

The Contribution Of The EU Bioeconomy Strategy To The UN-SDG: Econometric Analysis Of Synergies And Trade-Offs

Tévécia Ronzon1, Ana Sanjuan2

1: European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Seville, Spain; 2: Centre of Agro-Food Research and Technology of Aragón (CITA), Avda Montañana, 930, 50059 Zaragoza, Spain

The Dynamics of Selected European Bioeconomies

Maximilian Kardung, Dusan Drabik

Wageningen University

Insights Into The European Market For Bio-Based Chemicals

Claudia Parisi1, Jurjen Spekreijse2, Tijs Lammens2, Tevecia Ronzon1, Martijn Vis2

1: European Commission - JRC; 2: Biomass technology group (BTG)